Liver & Gallbladder Rescue Summit 2023

Liver and Gallbladder Rescue Summit 2023

Did you know that many common health issues — weight gain, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, skin problems, digestive problems, IBS symptoms, autoimmunity, depression — are related to a sluggish or overburdened liver and gallbladder?

Join us to discover the secrets to keeping your liver and gallbladder healthy for life!

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What You'll Learn During The Liver and Gallbladder Rescue Summit 2023

If you’re experiencing common issues like weight gain, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, joint and muscle pain, skin issues and/or depression, it could be related to a sluggish or overburdened liver and gallbladder.

Environmental toxins, mold exposure, unresolved trauma, and chronic stress and processed foods can cause these two organs to become overburdened. When these powerhouse organs are not functioning properly, it can lead to multiple health problems. These problems can be anything from unexplained weight gain to influencing our emotional ups and downs.

The good news is the little changes you make NOW can lead to big results!

  • Surprise warning signs that your liver & gallbladder are suffering
  • How to maximize your liver & gallbladder function
  • Symptoms of liver issues
  • Alternative & conventional approaches to liver health
  • Best herbs & essential oils for cleansing
  • Surprising connections between your liver & body systems
  • Proactive strategies to help avoid gallbladder surgery
  • What to do if you’ve had your gallbladder removed
  • Detox, self-care & nutritional support for your liver & gallbladder
  • Enhancing liver & gallbladder function to help improve digestion & gut health

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The realities of modern life are unkind to our livers and gallbladders.

Environmental toxins, processed foods, mold exposure, unresolved trauma and chronic stress cause these two organs to become overburdened. When the liver and gallbladder are not functioning properly it leads to myriad health problems and can even influence our emotions and behaviors.

In fact, one of the most common surgeries is gallbladder removal, and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is epidemic.

80% of women over age 40 have “toxic bile.”

And, while being overweight can lead to an overburdened liver or gallbladder, an overburdened liver or gallbladder can also RESULT in weight gain.

The good news is the little changes you make now can lead to big results!

Discover what you can do to prevent this overburden and nourish, support and enhance the health of these hard-working organs!

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Liver, Gallbladder, and Detoxification

The most well-known job of the liver and gallbladder is detoxification.

As a team, these organs are responsible for the creation, storage and release of bile, a fluid that helps deposit unneeded compounds, such as heavy metals, environmental toxins, prescription drugs, hormones and metabolic waste, into the GI tract for release.

When the liver and gallbladder are sluggish or not functioning optimally it can compromise your body’s ability to create and circulate healthy bile for proper elimination of toxins, which can lead to myriad health problems and even influence your emotions and behaviors.

Learn about how you can support healthy bile flow, cleanse your liver and what you can do to nourish, support and enhance the health of these hard-working organs!

Detox Information You'll Learn During The Liver and Gallbladder Rescue Summit 2023

  • How your DNA impacts your detox pathways
  • 3 phases of detox & how to support each phase
  • Assessing phase 1 & 2 detox imbalances
  • An essential step to take BEFORE detox
  • Botanicals for liver detox & bile flow
  • When you should avoid at-home detox
  • Mold vs. mycotoxins: what you need to know about aflatoxins
  • Life-changing power of colonics (& how to do one at home)
  • The ultimate detox bath recipe
  • Room-by-room guide for finding toxins in your home
  • How to test your genetic detox capabilities
  • And more!

Why Liver & Gallbladder Issues Seem to “Sneak Up” On Us

Let’s face it, we take our liver and gallbladders for granted until there is a problem.

One of the most common surgeries is gallbladder removal, nonalcoholic fatty liver disease is epidemic, and 80% of women over age 40 have “toxic bile.”

They’re the unsung heroes of your body … working 24/7 to clear toxins, keep your digestive and elimination systems running, and so much more.

Your liver alone performs over 500 vital physiological functions!

But as hard as they’re working for us, the modern lifestyle doesn’t love the liver and gallbladder back!

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Learn about NAFLD At the Liver & Gallbladder Rescue Summit 2023

Have you been diagnosed with nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD)?

You’re certainly not alone. NAFLD is a common diagnosis. Cases of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease have more than doubled since 1990, impacting 25-30% of people in the U.S. alone.

NAFLD is when there is excess fat in your liver that is not caused by alcohol. Over time, this condition can inflame the liver, affect liver function and cause liver damage (nonalcoholic steatohepatitis or NASH), which can potentially lead to cirrhosis (permanent scarring and hardening of the liver).

Sometimes called a silent liver disease, NAFLD can happen without causing any symptoms, and symptoms of NASH can take YEARS to develop.

Fortunately, there are things you can do NOW to reverse this fat buildup and support a healthy, well-functioning liver, including learning as much as you can about this condition!

The Liver and Gallbladder Rescue Summit experts will teach you about:

  • Surprising signs of fatty liver issues
  • Traditional Chinese medicine approach to liver health
  • Acupressure points for self-care
  • Food, diet & supplements for liver health
  • Tests that reveal hidden liver issues
  • How an ancient, drug-free solution can help heal the liver
  • And so much more about liver & gallbladder health!

Support for Gallstones

If you’ve ever passed a gallstone, you know exactly how painful it can be.

Gallstones themselves don’t cause pain, but when they block the movement of bile, the pain can be severe and lead to one of the most common surgeries – gallbladder removal.

But just because a person can live without it, there are many reasons the gallbladder is not a “throw away” organ.

And if you’ve been able to avoid gallbladder surgery, you may be wondering what you can do to make sure you never experience that pain again.

The Liver & Gallbladder Rescue Summit could help you answer questions like:

  • Are there things you can do about gallstones without having your gallbladder removed?
  • What are the consequences of gallbladder removal?
  • What can you do if you’ve already had your gallbladder removed?
  • What are the warning signs that my gallbladder is suffering?
  • Are there specific foods that cause flares?
  • Get answers to these and many more questions!

Plus, when you register, you’ll also be invited to these post-event Q&As:

  1. When Good Bile Goes Bad: Gallstones and What to do About Them with Sinclair Kennally
  2. Your Gallbladder and Digestion: Can Your Gallbladder Be Saved? with Dr. Mona Morstein
  3. A Holistic Approach to Liver & Gallbladder Health with Dr. Tia Trivisonno

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Free Gifts for Liver & Gallbladder Rescue Summit Attendees

Gift #1: “22-page European Secrets To Heal Your Liver & Gallbladder” eBook

Did you know that your teeth, eyes and emotions can provide insight into your liver health?

For example, pain in your canine teeth can be a sign of inflammation of the liver or gallbladder. Dry eyes could point to a liver issue. A deep sense of hopelessness can indicate unbalanced liver health…

Access an in-depth look into conventional and holistic perspectives on the function and structure of the liver, how it’s impacted by daily toxin exposure and strategies for at-home treatments!

The body is connected and all symptoms are clues to underlying issues.

A suffering liver can even be expressed from an emotional standpoint.

We must not only look at sluggish digestion, skin issues, headaches, etc. to discover our liver is out of balance, we must also explore our thoughts, feelings and emotions!

Are you feeling stuck? Unable to find balance? Irritable?

In this eBook, you’ll learn about:

  • How we damage our livers
  • Anatomy of the liver
  • Diagnostic tools
  • Connection between your liver and your emotions
  • At-home tools for enhancing liver health
  • Best time of day for supporting your liver
  • And more!

This comprehensive eBook is packed with transformative practices to get you feeling your best, no matter where you are in your health journey.

Explore what you can do to have a healthier liver!

Gift #2: “Liver Detoxification with Homeopathy, Herbs, Teas & Emotional Release!” eBook

Your liver plays a crucial role in your physical and mental well-being! In this eBook, you'll learn everyday solutions for enhancing your liver health.

One of the most important organs Dr. Ameet Aggarwal focuses on when treating chronic illness and emotional problems is the liver.

Your liver processes toxins, hormones and other metabolites via two detoxification pathways: phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways. Both require various nutrients to function optimally.

If you are deficient in some of these nutrients, your liver will not metabolize and detoxify chemicals and hormones properly. This can lead to chronic disease, weight gain and mental health issues.

This comprehensive eBook will teach you about how your liver affects your health, how it becomes toxic, the different phases of detoxification and the nutrients required in each detoxification phase. You’ll also learn everyday solutions for enhancing your liver health, including emotional release and breathing techniques that Dr. Ameet uses to support liver function

Discover strategies for improving phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways with herbs, detox teas and homeopathy!

Gift #3: “Simple Ways to Support Liver and Gallbladder Function” eBook

Did you know that your liver is responsible for over 500 functions in your body?

Discover the top 10 jobs of the liver and gallbladder and the best ways to keep them healthy and happy!

The liver is arguably our most complex and well-known organ!

It makes up approximately 2% of an adult’s body weight, and it contributes to almost every system in the body, including the digestive, endocrine, immune and nervous systems.

And just underneath your liver is your gallbladder, storing bile produced by the liver and playing a crucial role in digestion.

But, for such busy organs, what do the liver and gallbladder actually do? And how do we best support them?

Simple Ways to Support Liver and Gallbladder Function will explore:

  • Roles the liver & gallbladder play in detoxification
  • Why hydration is important for bile production
  • How bilirubin is produced
  • The liver’s many contributions to immune function
  • Foods that support liver and gallbladder health
  • And more!

So, grab a cup of coffee (yes, your liver loves coffee!) and let’s dive into the amazing world of our second largest organ and its bile-filled sidekick.

Take a moment to download these transcripts by joining the Liver & Gallbladder Summit today.

Gift #4: The “Liver Love Cookbook”

Food is one of the most powerful tools we can use to support detoxification as well as enhance our liver function.

Discover mouth-watering good-for-you recipes designed to support you and your lovely liver.

Have you ever opened the refrigerator only to say to yourself, “I have lots of food to eat but nothing that I know is good for me”?

This recipe collection of straightforward treats, entrees and beverages was designed to change all of that.

Discover 27 nutrient-dense liver-loving recipes — from the health experts themselves — and learn about the important healing properties of these foods and herbs.

Liver Love includes the following recipes:

  • Spore-Powered Chocolate Protein Cups
  • Japanese Kinpura
  • Sauteed Dandelion Greens with Garlic
  • Liver Gallbladder Elixir
  • Dandelion Root Tea Latte
  • Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes
  • Watermelon Soup
  • And more!

Incorporate these straightforward treats, entrees and beverages into your routine today. Enjoy!

Gift #5: “Liver Supplements” eGuide

In this era of daily chemical exposure, we all have to take care of our livers and account for environmental stressors. Discover the approach that’s right for you.

An astonishing 30% of Americans struggle with liver and gallbladder health.

And 80% of women over 40 deal with toxic, sluggish bile!

If you’re experiencing symptoms connected to liver congestion and sluggish bile — fatigue, nausea, heartburn, headaches, irritability, digestive issues, food sensitivities, stubborn weight gain, chemical sensitivity, skin issues and more — targeted support to remove the poisons and stressors straining your liver health could help.

Remember, your body is on your side.

Discover which liver and gallbladder supplements are right for you, along with the best options for detox and deeper healing.

In this supplement guide, you’ll learn gentle and comprehensive approaches to address liver stress while easing digestion and supporting bowel health.

About Your Liver & Gallbladder Summit Host – Shivan Sarna

Shivan Sarna - HeadshotShivan Sarna is the author of Healing SIBO, a TV host and the creator of the SIBO SOS® Summits and Community, the Digestion SOS™ documentary series, the Gut & Microbiome Rescue Summit, the Lymphatic Rescue Summit, the Dental Health Connection Summit and Chronic Condition Research, a 501(c)(3) non-profit to further research under-funded medical conditions.

After a lifetime of struggling with health issues, Shivan made it her mission to demystify her own health struggles — and to share that information with others who are struggling. Her special skill is finding and connecting with the leading expert doctors and then connecting those experts with the people who need their help. Her personal mantra is “SOS: Save Our Selves.” And that's what she has helped thousands of people do!

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