Live Long & Thrive Summit 2024

Live Long and Thrive 2024 Summit

Live Long & Thrive Summit 2024 - Free TicketWhat are the top health challenges you personally face? What worries you the most, and what are your most important health goals?

Because here’s some of the SMARTEST health advice you’ll ever hear:

“If you truly want to make changes that will have the most powerful impact on you, you must first have total clarity on the proven most powerful changes you can make.”

That really is just plain smart, right?

After all, the last thing you need are even more mediocre and vastly unproven “solutions” that just leave you feeling more frustrated, confused, or worse.

And that’s why you’re going to love the Live Long & Thrive Summit because over 22 of the world's leading anti-aging MDs are going to help you do exactly that:

Get total clarity on only the proven most powerful changes of all that you can make.

Why Attend the 2024 Live Long & Thrive Summit

Here’s the #1 health secret you need to know:

You’re not hearing about most of the proven best steps you must take to avoid and overcome disease and live long and well.

In large part, that’s because there’s a ton of health info out there — most of it the “same old, same old” repeated constantly – that drowns out what is proven to help you most.

(This is especially concerning because there’s been a flurry of brand-new research – largely drowned out by all the noise — revealing very simple steps you must take now that make an immediate and monumental impact on how long and well you live!)

With that in mind, NOTHING is as important as your health. Your health is freedom.

You want to think clearly, move freely, feel energetic and productive, avoid cancer & other diseases, and enjoy life on your terms — without becoming dependent on other people or pills — now and for years to come.

To achieve that, you need total clarity on the steps that are so powerful — that have been proven so effective — that the world’s top healthy aging and longevity experts call them the most important of all the steps you could take.

However, here’s the BIG PROBLEM:

You aren’t hearing about most of these essential, evidence-based, and entirely natural steps.

That’s because they’re getting buried in many health publications, events, and more by:

The same tired old health “advice” you’ve heard a thousand times before
Vastly unproven approaches largely designed to sell you dubious pills or procedures
Futuristic insights that might help others someday but mean nothing to you today

Enough is enough.

You need and deserve total clarity on the little-known yet proven most effective healthy aging and longevity steps of all that will help you immediately and for years to come…

…Natural steps you can take on your own, right away, with no dubious pills, procedures, drugs, surgery, gizmos, or gadgets required.

And for the first time all in one place, that’s exactly what the unique new Live Long & Thrive 2024 Summit is about to provide you.

Because in it, 22 of the world’s most renowned and trusted MDs and researchers – each from different areas of health expertise that matter most to you – are about to reveal ONLY the proven best steps of all you aren’t hearing about that will make the fastest and most powerful impact on your health and life.

What You'll Learn During the 2024 Live Long & Thrive Summit

Highly effective strategies for preventing disease and promoting a long and healthy life should be part of our common knowledge, but unfortunately, that is not the case.

In The Live Long & THRIVE Summit, you’ll have the opportunity to uncover crucial insights, such as:

  • The mind-blowing, widely suppressed, and truly life-saving new insights you need to know if you now take or may ever take prescription drugs… from today’s most revered MD exposing drug industry secrets who’s a consultant to the FBI and US Dept. of Justice, and a Harvard Medical School faculty member for 16 years.
  • Why you have WAY more control over your health than you think, and how the “Borderline Effect” makes you sick, or sicker… from the legendary health researcher, Liberty Science Genius Award recipient, and first woman in history to be tenured in psychology at Harvard.
  • The legendary 102-year-old MD and “Mother of Holistic Medicine” revealing the most effective “juice” for you to live long and thrive, and the importance of spending your energy “wildly”.
  • The most effective herbs for your gut, heart, brain, diabetes, anxiety, inflammation and more… from the legendary natural health expert with 50+ years’ experience who is widely considered one of the world’s TOP herbs-as-medicine experts.
  • The world-renowned cardiologist MD featured in James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film, The Game Changers, who is going to reveal his surprising #1 and #2 most vital steps for you to avoid and overcome disease, live long, and thrive.
  • The legendary health researcher, Liberty Science Genius Award recipient, and first woman in history to be tenured in psychology at Harvard
  • The world’s foremost MD expert exposing drug industry secrets EVERYONE needs to know (and a consulting expert on this to the FBI & U.S. Dept. of Justice)
  • The legendary herbs-as-medicine expert with 50+ years’ experience and winner of the 2023 Herbal Insight Award for advancing botanical knowledge worldwide
  • The world-renowned cardiologist MD featured in James Cameron & Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film, The Game Changers
  • And 15 other MDs and researchers who are truly LEGENDS in fields like brain health… gut health… diabetes… autoimmune… nutrition… sleep and more, revealing only their little-known and evidence-based MOST effective steps of all.

Free Gift for Summit Attendees

“FAST-IMPACT NATURAL BRAIN HEALTH SECRETS: Top 15 Little-Known Ways to Quickly Boost Your Memory, Focus, and Brain Clarity” eBook

Your Live Long & Thrive Summit experience starts with this unique, fascinating, and very helpful new guide you’re getting free right now.

You’re about to find out the 15 evidence-based most effective natural steps to boost your brain clarity, memory, focus, and processing-power quickly (in many cases, instantly).

Even better, these same do-it-yourself steps are also among the most powerful of all to protect your brain against Alzheimer’s and other cognitive decline over the longer term!

You’ll discover many immediately useful surprises, such as:

  • What you’ll simply want to look at because research shows that doing so quickly boosts your focus & brain accuracy!
  • The best “fast impact” foods, beverages, herb & spices for your brain according to the latest science
  • The top sounds you’ll want to listen to because they boost your “on the spot” brain performance (do this BEFORE anything requiring your concentration)
  • The 6 best smells to boost your mental alertness, help you remember things, and help your “overactive” brain relax
  • The easy anytime, anywhere step that instantly “lights up” your brain’s memory, learning, and decision-making power (you’ll LOVE the great news on this one!)

About Your Summit Host – Brian Vaszily

Brian Vaszily HeadshotBrian Vaszily is the founder of the mission-oriented organization for those in their “middle-years” and “golden years,” The Art of Anti-Aging, with over 400,000 members.

For over 20 years, he’s been immersed in natural health and personal development research. He’s worked closely with many top doctors, researchers, and natural health organizations, helping many to become household names.

However, earlier in his life, Brian (who is now 51) faced many serious challenges, such as abuse as a child from an alcoholic father, being “dirt-poor” as a young man raising his own first child, and anxiety and depression issues.

Brian Vaszily's Mission for “The Art of Anti-Aging”

He credits powerful women — such as his mother, sister, and certain teachers — with “saving my life, and helping me thrive today,” and they are the inspiration behind The Art of Anti-Aging’s mission to:

  • Help people bypass the toxic “solutions” and destructive myths about getting older that equate it with being “over the hill” and being undesirable, incapable, and doomed to suffering and disease – especially women, who are hurt most by these myths.
  • Empower people with all the proven – and often FAR too little-known – most effective non-drug, non-surgery steps to look and feel their best, avoid and overcome disease, and live long and well.

A Message From Your Summit Host – Brian Vaszily

As you’ll discover in the summit, I do enjoy making you laugh (or trying my best 🙂). After all, it is the best medicine – along with good sleep and green leafy veggies.
However, I need to get very serious with you here.

As you’re about to see on the next page after you join, 19 rather HEARTLESS words I received from a doctor years ago actually inspired this Live Long & THRIVE Summit… and have tremendous importance for YOU if you truly do want to live long and live well. For right now, though…

Let’s start with a few more crucial facts:

For the first time since the 1960s, the average life expectancy is declining in the U.S. and other “high-income” countries. The pandemic, of course, only escalated this more.

Rates of the highest mortality diseases, such as obesity, cancer, diabetes, and especially Alzheimer’s, continue to rise. Anxiety, depression, and loneliness are epidemic.

Our bodies are being bombarded with toxins – from cosmetics to water to the air inside our homes – at levels far beyond what our biology is meant to handle. Even the very soils our food grows in is in grave danger.

Please make no mistake — these are all connected. And yes, though it’s harder to quantify in numbers, all of these have a profound impact on the way you look and feel — your quality of life — right now.

The truth is, we do live in a youth-obsessed world that pushes the toxic belief that getting older EQUALS becoming increasingly undesirable, invisible, doomed to suffering and disease, and past your best years.

This toxic belief is very profitable to a range of industries. It is so destructive, though, because when people are bombarded with the constant message that they’re “supposed to” be undesirable, feel fatigued, and get sick because they’re past 40, that’s exactly what tends to happen to them…

It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy…

Similarly, when people are bombarded with the constant message that prescription drugs EQUAL health care… that skin products laced with dozens of chemicals you can’t pronounce will help you look younger… that highly-processed foods are good for you… that all becomes the normal and accepted mindset, too…
…and people are suffering dearly for it

Which leads me to a quote from author and visionary R. Buckminster Fuller:

“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Our mission is not to fight these behemoth industries with their billions of dollars.

Our mission is to help people bypass them completely, and to be empowered with the new model that truly does equal the most effective steps to look and feel your best, avoid and overcome disease, and live a long life doing it.

What Makes The Live Long & THRIVE Summit So Important and Unique?

There’s a LOT of health information out there in the form of articles, blogs, online events, and so forth.

The problem is, number one, that it can actually feel overwhelming and confusing to know the smartest, most important steps you should actually take.

And, two, most of the evidence-based best steps for healthy aging and longevity are getting buried underneath all the “noise” out there and people are not even aware of them in the first place!

You need and deserve TOTAL CLARITY on the proven most effective steps to look and feel your best, avoid and possibly even overcome disease, and live long and well doing it.

Now, I’ve worked with many doctors and researchers over the past 20+ years, helping many of them to become household names in the natural health and wellness world.

Out of all the possibilities, I’ve selected the 22 doctors and researchers in The Live Long & THRIVE Summit because they’re amongst the world’s most trusted authorities and they come from a range of different and important areas of expertise.

You’re about to hear the most effective natural steps from world-renowned healthy aging and longevity experts in areas such as brain health and Alzheimer’s… cancer and heart disease… diabetes, autoimmune disease, and digestive health… pain, fatigue, anxiety, and depression… nutrition, joint health, and skin health…

PLUS, you’re about to discover the little-known yet essential most effective steps in seldom-discussed areas such as truly MIND-BLOWING and important insider knowledge if you ever take prescription drugs… top steps on how to avoid FRAILTY, STIFFNESS, and IMMOBILITY as you get older… how the health of YOUR FEET directly impacts your longevity and what you must do now… and much more!

While people’s tendencies may be to “pick and choose,” believe me, you truly do not want to miss any of these speakers in Live Long & THRIVE, because the unique details they each share are truly health- and life-changing (and, yes, possibly even life-saving).
In a Word… Inevitable

Here’s the bottom line…

Whatever your age, wherever your personal challenges, profoundly positive change is truly inevitable with what you’ll discover in The Live Long & THRIVE Summit.

And an amazing thing happens when people en masse are empowered with these life-changing answers: profoundly positive change is inevitable in our world.

We each and we all need that positive, now more than ever, so…

Please do share this with friends and family, please do support our mission, and…

Enjoy the summit and enjoy what will be the best years of your life.

🌟 Even if you can’t attend live… 🌟

Register now because each day's talks will be available for brief replay period.

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