Life Transformation Summit 2022

Life Transformation Summit 2022 – Energy Healing For Health & Wealth

Over 40 of the TOP Energy Healers and leaders in spiritual growth have come together during the 2022 Life Transformation Summit to help you:

  1. Go to the next level of your transformation and healing
  2. Harness the power of energy healing to transform your health, relationships, and abundance

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What You'll Learn During the Life Transformation Summit 2022

Life has changed dramatically over the past few years. No matter which area you feel you are blocked or stuck in, whether it's money, health, wealth, love & relationships, energy & purpose, these masterclasses hold the keys to complete transformation on each topic.

Every single speaker is providing a Video Session that gives you actionable steps you can implement in your life right now.

Life transformation cannot happen by just working in any one area. Usually if you are stuck in one area, it's connected to other areas of your life. That's why this program covers EVERY area of your life.

Benefits of Attending the Life Transformation Summit 2022

Here's just a little bit of how these master-level energy healers & spiritual growth teachers will help you:

  • Apply clairvoyance for healing, manifesting, and receiving guidance
  • Amplify & Shine Your Light: Accelerate your vibration for positive health and wellbeing
  • Learn how to activate the Universal patterns of creation to attain the most healthy, happy, and fulfilling life
  • Reprogram to your universal healing frequencies and master your health
  • Activate your Divine Design
  • Get your body back into perfect balance and alignment after COVID
  • Energy healing for self-care
  • How to manifest while in “The Field”
  • Energy healing through prayer

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Life Transformation Summit 2022 Speaker List

Dawn Crystal, Cyndi Dale, Virginia Rounds Griffiths, Gregory and Gail Hoag, Christy Whitman, Rev. Michael McMorrow and Rev. Nancy Woods, Grace Hom, John Douillard, Pamala Oslie, Dipal Shah, Kari Alajoki, Paul Hoffman, Taly Bar, Jeffrey Gignac, Quantum Touch, Lisa Barnett, Debra Poneman, Dr. Steve Young, Crystal Randhir Priya, Brad Yates, Dr. Sue Morter, Dr. Margaret Paul, Master Mingtong Gu, Dr. Alex Loyd, Jim Oliver, Nuna Isi Ma, Debra Carter, Tarek Bibi, Dr. Joe Rubino, Dawn Clark

How the Life Transformation Summit 2022 Is Different Than Other Summits

This summit is very much about creating transformation in your life. That's why every Video Session has been specifically chosen to help you with improving your life from the inside-out.

Here's just a little bit about how this summit is different:

  • No interviews (so you’ll just be hearing directly from every single healer)
  • Video Masterclass Sessions so you can really get to know them
  • Group Processes & Activations that will create massive transformation in you
  • Teaching you actionable steps you can implement in your life right now
  • Providing a Free Gift that you can work through in your own time

These masterclasses were created with one goal in mind. To get you unstuck by giving you the keys to success.

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Free Gifts for Life Transformation Summit Attendees

Upon registration, you will get instant access to a Manifest Intention Energy Infused Video.

Then, when you listen (or if you choose to upgrade immediately), you'll also get:

Gift #2: 5 Reasons Your Energy & Vitality are Tanking and the #1 Single-Most Impactful Thing You Can Do Now! – Kari Alajoki

  • Learn a simple trick to forever see the clock as your friend.
  • Shift from the “I'm late- AGAIN” low vibe, to “I GOT THIS” Energy.

Gift #3: Activate Universal Patterns of Creation for Health, Happiness & Fulfillment – Gail & Gregory Hoag

  • Effortlessly Be Connected to the Voice of Your Soul, Higher Purpose, Intuition and a More Fulfilling Life. Support Your Body's
  • Innate Ability to Heal Itself By Aligning With Higher Frequencies
  • Overcomes Electromagnetic and Toxic Chaos that Block You From Higher Connection.

Gift #4: What Does Your Intuition Say About You – Dipal Shah

  • Understand how much power your possess in your life and your surroundings
  • Understand the power of intuition and where your strengths are hidden

Gift #5: Expand Your Heart and Ground in Your Divine Light To Heal – Dawn Crystal

  • More peace and expansion in their body.
  • It anchors in more of the person's radiant self in their physical body to plant earth. It clears heavy trauma or heart walls.

Gift #6: How To Safely and Wisely Use Your Sixth Sense – Cyndi Dale

  • Take the test! Determine your strongest psychic gifts based on the chakra system.
  • Develop your main gifts through the development of boundaries that will assist you in best employing your extrasensory perceptions.

Gift #7: Change Your Language, Change Your Life! – Christy Whitman

  • Helps you break the chains on the language patterns that are keeping you from success.
  • Know what not to say that brings your vibration down. Know why. Know what to say instead to create from a higher vibration.

Gift #8: Circadian Wisdom: An Ayurvedic Guide to Living in Nature's Rhythms – John Douillard

  • Learn how to use circadian cycles to your advantage for optimal health and vitality.

These masterclasses were created with one goal in mind. To get you unstuck by giving you the keys to success.

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About Your Host – Eram Saeed

Eram Saeed HeadshotEram Saeed is host and founder of a global telesummit series called ‘From Heartache to Joy’, a series of daily presentations and interviews with global thought leaders teaching cutting edge techniques to living better, more fulfilled lives.

She is also a co-producer of the documentary series, “Energy The Ultimate Healer.”

Eram is also the founder of ‘Journey to Joy Foundation’, a global initiative launched to eradicate crimes against women such as honour killings and child marriages and to educate 100,000 women in the Eastern countries.

A prolific speaker, Eram has appeared on various radio and TV shows. She has also hosted talk shows with some of the world’s most well known authors and teachers in self development. Based in US, she has recently launched her online show globally entitled ‘Heart 2 Heart with Eram’

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Oct 17 - 22 2022


9:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Oct 17 - 22 2022
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