Legacy Letter Challenge Webinar - with Blake Brewer

The Legacy Letter Challenge

Do your children know what you think of them?

Do they really, truly, deeply know?

Obviously, as parents, we’re forever telling our children how much we love them, believe in them and how proud we are of them.

The thing is… words can be fleeting.

There’s an ongoing pull from the world to capture more and more attention from our children. As parents, we can sometimes feel like we're “losing” our children to the influences of the world (not all of which are positive).

To help shift that attention back to the values and strengths that you bring to the world as a parent, Blake Brewer is teaching parents how to write at least one well-written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter to their children.

What Is a “Legacy Letter?”

A Legacy Letter shares a parent’s values and virtues in a permanent way that affirms their love and impacts their children's lives forever.

If you’re a parent, you already know the role your children play in making your life fulfilling:

  • Watching them grow
  • Guiding them through life’s experiences and challenges
  • Giving them the benefit of your wisdom at every opportunity

And with negative forces in the world today like social media, news, and peer pressure, helping your children stay truly grounded and aligned with positive values has never been more challenging.

Your child or children need all the help and guidance they can get.

In short, a Legacy Letter is a very compelling way to permanently communicate your love for your children in a very powerful way. It is an opportunity to create a guiding set of principles they can always refer to, even after you’re gone.

Some parents think a legacy letter is something to do later in life when their children are grown.

As many of the parents Blake has worked with soon find out, and as you'll learn from reading Blake's story below, the best time to write your legacy letter is now (especially if you have young children). During the webinar, Blake will explain why that is so important.

What You'll Learn During the Legacy Letter Challenge

How will your children do in 2023? Will it be the best year of their life…or will they be left to ever present powerful forces trying to pull them off course?

As your children navigate life, the world is relentlessly trying to turn them into followers.

And that's why it's so essential that the one voice truly guiding them into the future is yours.

Blake’s webinar will provide you with everything you need to start writing you own legacy letter.

…including a plan to make sure your children stay the course.

You'll hear Blake's powerful story and get a chance to craft a legacy letter of your own.

During the Legacy Letter Challenge webinar, you'll learn:

  • How a legacy letter can change the life of your kids.
  • The importance of providing the words your child needs to succeed.
  • How to protect your child’s heart and mind from the negative messages that come against them.
  • And a lot more!

The power of a parents voice is nothing new.

What is new are all the forces stacked up against your children as they try and make the right decisions.

In the webinar, you’ll learn in detail how to create a future for your children that they can live by as they move through life…with and without you. You'll help them stay the course no matter what life storms they have to weather.

Why Does Blake Teach The Legacy Letter Challenge?

Blake's mission comes from the heart…

When he was 19, his parents took the family on an amazing trip to Hawaii. On the first day, Blake and his dad went out snorkeling. All of a sudden, before Blake had a chance to react, his dad was under water.

Unfortunately, Blake was unable to save him.

Hours later, his mother came into the room and handed him a “gift” from his dad.

It was a legacy letter his dad had just finished working on…and it changed Blake's life.

A few years ago, Blake decided to write his own legacy letter to his children, so that they would have something from him when they needed it most.

But when he sat down to start writing, he found it difficult.

He had plenty of ideas to put onto the page, but organizing them into the right words was hard. Other fathers he had talked to over the years also struggled.

Eventually, he figured out a process that allowed him to create a legacy letter his children could use to lead happy, healthy lives.

And now, in this webinar, he’s sharing his approach and ideas with you.

About Your Host – Blake Brewer

Blake is on a mission to help 1 million dads and moms write at least 1 well written, meaningful, lasting Legacy Letter.

Blake has a wonderful wife and loves being a father to his three children, all under 8. As he leads his family, he draws from many mentors, but none more important than his late father Larry Brewer.

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Aug 08 2024


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Legacy Letter Challenge
Legacy Letter Challenge
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