Launch Like a Coach Summit 2024

Launch Like a Coach Summit 2024

Do you love coaching but feel overwhelmed or resistant when it comes to marketing?

You're not alone.

Many conscious, spiritual, and heart-centered coaches find marketing intimidating or even daunting, and the idea of launching a program can feel like stepping into uncharted territory.

The thing is, there's more than one way to launch a program.

During “Launch Like a Coach,” you'll learn the secrets of heart-centered launches so that you can transform your marketing and fill your programs.

Why Attend the “Launch Like a Coach” Summit

Though marketing might not be your favorite part of running a coaching business, it doesn't have to feel overwhelming or intimidating.

Many coaches believe they’re bad marketers. The thing is, you’re actually a much better marketer than you think.

Just because you refuse to adopt pushy, sleazy marketing methods that make you want to take a shower, doesn’t mean you’re a bad marketer.

Once you understand what makes truly great, conscious, ethical marketing, you can apply your coaching skills to draw people into your programs and services like never before.

Did you know that many successful coaches spend only 30-50% of their time coaching, while the rest of their time is spent on marketing?

They network, speak, do social media, create podcasts, and offer discovery sessions. There are dozens of different strategies to grow a coaching business and get clients.

Launch Like a Coach Summit 2024The “Launch Like a Coach” summit will show you how to connect with your audience, share your message, and enroll the clients you're meant to serve using the one strategy that the most highly successful coaches use (and that creates amazing results)… a launch.

A launch is essentially a sequence of free content that leads to your coaching program or package, and has a time-sensitive offer with a specific enrollment period.

Here’s the beauty of this strategy if you’re a coach…

You can do one launch a year, then nurture the people who joined your email list all year long, building relationships, giving value, and inviting them into your coaching programs and offers.\

During the “Launch Like a Coach” Summit, you'll hear from over 25 coaches who have mastered the art of launching with authenticity AND integrity, resulting in fully enrolled programs and a sense of fulfillment.

What You'll Learn During the “Launch Like a Coach” Summit

During the “Launch Like a Coach” Summit, you'll learn how to do launches in a heart-centered way.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll learn:

  • Authentic Launch Strategies: Learn how to launch your programs authentically, without feeling salesy, while maintaining your integrity and values.
  • Mindset Mastery: Gain insights into a mindset that supports successful launches, including overcoming imposter syndrome and maintaining motivation throughout the process.
  • Psychological Insights: Understand key psychological principles that allow you to connect more deeply with your clients and create launches that resonate on a personal level.
  • Enrollment and Revenue Strategies: Access proven methods for increasing enrollment and revenue, including creating irresistible offers, fostering community engagement, and leveraging joint venture partnerships.
  • Pre-Launch Preparation: Learn strategies for a successful pre-launch phase, including content creation, compelling web design, authentic branding, and using video marketing to build trust.
  • Stress-Free Launch Models: Explore launch models designed to reduce stress and burnout, such as mini-launches, evergreen strategies, and automation, ensuring a steady stream of clients without overwhelming yourself.
  • Tech Confidence: Overcome technical challenges with ease by learning essential tech tips and tricks that simplify the launch process, even if you’re not tech-savvy.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: Develop strategies to handle setbacks and challenges during launches, ensuring you can pivot effectively and maintain momentum even when things don’t go as planned.

You'll also get access to live expert roundtables discussing controversial topics around marketing and launches in the coaching space.

Don't let fear of marketing or launches hold you back from growing your coaching business.

Speaker Topics at the Launch Like a Coach Summit

  • “Why Launches Can Be Your Go-To Strategy for Coaches” (Milana Leshinsky)
  • “Essential Webpages You Need for Your Launch Website” (Christina Hills)
  • “Mindset of a Sold-Out Launch” (Jeanna Gabellini)
  • “Psychology Hacks for More Effective & Ethical Launches” (Joanna Lindenbaum)
  • “Hit Your Launch Goals Without Procrastination, Chaos, or Burnout” (Martha Wilson)
  • “Secrets of Heart-Centered JV Partnerships” (Marie Grace Berg)
  • “Clarifying Your Coaching Brand for an Authentic Launch” (Debbie White)
  • “Creating a Highly Engaged Community Around Your Launch” (Tanya Lynn)
  • “Using Paid Discovery Sessions for Effortless Enrollment” (Ronda Renee)
  • “Elevating Your Launch Strategy with Video Marketing” (Tanya Smith)
  • “How to Help Your Partners Sell More” (Rob Goyette)
  • “Hosting Your Own “Speaking Tour” to Build Your Launch Audience” (Krista Martin)
  • “A Relationship-Based Approach to Filling Your Programs in 30 Days” (Ann Farrell)

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