Get to Know Your Own Energy Anatomy: Explore Your 6 Energy Systems to Reveal Your Blueprint for Balance, Vitality & an Empowered Soul Path

Explore Your 6 Energy Systems for Balance, Vitality and an Empowered Soul Path

Get to Know Your Own Energy Anatomy: Explore Your 6 Energy Systems to Reveal Your Blueprint for Balance, Vitality & an Empowered Soul PathHave you ever experienced the frustration of feeling unwell for a while, going to the doctor, and being told you’re perfectly healthy — but you know something is off?

There’s a reason why — even if your physiological systems are all free of ailments — you may still have a sense of being ill, lack of vitality and resilience, physical or emotional instability, and even mental fogginess.

The reason lies in energetic imbalances. And that’s why energy expert and consciousness educator Prune Harris has devoted her life to understanding the complexities of our energetic makeup.

Join Prune, author of Your Radiant Soul: Understand Your Energy To Transform Your World, for an illuminating free online energy healing event…

… in which she’ll share her unique wisdom on the six systems that make up what she calls your energetic anatomy — your energetic core, aura, chakras, energy channels, elemental rhythms, and heartfield.

Why Attend “Get to Know Your Own Energy Anatomy”

She’ll define for you what each of these systems are, what they’re responsible for, the ways they work together, and how their optimal functionality serves as a bridge for a healthy, conscious, authentic, purposeful life.

Prune believes that a loss of strength of body or mind and even a diminished passion for life is almost always due to constrictions in your energetic anatomy. If even just one aspect of your energy is blocked, your whole being can be knocked out of balance.

Join Prune and she’ll guide you through three experiential techniques you can continue to use — anytime, anywhere — to make minor adjustments to your energy throughout your day…

… if you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or even uncomfortably vulnerable.

What You'll Learn During “Get to Know Your Own Energy Anatomy”

During this free spiritual energy healing workshop, you’ll:

  • Learn about the six energy systems that underpin every aspect of your being, for enhanced understanding of how energy moves through you and how your unique energy affects your body, mind, and soul
  • Be guided through three processes to ground and expand your aura, enhance your energetic cohesiveness, and reset your nervous system
  • Experience what it feels like to come into a state of relaxation, centeredness, flow, and balance
  • Understand that you can consciously make simple slight adjustments in your energy throughout your days to feel more comfortable in the world and in your own skin
  • Start to assemble a medicine bag of energetic tools that will help you make more conscious decisions — the big, soul-path ones and the smaller moment-by-moment choices

Prune can show you how to determine whether you’re activating your energetic blueprint or diminishing it, so you can show up in your fullness, with an elevated capacity to walk your soul path.

With her guidance, you’ll learn to make sense of the challenging situations in your life, heal old habits, and break through barriers that are holding you hostage.

About Your Teacher – Prune Harris

Prune Harris has been able to see the energy of humans, animals, trees, and the Earth since birth, seeing this energy as vibrations, colors, and connective patterns. Yet it wasn’t until a pivotal moment in her mid-30s that Prune realized that her way of experiencing the world was so different.

Training with healers, elders, and wisdom holders throughout the world, Prune became certified in Touch For Health Kinesiology, Eden Energy Medicine, and Celtic and Norse Shamanism. Her simple and insightful explanations of how our personal energy field, our collective energy field, and the global energy field interconnect shed forgotten light on how we can begin moving back to patterns of individual and global health and harmony.

For 20 years, Prune worked as a clinical practitioner, dedicating her skills and gifts to helping those who needed to heal physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Yet, with a 3-year waiting list, she knew that to make a global impact she needed to make her knowledge accessible to a much wider audience. Through her in-person and online courses, and book Your Radiant Soul: Transform Your Energy to Transform Your World, she has empowered thousands of people across the globe to bring consciousness to their energy systems and make small yet powerful changes that produce real change in their lives.

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