The Joyful Gardener Docuseries

The Joyful Gardener Docuseries

Why do some people making growing food look so easy?

It’s not necessarily years of experience… There’s a missing ingredient in many gardens, and it’s not what you think.

Watch the Joyful Gardener Documentary Series to discover what makes some people grow wildly abundant vegetable and herb gardens… even in their first year… no matter where they live… no matter how small their garden is!

What You'll Learn Watching “The Joyful Gardener” 2024 Docuseries

Millions of people started growing food for the first time recently because health became more of a priority.

That is AWESOME!

But how did it go for all the new gardeners?

The learning curve is so steep the first and second year growing food. And one minor mistake at the start of a growing season can set you up for months of pests, diseases, and weeds instead of the abundant harvest you want.

Worse… mistakes made in the first year make it even harder the second year. You may not even know you are behind the learning curve until it’s too late.

Many new gardeners are unknowingly setting themselves up for disappointment instead of the garden JOY they want.

Here's just some plant-saving tips you'll learn:

  • MINDSET: Your first, simple step to an easy vegetable and herb garden
  • CLIMATE: Allowing your LOCAL conditions to work for you and creating microclimates.
  • SOIL: Regenerative fertility system that builds a stronger, more nutrient-rich garden each year.
  • COMPOST: Compost style that works for your needs and delivers the fertility you need to your garden.
  • PLANTS: The secret to doubling your vegetable harvest in half the space.
  • WATER: Master garden efficiency and eliminate unnecessary work with a water system that’s right for you.
  • HARVESTING: Getting the freshest, most flavorful food on your plate… and lots of it!
  • TENDING: Giving plants exactly what they need in each stage of life.
  • SUCCESS: One thing you shouldn't spend any time doing in your garden (but most beginners do!).
  • REGENERATIVE: Complete step-by-step garden system for an abundant harvest no matter where you live.
  • HIGHLIGHTS: Seeding, seed starting, transplanting, building raised beds, containers, soil basics, fertility schedules, fertilizers, compost systems, crop planning, succession planning, crop rotations, knowing what’s ripe, pruning, trellising, irrigation, pests and disease management, weed strategies, saving seeds, season extension, cover cropping, and modular systems that make everything easier!

Every episode of “The Joyful Gardener” is gardening “gold” and adds a vital piece of the puzzle to help you grow food with ease.

Plus, you’ll get to meet people who have put all of this into practice sharing what made their gardens successful.

If you’ve been trying for years to start a successful vegetable garden or to simplify the garden system you have, you’ll want to watch this.

Psychological Benefits of Gardening

There’s never been a more important time than now to focus on what makes you happy. These last few years have been ones for the history books with something new and stressful every week. You’ve probably discovered, you can’t always control what’s going on out there.

But luckily you can choose as much inner peace as possible. Simple, daily habits can add up to more JOY everyday. That’s why so many people are choosing to grow food right at home.

Yes, there are dozens of health benefits to fresh food like preventing chronic diseases, feeling great, living a long life with clean, delicious food, and knowing exactly how it’s grown.

But there’s an additional benefit from gardening that is especially needed right now…. MORE JOY!

Spending time with the plants that nourish you feels like a hug from your favorite pet. You know that feeling when your heart leaps out of your chest because you’re so happy to connect with a wild creature.

This happens with plants too… Especially the vegetables and herbs that you grow yourself.

Are you looking for some help so that growing food is more JOY and less stress?

During the Joyful Gardener Docuseries, you'll get help you overcome any obstacles standing in the way of you growing an abundance of fresh vegetables and herbs for your dinner table.

Physical Benefits of Gardening

Gardening is medicine… not just the food that you grow, but the actual ACT of gardening itself. And science is finally acknowledging this truth.

Most of the people who live beyond 100 years have gardening in common… and they live longer with less stress.

The good news is that anybody can garden… no matter where you live.

And now more than ever is a time to prioritize not only your health, but your quality of life.

There’s new research that says happiness protects you from heart disease and boosts your immunity too!

Getting outside with loved ones and plants is a great way to do that.

Protecting Yourself from Potential Food Shortages

Imagine if you asked yourself this question a couple years ago:

“Are you worried about getting essentials from your grocery store?”

You probably would have said: “Nope.”

But you can probably name more than a handful of things that you’ve had to “hunt” for during the past couple years.

And I don’t just mean toilet paper or hand sanitizer. I mean things like your everyday food for your family.

For example, increased food prices, some empty spots on the grocery store shelves, or items not being available at your favorite restaurant.

“Food producers have struggled with shortages, bottlenecks, transportation, weather, and labor woes, all of which have caused food prices to rise. The end is not in sight.” (Source: Washington Post)

You might not think that’s a big deal, but it’s definitely impacting our food supply and there’s never been a better time to start growing your own vegetables and herbs. W

Who Should Watch “The Joyful Gardener”

This is perfect for you if you:

  • Dream of starting a vegetable garden
  • Are already an avid gardener wanting to double your harvest
  • Are anything in between

Successful Gardening With Limited Resources

What if you could feed a family of 4 fresh, wholesome veggies through the entire growing season with just one 100 sq ft. garden?

It may sound incredible, but it’s true. Here’s the story… When your host, Stacey Murphy, first started gardening, she didn’t have much room in her yard. And there was already a really big shade tree in it to boot.

Not being one to give up easily, she decided to try an experiment one day… She grew one row of cabbage in full sunlight with no shade. And the other row of cabbage she put just under the tree with a tiny bit of shade (2 hours worth). What happened next was remarkable…

The sunlit cabbage grew to over 16 lbs at harvest!… while the shaded cabbage weighed a measly 4.5lbs.

And it took another 60 days to reach a harvest!

Which is really wild when you think about it. That’s nearly 4X the harvest from just an extra 2 hours of direct sunlight. Or if you want to start thinking about something really interesting, that’s about double the harvest in about half the space.

But it doesn’t stop there. This small little tweak is just one of several big-harvest secrets that Stacey wants to share with you.

Episode List: The Joyful Gardener Documentary Series

Episode 1: Making the Most of Your Local Climate

  • Uncover what makes your site unique so you can partner WITH nature for easier yields
  • Use 3 key temperatures to plan your entire season
  • Save precious time and energy getting started right
  • Discover how to create microclimates to extend your growing season

Episode 2: Healthy Plants Start with Healthy SOIL!

  • Transform your “dirt” into nutrient-rich SOIL 
  • Demystify what makes soil healthy
  • Three basic techniques to ensure long term fertility
  • Choose a garden style that’s right for you

Episode 3: Making Compost & Compost Teas

  • Choosing a compost system that suits your lifestyle
  • Discover how to fix wet, dry and smelly compost piles as well as speed up the composting process
  • Brewing compost teas and applying biochar as your first line of defense against pests and diseases

Episode 4: Small Plot Growing & Packing In Plants

  • Seeding and transplanting densely, use every last inch of your growing space efficiently
  • Why companion planting, crop rotations and succession planting are so complicated and what to do instead
  • Simplifying the seed starting process for success every time

Episode 5: Fitting Gardening into Your Lifestyle

  • Simple ways to master garden efficiency and eliminate unnecessary work for MORE GARDEN JOY.
  • Discover how to move your body safely for rapid vegetable cultivation and harvest.
  • Walk step-by-step through a garden system that can cut your garden time in half… if you want (it IS fun after all!)

Episode 6: Simplifying Irrigation Systems

  • 3 Simple water systems: choose the one that works for your lifestyle
  • Irrigation system essentials for automatic watering
  • #1 Gadget to finally know if your soil is too wet or too dry.

Episode 7: Harvesting & Pruning to Improve Yields

  • Discover simple pruning tips to promote plant growth and increase your harvest
  • Know when your harvest is perfectly ripe so you don’t waste food
  • Picking for peak flavor… what no one tells you about harvesting.

Episode 8: Pests, Diseases & Weeds: Show them who’s the boss!

  • The #1 investment you can make to avoid pests, diseases and weeds
  • How to show pests, diseases and weeds they are no longer welcome
  • The best strategy to weed just ONCE each growing season
  • Which weeds are really a threat in your garden? Only a couple…

Free Gift for Attendees

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This eGuide reveals the best way to start every growing season. No matter how much experience you have, if you skip this step each growing season, you won’t find the garden results you’re looking for.

Here's just a little bit of what you'll find within its pages:

  • The #1 fertilizer for your garden (it’s not what you think!)
  • How to match your goals to your personality and lifestyle for garden success.
  • The eight types of garden heroes… which one are you? And what that means about what you grow and how.

About Your Host – Stacey Murphy

Stacy Murphy - HeadshotStacey Murphy helps gardeners grow lots of food in small spaces so they can enjoy fresh, affordable vegetables while creating a more sustainable future. She walks eager growers through a holistic plan for the season, showing what to grow, when and where. Stacey is a garden geek, growing food since 1979, and her superpower is packing, literally, tons of food into tight spaces.

Dozens of her students who have trained at her backyard urban farm in Brooklyn have gone on to start their own homesteads, gardens & farms. Featured on Martha Stewart Radio and PBS’s Growing a Greener World, Stacey believes growing food organically is the best health plan for people, communities, and the earth.

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