Jiu-Jitsu For Self Defense: Easy to Learn Techniques for All Ages & Body Types - With Byron & Rener Gracie

Jiu-Jitsu For Self Defense: Easy to Learn Techniques for All Ages & Body Types – With Byron & Rener Gracie

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“The confidence you gain in this course will entirely change the way you interact with people and the world around you.”

Myth busted: You DON’T need years of martial arts training to defend yourself in a dangerous situation, and you don't have to hurt your attacker either. There are safe, peaceful ways to diffuse violence from larger and stronger attackers, even if you're just a beginner.

To create this course, the Gracie brothers asked themselves a simple question:

“If you were going to be attacked exactly 10 days from now, what 10 self-defense techniques would you need to know?”

Jiu-Jitsu for Self-Defense with Rener and Ryron Gracie is a 10-part course that teaches you the key movements, body positions, strategies, and mindsets to escape or neutralize an attack.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is specifically designed for when your opponent is larger and stronger than you, and because the techniques in this course do not rely on strength, speed, or flexibility, anyone can learn how to defend themselves with jiu-jitsu.

Why Learn Jiu-Jitsu Even If You Don't Want To Fight?

  • Jiu-jitsu allows you to practice real life fighting techniques in the safest way possible.
  • You might start jiu-jitsu to learn self-defense, but often what keeps you on the mat is the fun and cooperative nature of the art.
  • For some, the gym can feel monotonous.  Jiu-jitsu is physical, dynamic, and playful, which is why so many people have incorporated it into their exercise routine.
  • When practicing jiu-jitsu with someone, you show vulnerability. You learn to trust others as they also trust you with their bodies. This way of interacting creates a bond between people that is tough to find anywhere else.
  • Sometimes the best way to get in shape is to let go of the idea of getting into shape and just start learning and moving. Jiu-jitsu allows you to learn self-defense, improve mobility and coordination, get a workout, and have fun — all at the same time!

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This Online Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Course Is For People Who

  • Want to learn life-saving skills in the shortest amount of time possible — and have fun while doing it!
  • Enjoy being physically and mentally challenged.
  • Like the idea of learning self-defense in the comfort of your home and with a trusted training partner. (Though this course can also be completed solo!)
  • Want to be able to assert yourself and communicate your boundaries confidently in tense moments.
  • Want to join a global jiu-jitsu community of people who work together to learn techniques and develop close friendships.

Whether you have experience with martial arts or are brand new to jiu-jitsu — whether you are young or old, coordinated or not — you will come away from this course knowing how to safely escape or diffuse a dangerous encounter. At the same time, you will develop a newfound confidence to assert yourself, set boundaries, and de-escalate potential conflicts.

Learn how to fight so you never have to. 

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Course Outline: Jiu-Jitsu Online With Byron Gracie & Rener Gracie

Day 1: Trap and Roll Escape

In a physical altercation, the goal is to achieve the top position once the fight goes to the ground; the problem is that things don’t always go according to plan. Against a larger attacker, it is possible that you end up on the bottom of the mount position, which is the single worst place to be in a fight. From this position, the top person can strike or strangle you at will and you cannot effectively strike back. The worst part about trying to escape the mount without an effective strategy is the panic you experience and the extreme exhaustion it will inevitably cause. The Trap and Roll Escape is a simple, reliable way to remove your opponent from on top of you.

Day 2: Mount Control

The mount is the ideal position in a ground fight since it gives you the ability to immobilize the adversary without hurting them. When you put someone on their back, they will almost always go into “fight-or-flight” to get out from underneath you. In this lesson you are going to learn how to neutralize your attacker’s escape attempts.

Day 3: Takedown

Instead of trying to punch or kick a larger opponent, we recommend you establish the clinch (a standing control position) and take them to the ground where you can have a lot more control, exhaust your attacker, and/or have the option to escape when you feel ready.

Day 4: Clinch + De-escalation

The advantage of establishing an upper body clinch is that you are close to your opponent and their punches are less effective. Before you decide to clinch someone you often have an opportunity to say a few words. Choose your words wisely! Most fights can be avoided with verbal jiu-jitsu. In this lesson you will learn how to close the distance between you and your attacker and establish the clinch, as well as the calm confidence necessary to help de-escalate some situations.

Day 5: Punch Block Series

If you are unable to maintain the mount, you can use your legs to wrap the opponent in a position called the guard. The guard is the “secret weapon” for any jiu-jitsu practitioner. These techniques can only be executed, however, if you survive the barrage of punches that your opponent will inevitably attempt. The Punch Block Series will enable you to neutralize all punches and exhaust your opponent until an opportunity arises to take action to secure your escape.

Day 6: Guard Get-Up

If you have to be on your back in a fight you want the opponent in your guard. The top priority from the bottom of the guard is to stay safe and avoid punches, and once that’s accomplished, getting back to safety is the objective. In this lesson, you are going to learn different techniques for standing up and disengaging from the bottom of the fight.

Day 7: Elbow Escape

Any time you find yourself trapped underneath your opponent in the mount position you should aim to use the Trap and Roll escape because it will place you on top of your opponent. If your opponent is too big or prepared for this move, the Elbow Escape is the next option. Today, you will start with the Standard Variation and then learn a few variations that can come in handy in more challenging situations.

Day 8: Shrimp Escape

Against a much larger opponent, there is a good chance you will find yourself on the bottom of the fight. And if this happens, the safest thing to do is to get your opponent in your guard because from there, you can neutralize punches and stay safe with less effort. If your opponent is able to get past your guard, you will need to use the Shrimp Escape to put them back in the guard. In this lesson, you will learn three variations of the Shrimp Escape, starting with the Block and Shoot Variation.

Day 9: Side Mount Control

Your positional objective in every fight should be to achieve the top position and gain voluntary compliance from the aggressor. In this lesson, you will learn how to establish the side mount, one of the most powerful positions of control, and prevent the most common escape attempts a larger opponent is likely to use. You’ll also learn how to transition to the mount position once they have exhausted, if you choose to do so.

While trapped in your guard, larger opponents tend to drive their weight forward in their attempt to control you with their body weight. What they don’t realize is that their forward lean will often create the perfect opportunity for you to off balance them and completely reverse the position. The Elevator Sweep is one of the simplest and most reliable techniques for this situation.

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Meet Your Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Teachers – Byron & Rener Gracie

Ryron and Rener Gracie are the eldest grandsons of Grand Master Helio Gracie, the creator of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. Their father is Rorion Gracie, one of the world’s foremost experts in self-defense. Ryron and Rener were born into this family tradition and introduced to the art as soon as they could walk. As children, they watched Rorion teach private classes in their garage in Southern California. But, it wasn’t until they observed their father and uncles – Royce, Rickson, and Royler – easily winning challenge matches that they began to comprehend fully the effectiveness of the technique.

Even more importantly, Ryron and Rener recognized the profound impact the family’s art has on all who study it. The life changing transformations of Gracie University students motivated the brothers to teach, and in 2003 Grand Master Helio Gracie awarded Ryron and Rener black belts in recognition of their mastery of his unique techniques and teaching methodologies.

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