How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry

How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry

Living your mission is never easy.

Making money while you live your mission is even more challenging.

What if there was a way to make it a tad easier?

What if you could partner with others who share your passion for helping and serving?

Here’s the thing–there’s an art to it.

And if you learn it, it can make all the difference.

What You'll Learn During “How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry”

You know the drill. Doing everything on your own is hard. Getting help makes things much easier.

But is it sustainable?

If making money was easy, everyone would do it. But it isn’t–especially if you don’t have any capital to start with.

Most people start a venture, flail around for a while, and quit. The numbers prove it. 50% of companies fail in the first year. 90% fail within five years.

Let’s make it even harder. Suppose you don’t have any money to start with–or that you don’t have enough money to invest right now.

So let's ask the question again…

Is there a sustainable way to launch and grow your business sustainably with little to no starting capital? Is it even possible?


…Though only if you know how to create effective partnerships.

Personal growth maven, Glen Ledwell, began with almost no money and had to get creative.

He used the power of joint ventures and partnerships to grow a marketing machine – and now he’s sharing his secrets, along with veteran marketer, Mike Filsaime, in this brand new masterclass.

Even if you’ve never done any joint ventures yet, you will after you see this. You can help a lot of people through the digital world without spending your own money.

Especially if you leverage your relationships.

But you have to do it right.

In the digital marketing world, there’s a right way, a wrong way, and a profitable way.

Choose wisely. Learn how to do it right from the start.

Class Topics for “How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry”

During this free online masterclass for conscious entrepreneurs, you’ll discover:

  • The secrets to creating 6 or even 7 Figure launches.
  • How to quickly build a massive revenue-making email list at no cost (risk free)
  • How to create a solid network of industry players who are there to support you and collaborate with you

Why You Should Attend “How to Instantly Become a Leading Expert in Your Industry”

Growing your list (and revenue) can be the most frustrating, exhausting, and expensive aspects of online entrepreneurship.

According to a recent Adobe study, the cost of digital advertising is shooting up 5x faster than inflation in America. That's terrifying news for online entrepreneurs if paid traffic is a big part of your marketing strategy.

On the flip-side, you'll be surprised when you discover how simple it is to use relationships to build a lead and revenue-generating machine that grows your business with minimal cost or hassle.

How would your business change this year if you could:

  • 10x your revenue in a matter of weeks or even days
  • Almost instantly double, triple, or even quadruple your list size with highly qualified leads – without spending a cent on costly paid ads or content marketing
  • Pull off a JV launch so big, it transforms your business overnight
  • Get the biggest players in your niche not competing with you, but helping you grow your business

Any one of these outcomes would be a game-changer to most entrepreneurs.

Getting good at JVs liberates you from spending an arm and a leg on ads and content marketing.

Instead, you get a limitless stream of leads and revenue through the power of valuable connections.

About Your Host – Glen Ledwell

Glen Ledwell - HeadshotSince 2007, Glen has been the co-founder & the CEO of Mind Movies, where he continues to be the driving force behind all the marketing strategies. In the first 3 years of launching Mind Movies, he took it from $0 – $6 million SOLELY through Joint Ventures.

To date, he has generated in excess of $50 million online, in which $25 million of that has been purely from Joint Ventures. With Glen’s increased passion and commitment to teaching and mentoring other entrepreneurs, particularly in the personal development industry, he also formed Flight Club Mastermind, an exclusive, high-end online marketing mastermind for top internet marketing entrepreneurs.

“The money is not in your list – it's in other people's lists.” – Glen Ledwell

About Your Host – Mike Filsaime

Mike Filsaime - HeadshotMike is an entrepreneur, digital marketer, author, speaker, software developer, online marketing educator, and marketing consultant with over $100 Million in sales in the companies co-founded and 25+ Million Dollar launches.

He is the CEO/Co-Founder of GrooveDigital with brands like GrooveKart, GroovePay, GroovePages, and GrooveSell, GrooveMail, and WebinarGroove, and Butterfly Marketing.

He is also the co-founder and former owner of, WebinarJam, EverWebinar, Kartra, DealGuardian, and PayDotCom.

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