Ink & Alchemy Summit 2021 - Transform Wounds Into Wisdom

Ink & Alchemy Summit 2021 – Transform Wounds Into Wisdom

What does your inner knowing feel like to you?

What’s been holding you back from tapping into your authentic expression and thriving in the experience of your best life?

Authentic compass? …Truest self?

You may know exactly what this means….

Or you may be seeking answers.

Either way, the Ink & Alchemy Summit has a topic and speaker who will meet you where you're at.

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The truth is, we all carry this wisdom within ourselves.

And, many of us also carry wounds around with us too; grief, trauma, social conditioning, limiting beliefs…

Welcome to being human!

These “wounds” can be both conscious and unconscious.

They are important to process and heal because they can block us from experiencing everything we want and need most in our life.

They can keep us stuck…stagnant… cycling in continuation and never really growing in our desired direction.

Isn’t that the definition of insanity? To do the same thing over and over again and expect different results?

Let’s break the cycle- Let’s do something different.

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What You'll Learn At The Ink & Alchemy 2021 Summit

This is a call to explore your inner alchemist~ your highest self ~ and your truest, most authentic expression~ through the elixirs of conversation, shared wisdom, and creative healing practices.

This series is a collaboration of 22 tattooers, authors, artists, healers and wellness experts who bring to life:

  • The transformative journeys of each speaker- how they’ve stepped into their authenticity, overcome challenges along the way, and how they continue to grow.
  • How to discover your own personal blocks and start to overcome them
  • A practice/ piece of wisdom from each speaker that has helped them align to their authenticity or helped them to overcome challenges.
  • The elixirs of expression, inspiration, creativity, and community
  • Free offerings from each speaker
  • Topics like: creativity, meditation, shamanism, dreamwork, symbolism, tattoo-ing, painting, intuition, intention, culture, ritual, quantum physics, overcoming traumas and challenges, and so much more!

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Ink & Alchemy 2021 Summit Speakers

  • Amanda Diamond
  • Paula Tursi
  • Tyrone Brown
  • Ashley River Brant
  • Dawn Montefusco
  • Mari Kuroyama
  • Elizabeth Wood
  • Cat Dillon
  • Jake Meeks
  • Jennifer McEuen
  • Justine Serebrin
  • Aaran Solh
  • Hemalayaa Belh
  • Guy Aitchison
  • Whitney Freya
  • Lane Wilcken
  • Candice Covington
  • Brad Yates
  • Robbie Ripoll
  • Itzhak Beery
  • Dr. Keesha Ewers
  • Susun Weed

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About Your Host – Chelsie Aniceto

Chelsie Aniceto is a tattoo artist that has branched out in her passions and interests since experiencing the many lockdowns the tattoo industry has faced over the majority of the pandemic.

She is a multifaceted creative (tattooer, artist, vocalist, musician, etc) who loves to explore and experience new healing and creative modalities.

She accredits creativity to have played a huge role in her own healing, and she is excited to share the wisdom of each speaker within this journey of Ink & Alchemy!

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Oct 01 - 09 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Date: Oct 01 - 09 2021
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Chelsie Aniceto
Chelsie Aniceto