The Inflammation Solution Masterclass Documentary Series

The Inflammation Solution Masterclass Documentary Series

It's time to stop treating symptoms – and start healing the cause: Get The Tools You Need To Combat Chronic Inflammation.

Did you know that inflammation is present in more than 50% of all deaths worldwide?

Heart disease, diabetes, dementia, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and neurodegenerative conditions are all products of chronic inflammation. During the Inflammation Solution Masterclass, you'll get get the exact protocols to prevent and reduce chronic inflammation, regardless of your age.

The experts featured in this free documentary series share the exact strategies and protocols they use to help their clients beat chronic inflammation. You'll get to hear those stories from people who have actually reclaimed their best health.

Common Diseases Affected by Chronic Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a culprit behind:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Autoimmune disease
  • Dementia
  • Kidney disease
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

It’s called the ‘silent killer’ because the warning signs of ongoing inflammation can be incredibly hard to recognize.

During The Inflammation Solution Masterclass, you’ll learn everything you should know about inflammation. Top medical experts will show you how to improve your health and slash your disease risk. And you’ll learn the simple yet powerful steps you can take now to live a longer, happier life.

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The Challenges With Detecting Chronic Inflammation

Chronic Inflammation Underlies Many Common IllnessesThere’s one big problem with inflammation that people don’t usually talk about: Finding out if you have it, most of the time, requires some detective work.

Some signs can be obvious: redness, swelling, or feeling hot to the touch. However, some of the signs can mimic other conditions and can be too subtle to notice.

In fact, symptoms like eczema, psoriasis, diarrhea, constipation, fatigue, depression, brain fog, and joint issues all point to one underlying cause: Chronic inflammation.

So many people are not even aware they have any inflammation until they run lab tests! But these symptoms are the alarm bells of the body letting us know that something is not right. If we ignore these symptoms when they are mild, they will only get louder until we are forced to stop and listen. {your affiliate link}

Unfortunately, inflammation is not a quick fix. Fortunately, The Inflammation Solution docuseries can help give you practical solutions to the onslaught of inflammation that is robbing us of health and vitality today.

This is something that natural health practitioners have been sounding the alarm about for decades, but only now is the mainstream scientific community jumping on board.

During The Inflammation Solution Documentary Series, over 20 leading scientists will give you the latest natural protocols to halt—and even reverse – the chronic ‘death loop’ of inflammation in your body right now.

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Episode Overview for the Inflammation Solution Docuseries

  • Episode 1: Overcome Disease & Optimize Your Health with New Solutions for Inflammation
  • Episode 2: Microbiome Solutions – Prebiotics & Probiotics for Beating Inflammation
  • Episode 3: Restoring Balance to the Immune System – Better Solutions for Leaky Gut & Autoimmune Disease
  • Episode 4: Advanced Solutions for Autoimmune Disease – Celiac, Hashimoto's & Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Episode 5: Soothing the Inflamed Bran – Renewing Solutions for Fatigue, Anxiety & Depression
  • Episode 6: Inflammation & Aging – Regenerating Solutions to Sleep Better, Exercise Smarter, and Reduce Your Risks of Alzheimer's & Dementia
  • Episode 7: Weight Loss, Diabetes & Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – Anti-Inflammatory Solutions to Restore Metabolic Balance
  • Episode 8: Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Calm Inflammation – Integrative Solutions for Stress, IBS, and Cardiovascular Disease
  • Episode 9: Protecting Your Health from Inflammatory Foods & Toxins – Antioxidants, Superfoots, and Detoxifying Solutions
  • Episode 10: Diet Hacks to Beat Inflammation – Ancestral Nutrition & Anti-Inflammatory Foods

Important: Each episode will only be available for 24-hours after its release, so make sure you set a reminder to watch each episode.

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Free Gifts for Inflammation Solution Masterclass Attendees

Gift #1: “The Truth About Inflammation” eBook

  • Uncover 7 Facts About Inflammation You Probably Don’t Know
  • Discover what truly triggers chronic inflammation, its connection with several diseases, and the tests you can take to confirm if you have it.
  • Practical & Easy To Follow
  • Powerful steps you can take to reverse chronic inflammation—naturally and at home.
  • Instant Delivery to Your Inbox
  • Start today so you can begin to reverse chronic inflammation before the series begins.

Gift #2: “Top 29 Gut-Healing & Inflammation-Fighting Foods” eBook

Top 29 Cut Healing & Inflammation-Fighting FoodsOne of the biggest steps you can take to resolve chronic inflammation is to repair your gut.

One of the best ways to do this is by diversifying the food that you eat.

BUT contrary to what some might tell you… you don’t have to chase the most exotic food out there to address dysbiosis.

In fact, the best foods to fight chronic inflammation may already be in your cupboard!

If you’re struggling with chronic inflammation, this eBook will give you a complete list of the 29 anti-inflammatory foods that are either right under your nose already or you can easily find at your nearest local grocer.

Foods Listed In the 29 Gut-Healing & Inflammation-Fighting Foods eBook

For example, here's just a few foods highlighted in this inflammation-fighting eBook:

  • A bright red berry that houses an average of 200 seeds and is a favorite among those who follow the low FODMAP diet
  • One of the most hated veggies by kids but contains sulforaphane, a natural compound that can help reduce inflammatory markers
  • A legume that is one of the earliest domesticated crops in the world and is rich in magnesium which can help with inflammation, stress, and anxiety

In fact, there's even an incredibly potent, delicious, anti-inflammatory nut is one that you can easily find today. But if you lived back in 7000 BC, this wouldn't be the case because in ancient times, only members of Persian royalty were allowed to eat it!

It’s a good thing times have changed today because this nut—which comes from the oldest tree food known to humankind—contains more anti-inflammatory omega-3 fatty acids than any other nut. And they are powerful!

In fact, this randomized controlled trial published in the Journal of American College of Cardiology found that people in their 60s or 70s who regularly consumed this nut experienced a significant reduction in inflammation compared to those who don’t eat them.

This is huge news when considering that lower inflammation is directly linked with a lower risk of heart disease!

What You'll Learn In The Inflammation-Fighting Foods eBook

  • Discover the Gut’s Role in Inflammation
  • Find out how a disruption in your microbiome leads to uncontrollable inflammation.
  • Get the Ultimate List of Gut-Friendly, Anti-Inflammatory Foods
  • No need to look far and wide for exotic foods. Everything on this list can be found in your local grocer.
  • Get Drool-Worthy, Easy-to-Make Recipes
  • Using the most accessible ingredients, you’ll find recipes that even the most beginner of cooks can make at home.

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A Personal Message From Your Inflammation Solution Host – Sarah Otto

Sarah Otto - HeadshotYou may look at me and think: “She looks young and healthy… what could she possibly know about suffering with gut issues and inflammation? Who is she to tell me what it feels like?”

But the fact is, I was severely ill. For many, many years. I felt like I had no one to talk to… no one who understood what was going on in my body. Discussing digestive issues isn’t the norm.

In fact, it’s actually rather a taboo subject – and this is why millions of people suffer in silence, like I did. (Maybe you can relate?)

After years of floundering… years of sitting in doctor’s offices where they’d tell me things like, “We don’t know – your blood is really healthy. We can’t see anything wrong with you.”

I was tired of being misdiagnosed, of no one having any clue why I felt terrible why I was so tired I could barely function (in my 20s!)

Nobody could tell me why I had constant stomach problems, autoimmune issues when I was supposedly “healthy,” or why I had debilitating anxiety and depression.

I was exhausted, frustrated, and I’d had enough. That was the day I decided to take things into my own hands. That's when I discovered that gut issues and inflammation were at the root cause of all of my symptoms.

This is my personal story, but I’m not alone (and neither are you). Once I discovered exactly how to take back control of my health, heal my gut, and reduce my inflammation, everything changed.

That's why I've made the Inflammation Solution Masterclass. It's become my mission to help people like you stop suffering and find true and lasting healing.

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Frequently Asked Questions about The Inflammation Solution Masterclass

Where can I watch The Inflammation Solution Docuseries for free online?

The creator and host of “The Inflammation Solution” makes the documentary available periodically during limited-release periods. During that limited-release time, you can watch it here. If it is not currently available, you can sign up for the waiting list and be notified the next time it is released to the public for free streaming.

What exactly is “chronic inflammation”?

Chronic inflammation is also referred to as slow, long-term inflammation lasting for prolonged periods of several months to years. Generally, the extent and effects of chronic inflammation vary with the cause of the injury and the ability of the body to repair and overcome the damage.

How do you know if you have chronic inflammation?

According to Harvard Health:

A blood test measures a protein produced by the liver, C-reactive protein (CRP), which rises in response to inflammation. A CRP level between 1 and 3 milligrams per liter of blood often signals a low, yet chronic, level of inflammation. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate is another blood test for inflammation. It is used for people with inflammatory conditions, like rheumatoid arthritis.

Does Netflix stream The Inflammation Solution?

It is not available on Netflix at this time.

Where can I download, rent, or purchase the Energy the Inflammation Masterclass?

It cannot be bought, rented, or downloaded. The only way to watch “The Inflammation Solution” is to get your free online streaming ticket here.

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