Hormone Super Conference 2024

Hormone Super Conference 2024

Hormone Super Conference 2024If you suffer from mood swings, brain fog, chronic fatigue, weight gain, or a low sex drive…There’s a very good chance you’re suffering from a hormone imbalance —possibly without even realizing it.

Every last one of us has over 50 hormones in our body, and they’re collectively responsible for regulating so many of our bodily functions —including blood pressure, metabolism, homeostasis, fluids, electrolytes, growth, sleep, reproduction, and so much more.

And because there’s a LOT going on within us hormonally, it’s very easy for our hormones to become imbalanced.

In fact, stress, environmental exposures, lifestyle, and genetics are just a few factors that greatly impact our hormones.

During the 2024 Hormone Super Conference, you'll learn simple and effective ways to rebalance our hormones as a means of fostering optimal physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

Why Attend the 2024 Hormone Super Conference

From dopamine to insulin, estrogen, adrenaline, and oxytocin…

Your body is made up of50+ key hormones that collectively regulate your blood pressure, glucose, fluids, moods, electrolytes, sleep cycles, growth patterns, and so much more.

And here’s the thing —even for otherwise very healthy people, it’s super easy for your hormones to be thrown out of balance by stress, genetics, lifestyle, and more, leading to countless chronic symptoms.

Fortunately, with the right knowledge and tools, you can regulate your hormones for optimal health and wellbeing.

During this one-of-a-kind event, 40+ experts in hormone health, including doctors, psychologists, scientists, researchers, bestselling authors, and more will share everything you need to know about what hormones are, and how to balance them as a means of enjoying greater vitality, immunity, clarity, energy, and joy!

What You'll Learn During the 2024 Hormone Super Conference

Here are just some of the themes and topics that will be covered:

  • Menopause
  • Weight gain
  • Stress
  • Perimenopause
  • Adrenal health
  • Men's health
  • Nervous System regulation
  • Thyroid
  • Fertility
  • Muscle gain/loss
  • Toxins
  • Sleep
  • Nutrition
  • Insulin resistance
  • Metabolism
  • Mental health
  • Gut health
  • Sexuality and desire
  • Environmental toxicities
  • Weight lossAnd much more…

Select Speaker Topics at the 2024 Hormone Super Conference

Here are just a few of the incredible speakers and what they’ll be sharing:

  • In “How Trauma and Liver Health Impact Hormones, naturopath and psychotherapist Dr Ameet Aggarwal shares why liver detox, gut, and adrenal health relate to hormones, and which homeopathic remedies best support hormonal health.
  • In “Mastering Your Cycle,” certified fertility awareness educator and holistic reproductive health practitioner Lisa Hendrickson-Jack discusses why periods are a vital sign, and how to use fertility awareness as both a natural contraceptive and to optimize fertility.
  • In “Harmonizing Hormones,” doctor of acupuncture and Chinese medicine and past president of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, Dr Marc Sklar covers the trinity of thyroid, adrenal, and blood sugar dysfunction, as well as natural approaches to fertility and the importance of addressing male factor subfertility.
  • In “Hormones, OCD, and Mental Health,” LMFT and world-renowned authority on OCD Dr Eda Gorbis explores the role of hormones in the brain and body harmony, how estrogen contributes to 3x more mental disorders, and why a integrated medical approach is key to longevity and health.
  • In “Rhythms of Rest,”sleep and obesity medicine physician Dr Audrey Wells discusses which hormones affect sleep and wake cycles, knowing your chronotype, and the low-down on melatonin supplementation.
  • In “Anxiety and Sleep Anatomy,” psychiatrist and acupuncturist Er Ellen Vora dives into the difference between “false” anxiety and “true” anxiety, how the gut, brain, and hormones are important to sleep, and why sleep is the most effective treatment for anxiety.
  • In “Neurodivergence and Stress,” Lee Harbour, a member of the psychology team at the Optimum Health Clinic, explores how neurodivergence impacts your nervous system and mental health, how to shift from rejection to acceptance, including practical steps for integrating it into your life.
  • In “Skin Health and Anxiety,” Dr Trevor Cates, author of the bestselling books Clean Skin From Within and Natural Beauty Reset and is the founder of The Spa Dr, discusses how our skin is connected to our anxiety, and how to address anxiety for better sleep, skin, and hormone balance.
  • In “Decoding Hormonal Health,” founder of Functional Nutrition Alliance and host of the 15-Minute Matrix Podcast Andrea Nakayamashares how to know your antecedents, triggers, and mediators, a pyramid approach to hormone imbalance, and what datato track.
  • In “Personalized Medicine for Hormone Imbalances” physician and expert in biohacking and health optimization with certifications in anti-aging medicine and family medicine, Dr Neil Paulvin discusses a personalized medicine approach to sex, thyroid and adrenal hormone imbalances, as well as the future of anti-aging medicine.
  • In “Using Light to Transform Your Sleep Hormones,” clinical nutritionist Carrie Bennettt talks about why daylight is so important, how we make melatonin in our body, and simple habits to optimize sleep.

Daily Schedule for the 2024 Hormone Super Conference

  • Day 1 -Women’s and Men’s Hormones: Hormones as the chemical messengers of the body and how they differ based on sex
  • Day 2 -Thyroid and Adrenals: How hormones impact metabolism, blood sugar, immune response and stress
  • Day 3 -Nutrition and Weight: How hormones influence our appetite, metabolism, and body fat distribution
  • Day 4 -Nervous System Dysfunction: How to help our hormones maintain balance during rest and exercise
  • Day 5 -Mental Health: Hormones can support our mental health while imbalances can greatly influence depression, behavioral changes or cognitive dysfunction
  • Day 6 -Functional Medicine: A whole person approach to identify and heal hormonal imbalance at the source
  • Day 7 -Self Empowerment: How to become a confident self advocate for your hormonal and whole body care

Why Is This a “Super Conference”

This event is a Hormone “Super Conference” unlike any other because it brings together the world’s most trusted and highly regarded doctors, researchers, professors, bestselling authors, healers, and speakers…

To create a truly interdisciplinary approach to healing at the intersection of functional medicine, neuroscience, psychology, art, and more.

It also includes a wealth of extra free resources including tools, techniques, and practices you can start using immediately to help you become aware of your own trauma, understand its impact on your daily life, and activate the healing process, such as:

  • Yoga videos
  • Guided Meditations
  • Filmed therapy sessions to bring healing theories to life

Meet Your Hormone Super Conference Hosts

Dr Anu Arasu is the founder of London Bioidentical Hormones. A leader in Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy, she has helped train new Doctors and authored the book Bioidentical Hormones Explained. She also published the first article in the medical press about Functional Medicine. She has always recognised the uniqueness of her patients and she passionately cares about finding exactly what is right for the individual at the time.

Dr Anu read medicine at the Royal Free and University College London, where she graduated with the London Locke Hospital and Stuart Mill prizes, before attaining her Diploma from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists; Diploma from the Faculty of Sexual and Reproductive Medicine; Diploma in Child Health; Membership of the Royal College of Physicians; and Membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners. She is a UK 2012 Applied Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice graduate. This has given her an extremely solid foundation from which to provide her patients with tailor-made programmes that optimise health and wellbeing.

Alex Howard is the founder of Conscious Life, and co-host of the world leading Super Conference series. He is also founder of The Optimum Health Clinic, one of the world’s leading integrative medicine clinics, which has a team of 25 full time practitioners supporting thousands of patients in 50+ countries.

Alex is an immensely experienced psychology practitioner, having delivered more than 10,000 consultations. He has also led the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner programme since 2005, training the next generation of psychology practitioners. Since March 2020, Alex has been documenting his therapeutic work with real life patients via his In Therapy with Alex Howard YouTube series.

Alex has published research in journals such as the British Medical Journal Open and Psychology and Health and is the author of three books. His first two books Why ME? and Decode Your Fatigue focus on his work with fatigue, and his most recent book, It's Not Your Fault: Why childhood trauma shapes you and how to break free, outlines his groundbreaking approach to healing the impacts of childhood trauma.

Meagen Gibson is the Chief Content Officer of Conscious Life. Her career includes award-winning journalist, educator and entrepreneur. Meagen’s enthusiasm and energy for personal development led her to take the leadership role at Conscious Life.

Meagen is passionate about taking complex concepts and distilling them down to simple, accessible applications we can use to take action in our everyday lives.

Meagen is an experienced teacher, facilitator, and speaker on the subjects of journalism, entrepreneurship, film and video as well as improv.

Her previous television work in the U.S. includes The Voice and Who Do You Think You Are.

Most recently, Meagen co-created and directed the series, How I Created A Cult, for Conscious Life. The series is currently available on Amazon Prime and Apple TV in North America.

Free Gifts for 2024 Hormone Super Conference Attendees

When you register for the Hormone Super Conference, you'll get immediate access to several free gifts, including the following exclusive video sessions:

  • Personalized Medicine for Hormone Imbalances-Dr Neil Paulvin
  • How to Age Powerfully-JJ Virgin
  • A Standing Ovation for Ovulation-Dr Lara Briden
  • Functional Medicine Hormonal Support-Dr Anu Arasu
  • Gut Health and Hormone Balance -Jessica O’Dwyer
  • How your nervous system impacts your hormones-Alex Howard

🌟 Even if you can’t attend live… 🌟

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