Holistic Oral Health Summit

Holistic Oral Health Summit 2023

This is jaw dropping…

The cause of 80% of ALL diseases has been discovered. And it's the last thing you'd think of:

Your mouth.

That's right, hidden poisons in your mouth can cause cancer, heart disease, diabetes and more.

These poisons are from common dental practices. They can also happen on their own through oral infections and gum disease.

But here's some great news: you can get rid of these poisons or completely avoid them. When you do, you'll heal your body from these diseases and get back your health, energy and vitality.

What You'll Learn During the 2023 Holistic Oral Health Summit

Thousands of people today are healing themselves.

In a wheelchair for life from arthritis? Now walking! “Hopeless” case of cancer? In remission! Advanced diabetes? Reversed! These true stories are astonishing.

You can heal yourself from these poisons, too.

During the Holistic Oral Health Summit, you'll discover how some of the world's leading doctors, scientists and health experts are revealing amazing new advances in oral health – solutions you can use right now.

Discover which infection can cause cancer. The real cause of 90% of heart attacks. What common dental practice is at the root of Alzheimer's and dementia, and more!

When it comes to oral health, it's important for you to know:

  • It IS possible to reverse cancer by properly eliminating oral infections
  • 90% of all heart attacks are caused by oral pathogens
  • Autoimmune disorders CAN be resolved by getting rid of toxic dental materials
  • Reversing gum disease CAN help you get rid of digestive problems
  • Root canal procedures increase your risk of cancer and other degenerative diseases

If you or someone you love is suffering from disease, you can end it today. Arm yourself with the facts. Take back control of your health.

Here's just some of what you'll learn:

  • Whether you should pull a wisdom tooth or not
  • The link between dental infections and cancer risk
  • The best way to correct auto immune disorders by fixing problems in the mouth
  • A natural way to reverse gum disease and avoid losing your teeth
  • How to safely flush out toxic heavy metals
  • An 8 step at home program for healthy teeth and gums

The Relationship Between Conventional Fillings an Physical Health Issues

The mountains of scientific evidence are all there. But the FDA will never warn you about it.

Because there are some big business interests with massive amounts of money at stake, so they've put the pressure on the FDA to keep this shocking secret from you. At a huge risk to your health. And the health of those you love.

You've been told the source of this hidden poison is “safe,” but study after study shows that “silver” dental fillings damage your brain, nervous system, digestion, kidneys, lungs, skin and eyes. Worse, you paid good money for it.

They're only partly silver. They're actually a combination of metals including silver, tin and copper. And mercury.

That's right, one of the most poisonous substances on earth is put in your mouth starting when you're a child.

If you're like most of us, you've got around 10 of these poison-packed fillings in your mouth. They could be the direct cause of a disease or health problem you suffer from right now.

People are getting sick right now from silver fillings. They need this information to protect and heal themselves from damage to their brains, nervous systems, digestion, kidneys, lungs, skin and eyes.

But there's something you can do. And it isn't running to your local dentist to have your fillings removed. In fact, if you do that wrong it could cause more problems than solutions.

Learn more during the Holistic Oral Health Summit.

Episode Topics – The Holistic Oral Health Summit

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 1: Suppressed Truths

“Dental Implant News: Warning and Solutions” with Gary Larsen, DDS
  • Why you must be concerned about root canal procedures
  • Avoiding chronic health conditions before your next dental visit
  • How others have recovered from serious health issues
“Toxins and Bugs: The Dangers Lurking in the Mouth” with Oksana Sawiak, DDS, IMD, MAGD
  • Urgent warnings about gum disease
  • Learn about the best non-surgical gum treatments
  • How to safely eliminate parasites
“Cancer Success Story: My Path to Healing” with Dr. Robert Kleinwaks
  • Revealing an extraordinary story of cancer healing
  • Learn how poor oral health can stress immunity and trigger cancer
  • The single best health tip, especially for cancer patients!
“Is It Wise to Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?” with Dr. Blanche D. Grube
  • Health dangers associated with impacted wisdom teeth
  • What you need to know BEFORE extracting a wisdom tooth
  • How to properly extract a wisdom tooth (and its effect on energy levels)
“Conventional Dentistry: A Risk to Society” with Mike Adams
  • Special message for every conventionally-trained dentist
  • Why conventional dentistry is taking so long to change its ways
  • 8 most ignored health enhancing techniques available to modern dentistry

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 2: Hidden Disease Triggers

“The Truth About Gum Disease” with John Rothchild, DDS
  • Critical signs of a gum infection
  • Why some people get gum disease and some don't
  • Best strategies to treat gum disease
“Is Your Mouth Killing You?” with Christopher Hussar, DDS, DO
  • Surprising health news about wisdom teeth
  • How to properly diagnose and treat jaw bone infections
  • Learn about the connection between dental infections and cancer
“Medical Alert: Root Canal Procedures” with Robert Kulacz, DDS
  • An unpopular scientific truth about root canal treated teeth
  • How root canal teeth can threaten human health
  • Best options for tooth extraction and replacement options
“Solutions for Heart Disease and Oral Infections” with Thomas E. Levy, MD, JD
  • Misunderstood threat linked to oxidative stress
  • Stunning revelations about hidden infections in our mouth
  • “Big Four” nutritional supplements to avoid premature death by chronic disease
“Cavitation Dangers: How to Heal Properly” with Stuart Nunnally, DDS, MS
  • Hidden dangers of cavitations
  • Best way to properly treat cavitations
  • How correctly treated cavitations can improve your health

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 3: Dangerous Dental Errors

“Dangerous Dentistry: A Medical Perspective” with David Minkoff, MD
  • Why some dentists do medical procedures unsafe by other physicians
  • The link between root canal treated teeth and heart attacks
  • The greatest poisons in the mouth that threaten immune function
“Breast Cancer: What You Need to Know” with Dr. Véronique Desaulniers
  • Learn what increases your risk of breast cancer
  • Best foods and supplements to reduce your risk of cancer
  • Discover the most important lifestyle habit needed to detoxify the body
“Gum Disease: Signs, Symptoms and Solutions” with Lane Freeman, DDS
  • Why gum disease is so dangerous to overall health
  • Best ways to treat and eliminate gum disease (with at-home remedies!)
  • Discover the least known (but important) fact about gum disease
“Removing Toxins with Chelation Therapy” with Dr. Thomas Janossy
  • When mercury fillings should be removed
  • Link between candida, mercury and EDTA
  • Why glutathione is essential for detoxification
“Natural Solutions for Toxic Dental Procedures” with Robyn Openshaw
  • Hidden dangers of conventional dentistry
  • Why biological dentistry is such a “mystery” to so many people
  • Best tips for improving the health of your teeth and gums

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 4: Avoiding Oral Toxicity

“Your Cancer Risk Exposed” with Ty Bollinger
  • Surprising truth about smokeless tobacco and cancer risk
  • Deadly realities of root canal treated teeth
  • Most effective ways to reduce the risk of cancer
“Mercury Amalgam Silver Fillings: A Guide to Safe Removal” with Leonard T. Fazio, DDS
  • Biggest difference between a mercury-free and mercury-safe dentist
  • Important questions to ask a dentist before removing mercury fillings
  • Safe, step-by-step guide to removing mercury fillings
“Mercury Exposure: An Alzheimer’s Disease Alert” with Boyd Haley, PhD
  • How mercury blocks the brain from functioning properly
  • Scientific proof that mercury in silver fillings can cause Alzheimer’s disease
  • Discover the best nutrients to safely detoxify mercury from the body
“Mercury Poisoning: Signs, Testing and a Detox Plan” with Chris Shade, PhD
  • Best ways to test for mercury toxicity
  • In-depth understanding about creating a successful detox plan
  • Substances to help eliminate heavy metals from the body
“Digestive Solutions: The Oral Health-Gut Connection” with Tom O'Bryan, DC, CCN
  • Difference between non-celiac gluten sensitivity and celiac disease
  • How poor oral health can trigger “leaky gut” and other chronic diseases
  • Foods and supplements to reduce inflammation and improve digestion

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 5: Saving Your Teeth

“Integrative Medical Dentistry: Treating the Neuro-immune System” with Mark McClure, DDS, FAGD
  • Most dangerous (and unheard of) toxins that can damage your health
  • Health problems caused by common dental procedures
  • Incredible news for every person suffering with TMJ
“Natural Remedies for Oral Health” with Robert Scott Bell
  • Discover the key elements to effective detoxification
  • The worst nutritional deficiencies connected to poor oral health
  • Best homeopathic remedies to eliminate infections in the mouth

“How to Pick the Best Dentist for Your Health” with Griffin Cole, DDS, NMD

  • How to find a dentist who will do no harm!
  • Disclosing a serious warning about crowns and bridges
  • Important questions to ask before you get dental work
“Suppressed Dental Crimes and Natural Remedies” with David Kennedy, DDS
  • Your dentist may be mentally impaired! Why?
  • Disturbing truth about fluoride and commonly-sold dental care products
  • How to naturally and effectively avoid cavities and gum disease
“Essential Oils for Oral Health” with Eric L. Zielinski, DC
  • Danger of ignoring oral health issues
  • Best essential oils for oral health and how to properly use them
  • Simple, do-it-yourself recipes for toothpaste and mouthwash

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 6: Non-Toxic Solutions

“How to Stay Healthy in a Chronically-Inflamed World” with Thomas Lokensgard, DDS, NMD
  • Main reasons why the body gets chronically inflamed
  • Testing procedures to determine inflammation and disease risk
  • Ways to avoid inflammation, disease and dramatically improve your health
“Why Am I Still Sick: Overlooked Solutions Revealed” with Lowell B. Weiner, DDS, FAGD
  • Learn how oral infections damage digestion and immune function
  • How dental issues affect sleep, brain function and emotional wellbeing
  • The most overlooked reason for panic attacks and anxiety
“Oil Pulling Therapy: A Natural Way to Kill Infections” with Dr. Bruce Fife
  • What is “oil pulling?”
  • Discover the many significant health benefits of oil pulling
  • Learn how oil pulling promotes healing throughout the entire body
“Your Mouth and Body: Creating Healthy Chemistry and Energy” with Tammy Kohlschmidt, RDH, CCT, CBP
  • Simple, valuable guide to good oral care
  • How to kill infections and reduce disease risk naturally
  • Best tips for reversing gum pockets, bad breath and much more
“7 Questions to Ask Your Dentist” with Marjory Wildcraft
  • Your guide to being a smart dental patient
  • What to look for when reviewing a dental website
  • Best certifications to look for in a dentist

Holistic Oral Health Summit Episode 7: Stop Gum Disease

“Health Alert: Avoiding the Dangers of Dentistry” with Leo Cashman
  • How to avoid major mistakes when removing silver (mercury) fillings
  • Guide to detoxification after mercury fillings have been removed
  • Revealing a massive cover-up within conventional dentistry
“Vitamin C Therapy: Neutralizing Dental Toxins” with Ronald Hunninghake, MD
  • Shocking reason why healthy eaters are still sick
  • Learn how Vitamin C can safely neutralize dangerous toxins
  • Discover the best ways to take Vitamin C
“Are Your Teeth Making You Sick?” with Dawn Ewing, DNM, PhD
  • Connection between the mouth and chronic disease
  • How to dramatically improve immune function
  • Special health alert for people suffering from blood sugar issues
“Integrative Biological Dentistry: A Non-Toxic Approach” with Phil Mollica, MS, DMD, NMD
  • Difference between conventional and integrative biological dentistry
  • How dentistry has an impact on the entire body and overall wellbeing
  • Ozone therapy to prevent cavities, infections, root canals and disease symptoms
“Holistic Dental Care: Your Guide to Healthy Teeth and Gums” with Nadine Artemis
  • Learn about the “triple threat” to your mouth and overall health
  • Discover 3 ways to rebuild the health of your mouth
  • Nadine reveals her 8-step program for better oral health

Message From Your Host – Jonathan Landsman

Jonathan Landsman - HeadshotI’ve been in the health and fitness industry for over 35 years.

As the creator of Natural Health 365, I’ve worked with the brightest minds in natural health and science. I’ve also produced over 500 health programs with over 300 of the finest integrative healthcare practitioners in the world.

Did you know that up to 80% of disease symptoms are triggered by problems in the mouth? In fact, many health problems like heart disease, dementia, autoimmune disorders, and even cancer have their roots in poor oral health.

My wife and I have spent a small fortune reversing the physical and emotional damage done to us by conventional dentistry. But, it's my hope that you will learn from our pain and suffering and take the answers we've found to experience incredible health breakthroughs in your own life, just like we have.

After listening to the Holistic Oral Health Summit, you will never have to be harmed by conventional dentistry again.

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