The Heart Revolution Summit

The Heart Revolution Summit

For centuries, experts had no doubt that the human heart’s sole function is to pump blood. This era has come to an end. Your heart is the key to emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health and fulfillment.

The heart is at the center of a cross-cultural, inter-disciplinary scientific revolution. Mounting evidence calls for a fundamental redefinition of the function of the human heart.

If you believe your heart is a pump, you’re in for a big surprise …

70+ experts, from award-winning scientists to best-selling authors to coaches, artists and spiritual teachers, share their fresh, mind-boggling and dogma-shaking insights on the heart.

Discover how to heal, awaken and empower your heart to live a healthy and fulfilled life.

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What You'll Learn During the “Heart Revolution Summit”

We live in times of fundamental paradigm shifts. For the last 300+ years, it was dogma that the human heart was solely responsible for pumping blood. Now there is mounting scientific evidence that this era comes to an end. With momentous implications not only for the medical field, but also for our understanding of what it means to be human.

Whether you are a health seeker, spiritual seeker, interested in era-defining scientific discoveries, a parent, pregnant woman, teacher, student, journalist, medical doctor, artist, …

We have experienced it for ourselves and are convinced you can too … understanding your heart’s function and cultivating it will help you live a fulfilled life.

For centuries, it has been taken for granted that the sole purpose of the human heart is to pump blood. Now there is mounting scientific evidence that this idea needs a significant upgrade. Understanding the physical function of the heart leads to understanding it’s role in all other aspects of human life and our culture …
Mother hearts matter most

The adventure called being human starts before your first heartbeat. The heart of your mother during pregnancy was your first classroom. She taught you about life through her everyday emotions and feelings …

Your heart is not just connected to your mother’s heart, but also to Earth. It exchanges energy and information with the Earth and this might be an important key to living a healthy, fulfilled life …
Cultivate your heart qualities

The forgotten ancient European spiritual philosophy about how to live a fulfilled life was all about cultivating your heart qualities. If you are already practicing self-love and gratitude, practicing self-honoring can take your heart & life to the next level.

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Evolving and Accessing Your Three Hearts

Your Physical Heart

  • Why the century old dogma that the heart is a pump needs to be updated asap!
  • Your heart as a ‘connector’ to this planet and all beings
  • Proven, safe, effective and gentle alternatives to drugs
  • The real cause of heart attacks – Only a few doctors know this!
  • Why and how heart disease is reversible
  • How to use your heart wisdom to choose your path to health
  • How mother-child, heart-to-heart bonding determines a child’s life
  • The connection of your heart with all your other bodily organs
  • The growing movement of a ‘new generation’ of cardiologists
  • And so much more …

Your Emotional Heart

  • What the biggest source of stress in our lives really is
  • How to take care of yourself in emotionally challenging situations
  • How ancestral emotional entanglement influences you today
  • How to grow compassion and love in your relationships
  • Why it is important to go beyond fleeing ‘negative’ emotions
  • How to reclaim your life after severe loss and grief
  • How our school system was designed to subdue our hearts
  • How to reconnect with the deeper wisdom of your heart
  • How the loss of a playful childhood impacts our lives
  • And so much more …

Your Spiritual Heart

  • The connection of heart, love and soul
  • How you can use gibberish to reconnect to your heart
  • The different cultural concepts of the true purpose of our hearts
  • The heart teachings of the tantric scriptures
  • The teachings of Sufism about our hearts
  • Your soul’s emotional experiences in the afterlife
  • What emotional triggers tell you about your soul-path
  • How our hearts are connected to this living planet
  • Why following your heart is the only way to live in harmony
  • And so much more

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The Heart Revolution Summit – Speaker List

Alan Christianson [NMD], Ameet Agarwal [ND], Aruni Bhatnagar [PhD], Ben Lynch [ND], Beverly Rubik [PhD], Charan Surdhar, Charley Cropley [ND], Christina Rasmussen, Christoph Kaufmann [MD], Christopher Wallis [PhD], David Freidel [PhD, Prof.], Deanna Minich [PhD], Decker Weiss [ND], Dr. Doni Wilson, Drew Christensen, [MD], Eben Alexander [MD], Elaine Glass, Evan T. Pritchard [Prof.], Frank Chester, Gabriele Sigg [PhD], Gerald Pollack [PhD, Prof], Harry Massey, Ilarion Merculieff, Jack & Heather Wolfson [DO/DC], James Maskell, Jeffrey Long [MD], JJ Virgin, Jonathan Landsman, Joseph Pearce, JP Sears, Kabir Helminski, Karen Newell, Keesha Ewers [PhD], Konstantin Korotkov [PhD, Prof], Laura Koniver [MD], Lee Harris, Madan Kataria [MD], Michael Mendizza, Michael Murray [ND], Michael Sandler, Mike Adams, Mingtong Gu, Niki Gratrix, Ocean Robbins, Paul Epstein [ND], Peter D’Adamo, Peter Gray [PhD, Prof], Razi Berry, Rollin McCraty [PhD], Sayer Ji, Serge Kahili King [PhD], Shamini Jain [PhD], Shawn Tassone [MD, PhD], Steven Masley [MD], Steven Stosny [PhD], Sue Morter [PhD], Thomas Cowan, Thomas Kruzel [ND], Thornton Streeter [DSc], Tom O’Bryan [DC], Tyna Moore [ND, DC], Wendy Myers

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Apr 21 - 27 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Apr 21 - 27 2024
  • Time: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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The Heart Revolution
The Heart Revolution
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