Healthy Happy Dog Summit 2022

Healthy Happy Dog Summit 2022

The rates of disease in our pets are skyrocketing. The data is clear that what we've been doing for the past decades are not the right solution. We're never taught how to raise a healthy pet when we first get them.

That's why online education is a MUST HAVE if you want to give your beloved pet the best life possible. We've created a powerful global network for you, connecting you with the right pet experts, like-minded pet parents and transformational information to help your pets live a high quality life.

During the 2022 Happy Healthy Dog Summit 2022, you'll discover the full range of habits, tips, techniques, strategies and protocols you need to raise a healthy, happy dog!

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What You'll Learn During the Happy Healthy Dog Summit 2022

The Healthy Happy Dog Summit will train YOU to provide the happiest, healthiest life possible for your pup!

Our dutiful dogs depend on us for more than just food and shelter, and we depend on them for more than entertainment–they are some of our truest friends (and beloved family members) and deserve to be treated as such!

It’s our duty to make sure they’re doing well by asking the right questions and always looking to improve our lives together.

Healthy Happy Dog Summit 2022 Speaker Topics

  • The most proven canine care techniques you can begin using immediately
  • The benefits of positive training & bonding with your dog at the most important times
  • The health benefits of grooming your dog correctly
  • How to feed your dog with proper nutrition & raw food for ultimate health
  • How to travel safely with your dog to minimize anxiety and overwhelm
  • The most important dog training tips that every dog owner must know
  • Why our dogs are more overweight and sicker than ever before (and how to solve it)
  • The safe use of essential oils for dogs
  • The best healthy exercises for dogs & top toys that your dog is guaranteed to enjoy
  • How to recognize illnesses early & remedies that will solve them before it's too late
  • The best problem behaviors & anxiety tips used by professionals for you to use at home
  • The most important questions you should be asking when choosing a service provider
  • How “Hands-off” training could be the solution to your lack of time in training your dog

It Will Be Beneficial Whether You're A Brand New or Experienced Dog Owner

This is NOT one of those events where the speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or services at the end far from it!

They're digging deep to give you their best stuff with ideas you can implement no matter what your dog owner experience level is at.

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Healthy Happy Dog Summit Daily Schedule & Speaker List

Daily Schedule: Healthy Happy Dog Summit 2022

  • DAY 1 – Dog Behavior and Training
  • DAY 2 – Dog Health & Wellness
  • DAY 3 – Dog Equipment and Services
  • DAY 4 – Dog Communication & Human-Animal Bond
  • DAY 5 – Dog Essentials

These sessions will show you step-by-step how to properly train and care for your dog so you can enjoy a happy, stress-free life. For a limited time, you can get FREE access to this exclusive content right here.

Healthy Happy Dog Summit 2022 Speaker List

Speaker list coming soon.

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About Your Host – Pet Summits

Pet Summits brings together the world's leading pet experts to share practical, actionable tips and strategies to help you and your pets share a better quality of life!

They believe in a world where healthy pets are the norm, not the exception. That's why they create the world's most informative online summits and programs in every category of pet health and well-being. Learn from the leading veterinarians and pet experts on a powerful learning platform.

To do this, they have a 3-prong model that includes:

  1. Expert Panels
  2. Personable Interviews & Presentations
  3. The Opportunity to Create Powerful New Friendships

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Free Gift for Healthy Happy Dog Summit Attendees

  1. “Love. Protect. Embrace” Pet Insurance Guide
  2. How Real Food Can Add Years to Your Dog’s Life
  3. Raw Food 101

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Jun 24 - 28 2022


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Jun 24 - 28 2022
  • Time: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm

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