Healing With Light HealingFest

Healing With Light HealingFest

Can physical devices actually help you heal and raise your energy to higher levels?

Learning Strategies has tried many through the years…

Aand this is the first device they have come across they think is good enough to share.

It's also FDA-cleared to help with a variety of ailments, including: pain relief, inflammation, blood circulation, arthritis, joint stiffness, and promoting relaxation of muscle tissue.

Why Attend the Healing With Light HealingFest

You are likely to have used or experimented with various modalities for energy healing such as meditation, Spring Forest Qigong, and Reiki. They involve having your body, mind, and spirit generate, tap, and use light to dissipate energy blockages.

Energy blockages can cause health issues. Dissipating energy blockages helps the body heal.

But what about an external light source?

It makes sense that adding light to the body can help the body heal.

This can be done by using a laser. You may have heard of this.

You can see a demonstration of the laser during the “Healing with Light” Healingfest.

What You'll Learn During the Healing With Light HealingFest

Come with an open mind and childlike curiosity. You’ll meet the developer of the laser we highly recommend. You will:

  1. Learn how lasers work
  2. See how to use them
  3. Discover what you can reasonably expect from using a laser

You will have unlimited access to five fascinating video sessions of about an hour each.

This laser is FDA-cleared for pain relief, inflammation, blood circulation, arthritis, joint stiffness, and promoting relaxation of muscle tissue.

The “Healing with Light” Healingfest is hosted by Learning Strategies. They have been using this effective laser with their staff and clients since 2016.

They have learned that the laser works perfectly with various other healing modalities, meditations, and audio tools such as their “Paraliminals,” which we’ve unconditionally recommended.

You’ll also learn a technique to use with or without the laser that involves a simple process to help shift the central nervous system from its usual state of alertness to one of calmness. It takes only seconds and can result in stress and tension dissolving on the spot. You’ll learn this in the first video.

You can use this technique at any moment in any day whether in a meeting, doing work, challenged and stressed, going to sleep, or getting ready for a soothing meditation or Paraliminal.

It can be very effective in collapsing karma and deepening your connection to Universal Energy.

Program Outline: “Healing with Light HealingFest”

Session 1: Stillpoint and Subtle Scalar Healing Lasers

Challenges are an ordinary part of the experience here on Planet Earth – but we are from beyond this place. We are connected to the Universe and the natural energy of this source is always with us when we need it. Yogis, Saints and mystics dating back to antiquity have known about Stillpoint, “the space between the breath”.

Now as we move into a New Season, Scalar wave technology has unlocked the key to healing and unwinding into neutrality.

From a special broadcast from Maui, craniosacral therapist Paul Weisbart shares the gift of Stillpoint.

Session 2: Retreat with The Stillpoint Process

In this Stillpoint training, Paul Weisbart guides you through a Field Clearing Process

Students learn to clear blockages and tune the experience of the Subtle Body using the sacred gift of perception. In this process, students learn to welcome the blockages, including those blockages that you may not be aware of, and release them.

With Paul’s unique Stillpoint Process, Paul shows you how to take inventory of the “programs” that are holding you back from reaching that richer and deeper experience of the neutral energy of the Universe.

Retreat students generously share their experience with the Field Clearing and Stillpoint Processes in an intimate conversation with Paul.

Session 3: Quantumfield Training, Manifestation, and Abundance

Using the All-Violet Lotus Laser, Paul Weisbart guides students with a process that will facilitate learning to handle “things” that come up both in the physical world and in the subtle body experience.

Paul also guides students in a process to dissolve the timeline of past-present-future in order to manifest abundance. The economics of the New Season are rich with resources far beyond just the material.

Participants share their manifesting experience with Paul.

Session 4: Stillpoint and Advanced Laser Protocols

Paul Weisbart teaches a 3-step Stillpoint Process that can be done with or without a laser.

Students learn the different scalar uses of the Scalarwave Laser. You will learn how the Unwind Laser Protocol to release pain, injuries and Blockages. You will also learn an Organs (Alchemy) Laser Protocol, Paul takes your subtle anatomy practice to the next level with the “Staff of Life” Chakras Protocol. In a rare sharing, Paul shares a Plexus Protocol that helps to expand the Plexus into the whole Quantumfield.

Paul finishes by sharing a Scalar Activation Protocol along the spine to express your essence to the Universe.

Session 5: Unwinding, EMF Protection, and Maintaining the Integrity of your Quantumfield

Watch and listen as Paul demonstrates the Unwinding Protocol using the Scalarwave Laser on a volunteer on a massage table.

Paul explains each step and how he works with their quantumfield and subtle body to unwind the nervous system via the adrenal glands, sacrum and occipital ridge, and shares insight and yogic teachings as he takes the audience through this experiential guide of unwinding someone into Stillpoint.

Paul explains how to see the subtle responses he sees in the breath while abiding in the subtle state of neutrality and shares with practitioners the ultimate goals and benefits of clearing blockages and working with the quantumfield.

Paul introduces the Scalar Room QiFi Purifier, a Stillpoint-inducing instrument that neutralizes EMF, 5G and polarizing energy, and how the Scalar Qifi assists in inducing a state of Stillpoint and dissolves challenges in your home or work environment.

Program Schedule: Healing With Light HealingFest

You will be participating in the “Healing with Light” Healingfest as an online virtual event.

You will have access to each of the video sessions online free for five consecutive days

All of the sessions will be available every day for the duration of the event. This gives everybody around the world the opportunity to listen, regardless of their time zone (and without having to get up in the middle of the night to listen).

Free Gift For Attendees

With your Free Pass you will get immediate access to a 37-page clinical report on the effectiveness of lasers.

About Your Host – Paul Weisbart

Paul Weisbart is the developer of Stillpoint Yogic and Inventor of the sacred Scalarwave Family of products. He is based in Maui and offers trainings and seminars around the planet sharing this unique subtle yogic state of Stillpoint, subtle yogic transformational tools to induce Stillpoint and offer Stillpoint retreats to activate the subtle yogic state of Stillpoint.

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