Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference

Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference

Do you ever feel lonely and disconnected, even within your relationships?

Do you ever feel that there are some people you have to “walk on eggshells” around?

Do you long for deeper, more authentic connection with friends, family members, or romantic partners?

The majority of us have at least some areas of discontent within our interpersonal relationships (sometimes without even realizing it!), and these issues can take a toll on our lives and our overall well being.

During the free online 2023 Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference, 70+ of the world’s most trusted relationship experts will share their best research and proven methods for:

  • Breaking toxic relationship patterns
  • Fostering better, deeper human connection
  • Living your absolute best, most purposeful, joyous life.

Why Attend The Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference 2023

Healing Toxic Relationships Super ConferenceRelationships are necessary for our survival when we’re young, and stay necessary for our overall wellbeing well into adulthood.

And yet, nearly all of us fall into unhealthy relationship patterns at one point or another—often without even realizing it — on account of subconscious programming from childhood, unresolved trauma, and the stress of modern life.

Dysfunctional relationship dynamics can manifest in countless ways, from disconnection to codependency, poor boundaries, guilt, shame, and perfectionism, and possibly extremes like narcissism and gaslighting.

The thing is… our entire lives are impacted by the overall quality of our relationships — with our colleagues, friends, family members, romantic partners, and even ourselves.

And the truth is that even the best, strongest relationships are susceptible to strain, disconnection, and unhealthy patterns, especially in the modern world, where authentic human connection is harder and harder to come by.

The good news is that there’s room in every relationship for healing, and with the right tools, we can foster our relationships as a means of improving our health, vitality, stability, creativity, sense of purpose, and overall joy.

Benefits of Healing Toxic Relationship Patterns

Research now shows that strong social ties can lead to a longer, happier life…

And that conversely, loneliness and disconnection can contribute substantially to poor mental and physical health.

That means the quality of your relationships directly impacts the quality of your health — bottom line.

If you’d love to improve your interpersonal relationships as a means of experiencing better energy, vitality, and immunity as well as a better regulated nervous system…

While also reducing anxiety, illness, fatigue, and overall malaise.

What You'll Learn During the Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference

70+ world-renowned doctors, psychologists, healers, scientists, researchers and more will share their proven tools and strategies for breaking unhealthy relationship patterns and returning to a more authentic sense of connection with yourself and others.

You’ll discover how to identify and shift out of unhealthy relationship dynamics that may be holding you back in life without realizing it, including topics such as:

  • Trauma
  • Attachment styles
  • Friendship
  • Grief
  • Narcissism
  • Purpose
  • Self love
  • Boundaries
  • Safety
  • Toxic patterns
  • Emotional neglect and abuse
  • Defensiveness
  • Emotional immaturity
  • Narcissistic abuse
  • Infidelity
  • Non-monogamy

Schedule for the Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference

  • Day 1 – Identifying Toxic Relationships: Understanding the characteristics and patterns of dysfunctional relationships
  • Day 2 – Establishing Trust, Safety and Healthy Boundaries: Cultivate safety, build trust, and establish boundaries in your relationships
  • Day 3 – Breaking Free from Narcissism and Codependency: Disrupt harmful patterns in order to thrive in healthy, nourishing relationships instead
  • Day 4 – Cultivating Honest and Clear Communication: Move away from conflict into authentic, connective communication
  • Day 5 – Healing Relationship with Self: Heal your relationship with yourself in order to transform your relationship with others
  • Day 6 – Deepening Intimacy: Allowing vulnerability, connecting to desire and embracing authentic intimate relationships
  • Day 7 – Healing Trauma In Relationship: Understanding how trauma fuels toxicity and learning essential tools to foster healthier, fulfilling relationships

Our interpersonal relationships are the backbone of our entire lives…

And the better we get along with our friends, family members, colleagues, and romantic partners, the higher the quality of our entire lives!

Featured Speakers & Topics

Over the course of a week, internationally renowned doctors, psychologists, bestselling authors, master teachers, and healers like Dr John Gray, Gay and Katie Hendricks, Dr Harville Hendrix and Dr Helen LaKelly Hunt, Kimberly Weeks, Heather Monroe, Sharon Salzberg, David Kessler, Dr Keith Witt, Robert Augustus Masters, Marianne Williamson, Ty Powers, Darshana Avila, Akilah Riley-Richardson, Dr Betty Martin, Dr Stan Tatkin, Dr Peter Levine (and so many others!) will share their proven processes for shifting out of problematic relationship dynamics and fostering deep, authentic connection with others.

Here are just a few of the incredible sessions you’ll gain access to:

  • In “Cultivating Fierce Compassion,” neuropsychologist and New York Times bestselling author Dr Rick Hanson explores the power of fierce compassion in setting boundaries in a courageous and empathetic way, as well as practical steps for doing so.
  • In “How Kindness Supports Healing Toxic Relationships,” world-renowned meditation teacher and New York Times bestselling author Sharon Salzberg shares why kindness to ourselves is so important, how meditation supports kindness, and how to use kindness to navigate difficult relationships.
  • In “Boundaries With Your Parents” psychotherapist and social media influencer Matthias Barker discusses how to recognize parental wounds, stay grounded in triggering situations, and express your needs effectively.
  • In “Accepting Messiness in Relationships,” Akilah Riley Richardson, seasoned therapist skilled in couples counseling, EMDR, trauma, Somatic Experiencing, and more, takes a deep dive into becoming a therapeutic BIOME, moving away from “fixing” relationships, and acknowledging systemic trauma in relationships.
  • In “Breaking Free From Narcissists,” Judith Orloff, renowned psychiatrist and New York Times Bestselling author, often nicknamed “The Godmother of the Empath Movement,” covers how to spot narcissism, unlock the genius of your empathy, and break free from toxic relationships of all types.
  • In “Detangling from Emotionally Immature People,” Dr Lindsay Gibson, specialist in understanding and treating Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents, discusses how to navigate relationships with emotionally immature people without abandoning ourselves.
  • In “The Body of Toxic Relationships,” Dr Aimie Apigian, Host of The Biology of Trauma Summit, explores how external relationships impact our body, the importance of sequencing in intervention, and practical tips for detoxing the body.
  • In “Breathwork for Healing Relationships,” Founder of Alchemy of Breath Anthony Abbagnano discusses how breathwork can be used for inner healing and bringing harmony to even the most challenging relationships.
  • In “Healing Toxic Relationships With Body,” body liberation facilitator Tiana Dodson talks about the toxic relationships we can have with our bodies, moving away from ideals and “shoulds,” and offering a 4-step framework for body liberation.
  • In “Disentangling with Family Constellations Therapy,” Dr Ameet Aggarwal, one of the most sought-after naturopaths in the world, goes deep into how homeopathy and family constellations therapy can help us release toxic relationship dynamics and heal physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Whether you’re a health practitioner looking to deepen your understanding of the correlation between human relationships and health issues, or you’re an individual looking to enjoy a greater sense of wellness and inner peace via stronger and healthier bonds with colleagues, friends, family members, romantic partners, and more…

What Makes This a Super Conference

This event is a totally unique “Super Conference” because it’s intended to be the most interdisciplinary event for healing relationships out there.

It brings together a panel of the most trusted and sought after doctors, psychologists, researchers, bestselling authors, healers, and thought leaders to create a radically comprehensive roadmap for healing.

In addition to exclusive interviews, this event will also feature yoga, meditation, and breathwork sessions, as well as real, filmed therapy sessions.

This helps offer you immediate and ongoing support and nervous system regulation, which is critical to showing up in your relationships in a healthy, authentic, way.

Free Gifts for Attendees

When you register for the 2023 Healing Toxic Relationships Super Conference, you’ll also instantly receive 6 free gifts to support your healing journey, including:=

  1. How Kindness Supports Healing Toxic Relationships – Sharon Salzberg
  2. How to Create a Purpose-Driven Relationship – Dr Stan Tatkin
  3. Moving Past Our Defenses and Disconnection – Hillary Jacobs Hendel
  4. How to Repair Your Self Image and Self Love – Dr Shainna Ali
  5. Overcoming Relationship Anxiety – Amber Benziger
  6. How To Set Effective Boundaries – Alex Howard

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to sessions for brief time after they air.

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