Healing Tai Chi: For Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Healing - With Helen Liang

Healing Tai Chi: For Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Healing – With Helen Liang

On any given day, if we’re not stressed about the pandemic, we’re consumed by the “what ifs” swirling around our unpredictable world. It’s no wonder we’re exhausted, burned out, and feeling completely out of sorts.

Many people have turned to meditation to calm and center themselves, but for those of us who can’t easily quiet the busyness of our minds, what can we do?

The answer lies in the ancient Chinese martial art of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi is a beautifully choreographed slow-motion, low-impact practice renowned for calming the mind while reducing stress and clearing negative energies. It’s often described as “meditation in motion” because it engages both your mind and body — whereas exercise and meditation primarily engage one or the other.

During this free online spiritual healing class, renowned Tai Chi Master Helen Liang will show you how soothing Tai Chi can be for calming your mind, while dynamically strengthening your body and bringing balance back into your life.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Virtual Tai Chi Class

  • How deliberate movement can heal us on a physical, mental, and spiritual level
  • How Tai Chi, if practiced regularly, is comparable to resistance training in how it strengthens the body
  • The way the opposing forces of Yin and Yang work together to activate peace and harmony
  • Why the key to cultivating Qi energy is in slow, fluid motions
  • The Taoist philosophy behind Tai Chi and the reason it is considered a soft internal martial arts style

Tai Chi’s purpose is to move your Qi, your life-force energy, throughout your body while also balancing your yin and yang — forces that are opposite but complementary to one another — to bring your whole being into harmony.

Master Helen will lead you in a shortened, modified version of 8-Posture Form to show you how easy this martial art form is to learn…

And how it can be performed at any time or place, without requiring a lot of space, special equipment, clothing, or footwear.

Even if you have some physical limitations, Master Helen will be able to easily modify the practice so that it can work for you.

You’ll discover how the ancient Chinese martial art Tai Chi can center, harmonize, and calm you with gentle movements that cultivate:

👉 Internal and physical strength
👉 Flexibility
👉 Mental focus.

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About Your Tai Chi Teacher – Master Helen Liang

Master Helen Liang is a world-renowned Tai Chi, Qigong, and Chinese Martial Art master with more than three decades of teaching experience. She is the vice president of the SYL Wushu Taiji Qigong Institute in Vancouver, Canada.

Helen is the author of numerous videos on Tai Chi, Qigong, Liu He Ba Fa (Water Style), and other internal styles of Chinese Martial Art. Her Tai Chi 24 Form… Beginner Tai Chi for Health… Tai Chi for Women… and Qigong for Cancer are all bestsellers on Amazon. Helen was featured twice on the cover of Kungfu Tai Chi Qigong magazine in the United States. She was also featured in the books Chinese Martial Arts Elites, Contemporary Famous Chinese Martial Artists, Kungfu Elements, and Extraordinary Chinese Martial Artists of the World.

In 2005, Helen and her father, Grandmaster Shou-Yu Liang, together with Channel M, Canada, created a one-of-a-kind instructional Tai Chi television series comprising 130 episodes for Canada’s multicultural community. The show, planned and written entirely by Helen and Grandmaster Liang, and hosted by Helen, has been picked up by stations across Canada and the United States. It was nominated for several Leo Awards, namely Best Lifestyle Series, Best Direction, and Best Host, and won the Best Lifestyle Series Award.

In 2017, Helen hosted another Tai Chi video for Canada’s national telecommunications company, Telus Corporation, to promote wellness to Canada’s diverse multicultural community. She has also been featured by many media companies, including Chinese Central Television (CCTV), Shanghai and Sichuan Provincial television in China, national pay-per-view features in the U.S., CBC, Fairchild Television, and Channel M in Canada, as well as numerous newspapers and magazines in the U.S., Canada, and China.

She was invited to demonstrate in the Opening Ceremony of the 10th World Wushu Championships in Toronto in 2009. In 2013 and 2014 she obtained level 8th degree from both International Wushu Sanshou Dao Association (IWSD) and the World Organization of Wushu Kung Fu Masters. She was also awarded Outstanding Martial Arts Achievements by IWSD.

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