Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass

Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass

Do you know the real causes of your pain? Your neck pain may not be what you think…

Sayer Ji, creator of the incredibly popular Regenerate Yourself Masterclass, is hosting a brand
new masterclass – Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions.

Sayer’s mission to provide you with effective, natural approaches to healing inspired him to
bring together leading experts to share their knowledge on what works (and what doesn’t!) when
it comes to healing your pain.

And we’re not just talking about physical pain. Mental, emotional, and spiritual pain can be just as debilitating as physical injury or illness.

The Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass is a complete resource where you will
be guided to identify the root cause of your pain and develop your unique self-healing strategy.

Why Attend the 2023 “Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions Masterclass”

Pain is ubiquitous.

Being human, having a body, and the inevitable declines associated with age…these things make pain a necessary and natural part of life.

But suffering. That’s optional. Especially when you know how to identify the root causes of pain, from the physical, to the emotional, and spiritual, and you learn how to resolve them.

Chronic pain affects more than 30% of people worldwide with over 50 million US adults
experiencing pain on most or every day.

Joint pain, back pain, gastrointestinal problems, fatigue, the list goes on.

If you have struggled with these issues, perhaps it’s time to take a look at your emotional

Sayer Ji, creator of the incredibly popular Regenerate Yourself Masterclass, is hosting a brand
new masterclass – Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions.

This masterclass goes beyond conventional pain models, shedding light on the critical influence
of emotional and spiritual pain. You will become the hero of your own self-healing journey, both
discovering and resolving the underlying conditions that lead to pain issues in your life.

In the Healing Pain Masterclass, Sayer Ji and leading experts share their personal experiences
and knowledge on what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to healing your emotional and
physical pain.

What You'll Learn During the “Healing Pain: Root Causes & Solutions” Masterclass 2023

Learn how to release the shackles of chronic pain by getting to the root of its most common triggers.

Here's just a few topics that they'll be exploring:

  • How does your diet affect pain?
  • Can acute and chronic pain be addressed with postural alignment?
  • How the breath affects the ability to experience pain
  • Plant medicines and spiritual pain
  • Autoimmune pain and pharmaceuticals
  • How pain is actually your best teacher
  • The best natural alternatives to prescribed pain-killers
  • Your intrinsic ability to heal
  • How do we create our own pain?
  • Why certain painkillers increase your experience of pain
  • How to manage inflammation with nutrition

Daily Schedule for Healing Pain: Root Cause Masterclass 2023

Day 1: Healing Pain Masterclass 2023
  • A Spiritual Perspective on Pain – Sayer Ji
  • Connecting the Dots of Chronic Pain – Dr. Sachin Patel
  • Transcending Your Relationship with Pain – Eli Buren
Day Two: Healing Pain Masterclass 2023
  • The Chronic Pain of Wheat – Sayer Ji
  • Grains, Inflammation, and Pain – Dr. Peter Osborne
  • Strategies to Live Pain Free – Dr. Eric Berg
Day Three: Healing Pain Masterclass 2023
  • The Farmacopia Beyond Painkillers – Sayer Ji
  • Doctor Yourself and C Your Pain Disappear – Dr. Andrew Saul
  • The Parasitic Pain Body – Jonathan Otto
Day Four: Healing Pain Masterclass 2023
  • Comfort Your Body and Soul with War Epsom Salt Baths – Sayer Ji
  • Release Pain and Reclaim your Pelvic Power – Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS
  • Essential Oils and the Power of Forgiveness – Dr. Eric Zelinski
Day Five: Healing Pain Masterclass 2023
  • Pain With A Cherry On Top – Sayer Ji
  • Turn on Health. Turn Off Pain. – Dr. Joel Bohemier
  • Pain is the Teacher – Paul Chek

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to sessions for brief time after they air.

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