Healing Codependency & Cultivating Self-Love Masterclass Series

Healing Codependency & Cultivating Self-Love Masterclass Series

Healing Codependency & Cultivating Self-Love Masterclass SeriesThe Healing Codependency & Cultivating Self-Love online event was designed to heal your wounds by giving you practical strategies and tools that you can apply right away.

The teachers featured in this online event have collectively helped millions of people, like yourself to:

  • Establish boundaries
  • Cultivate self-worth
  • Practice self-care
  • Let go of toxic relationships
  • And more

And they can help you heal your deep rooted wounds and live a life of peace, self-love & healthy relationships.

Who Is this Masterclass Series Intended For

Do you:

  • Sacrifice yourself to please others?
  • Struggle to love yourself?
  • Have a hard time saying no?
  • Try to rescue others?
  • Struggle with codependency or self-love?
  • Want to cultivate healthy, loving relationships without sacrificing yourself in the process?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, you are not alone.

And while the trauma and toxic shame from your past (that likely gave rise to your codependent tendencies) might run deep… the good news is, you can heal…

And the experts speaking during the “Healing Codependency & Cultivating Self-Love Masterclass Series” can help you do that.

What You'll Learn During “Healing Codependency & Cultivating Self-Love”

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from renowned psychologists, therapists, relationship experts & more:

  • Strategies to Stop Sacrificing Yourself: Learn methods and practices to step into self-care, self-love & healthy, balanced relationships
  • Freedom From Codependent Behaviors: Learn how to let go of Guilt, Shame, Perfectionism, Caretaking, Catastrophizing, Self-Hatred, Neediness, Control & more
  • Create Your Codependency Healing Toolkit: Stop enabling and rescuing others, stay in your lane & bring your focus back to you
  • The Secret to Healing one-sided, codependent friendships & how to heal from an anxious attachment style
  • What the Falsely Empowered Codependent is, and how to reclaim your true self through self-leadership
  • The Truth About Self-Love and steps to build better boundaries
  • How to escape the codependency cycle by cultivating self-worth, learning to detach & find true self-love
  • How to regulate your emotions & stop giving others superpowers over your life
  • How to stop seeking external validation and learn the power of embracing alone time
  • How to stop judging yourself & start loving yourself by changing your brain
  • How to heal from codependency & feelings of unworthiness after narcissistic abuse
  • How to stop settling for shreds & experience the rewards of putting your needs first
  • How to value yourself without taking care of others & learn to love and respect the most important person in your life…YOU!

Featured Speakers

Lisa A. Romano, Dr. Sharon Martin, Dr. Ameet Aggarwal, Dr. Ann Weiser Cornell, Michelle Farris, Dr. Raja Selvam, Tracy Malone, Jay Reid, Kenny Weiss, Misa Hopkins, Dr. Joe Rubino, Roy Biancalana, Ronia Fraser, Dr. Ian Macnaughton, Dr. Julie Shafer, Guy Finley, Susan Ball, Dr. Gary Salyer, Teal Elisabeth, Nour S., Gabriella Taylor, Marquita Johnson, Karlita Nabours-Palermo, Sarah Weiss, Rev. Sheri Heller, Ana Paula Munoz, Whitney Kobrin, Jule Kim, and Scot & Emily McKay.

About Your Hosts – iKE ALLEN & Ande Anderson

iKe Allen & Ande AndersoniKE ALLEN & Ande Anderson, MS, RD are the Co-Owners of AVAIYA University.

AVAIYA creates films, courses, and online conferences such as Healing From Childhood Trauma, Overcoming Chronic Pain, The Tao of Quantum Physics, Overcoming Insecurity & Low Self-Esteem, The Truth About Prosperity, Breaking Free From Codependency, Breaking Free From Abandonment & Betrayal, A Course in Miracles The Movie, Reversing Type 2 Diabetes, Overcoming Depression & Loneliness, Overcoming PTSD, Breaking Free From Toxic Relationships, Believe & Receive, Overcoming Narcissistic Abuse and many more.

Hundreds of thousands of people from across the globe have attended AVAIYA University's past online conferences!

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In a world often viewed as problematic by many, AVAIYA believes that what we each focus on and present to the world creates what is reflected back to us.

Because of this philosophy, AVAIYA creates only POSITIVE media, online conferences, and workshops to share with the world.

About iKe Allen

About Ande Anderson

Ande spreads awareness, spiritual freedom, and inclusivity to the world. Ande’s favorite roles to play in the game of life are being a Bonus Mom to two beautiful daughters, and partner to iKE ALLEN.

About iKe Allen

When iKE is not creating positive media, he can be found with his life partner, Ande Anderson wrestling, braiding hair and strolling along the beach with their two astounding daughters.

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