Bridge Ancient & Modern Healing Wisdom Through a Sacred Frame Drumming & Breathing Practice – With Krista Hollanad

Seekers the world over are returning to the somatic practice of sacred frame drumming — adding rhythm and drumming to their self-care practices as a form of active meditation, healing, contemplation, and focus.

The practice of frame drumming has a rich cross-cultural history for healing, celebration, ceremony, and rites of passage.

And today, researchers, scientists, and laypeople alike are exploring how the power of music and sound healing — along with our beliefs and subjective experiences — can have a measurable impact on our biology, immune system, and mental and emotional states.

Many people have reported that following a focused drumming session, they often feel a shift in consciousness and a change in mood or energy.

In this spiritual class, you’ll experience a focused drumming session for yourself when you join a new online event with Krista Holland, a multifaceted teacher and frame drummer.

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In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:

  • A powerful practice to help stimulate the potential of your immune system through guided imagery and active visualization — accompanied by a sound-healing experience set to the rhythms of the sacred frame drum and your breath
  • How the frame drum became a mythical cross-cultural art form that’s part of the collective human story — and has long led to improved health outcomes, powerful self-discovery, mental clarity, balance, and belonging.
  • How the frame drum’s rhythm can be a complementary self-care tool for stress reduction, self-healing, and creative wellbeing
  • Your body’s built-in system for relaxation, including its endogenous healing mechanisms
  • The power of rhythm and drumming for shifting your consciousness

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Krista’s approach to playing the frame drum weaves together the sacred, mythological, and technical aspects of drumming through story, visualization, somatic inquiry, rhythm notations, and more…

You won’t need any musical experience to access this simple, yet powerful guided practice.

You won’t want to miss this opportunity to discover how you can initiate a healing transformation when you combine the time-tested practices of drumming and conscious breathing with modern research on the power of your thoughts.

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About Your Teacher – Krista Holland

Krista Holland a multifaceted teacher and frame drummer, is the founder of the Sacred Drumming Academy, where she shares her in-depth training and studies of the frame drum and leads sacred drumming circles and ceremonies. She has devoted more than 25 years of research and practice to the frame drum and its incredible cross-cultural history, and has 15 years of experience teaching the frame drum to others.

Krista learned the art of frame drumming along with ritual, myth, and ancient feminine drum history while apprenticing for 14 years under the tutelage of the late Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers Were Women. Krista also counts Babatunde Olatunji, Yshai Afterman, and Walter Garces among her most influential drumming teachers.

Primarily focusing her frame drumming on its healing aspects rather than on drum performance, Krista has drummed privately for cancer patients in hospice, pregnant mothers at their blessing ways, grieving parents, modern temple dancers, trance journeys, children at bedtime, elderhood rites of passage, and a variety of other life ceremonies and rituals.

Krista is known for her unique style of playing, her powerfully transformative teaching, and her knowledge of the mythology and widespread history connected to the ancient lineage of global frame drummers. She teaches sacred drumming through online and in-person private classes, group workshops, immersions, and international retreats.

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Dec 18 2021


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