The Green Witch Way of Radical Self Care

Explore what it means to be a Green Witch, honoring plants and trees as loving, conscious beings — and discover how plants, as our elders, can provide us with physical and spiritual healing.

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What You'll Learn During “The Green Witch Way of Radical Self Care”

Plants existed on this planet long before humans, and have always taken care of us — they feed us, heal us, and guide us on our spiritual journeys.

In these times when people are disconnected from nature and suffering more than ever from loneliness and all manner of mental health crises, we need only look to our elders in planetary times — the plants:

  • For nourishment of our bodies and souls
  • To help us feel more connected to our global community

Green Witch and herbalist Robin Rose Bennett affirms that plants are conscious, living beings. In order to heal ourselves, our communities, and the Earth itself, we need to move into a more loving, responsive, day-to-day relationship with them.

In this free online event, Robin Rose will share revealing insights about the secret magic of plants — and give you a taste of how plants can help you open up to self-love, self-healing, strength, and community.

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What Does It Mean to Be a “Green Witch”?

Robin Rose will also share what it means to be a Green Witch — someone who respects plants as independent living beings and understands that while plants do provide us with medicines and healing, they don’t exist just for us.

A Green Witch believes in the radical idea that plants have their own consciousness, and that all plants have the potential to alter your consciousness.

If you’re feeling isolated and lonely, know that every time you venture into the community of plants and trees, you’ll be interacting with a community of living, conscious beings.

As Robin Rose says:

“You don’t have to take an entheogen (consciousness-altering plant substance) to hear the plants talk to you!”

During this life-enhancing event, Robin Rose will share details about the medicinal properties of a few common herbs that can help you elevate your self-care and self-love, providing you with first aid for your mind, body, and soul.

She’ll also guide you through a joyous song and meditation to help you connect with a favorite tree. It could be a tree from your childhood or another time in your past, or a current favorite tree.

When we spiritually connect with a tree, we open ourselves up to the love they have to offer us. As our love for trees and plants grows, we further open ourselves to loving all living beings on Earth, providing us with a powerful antidote to loneliness and isolation.

Class Topics for “The Green Witch Way of Radical Self Care”

  • Discover what it means to be a Green Witch
  • Explore the idea that plants are kin — they are intelligent conscious beings that you can have a relationship with
  • Come to understand that plants come into our lives where and when we need them
  • Learn about the medicinal properties of mullein and white pine
  • Be guided through an experiential practice of connecting with a favorite tree in song and meditation

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About Your Teacher – Robin Rose Bennett

Robin Rose Bennett - HeadshotRobin Rose Bennett is a storyteller, writer, and herbalist. She has been offering classes in WiseWoman Healing Ways: Herbal Medicine and EarthSpirit Teachings since 1986 — at herb conferences, festivals, clinics, medical and nursing schools, and, most joyously, outside with the plants. Robin Rose shares herbal medicine with gratitude for the loving generosity of the plants and the magic, mystery, and beauty of the web of life.

She is on the faculty of the New York Open Center and the ArborVitae School of Traditional Herbalism, and is the author of Healing Magic: A Green Witch Guidebook to Conscious Living and The Gift of Healing Herbs: Plant Medicines and Home Remedies for a Vibrantly Healthy Life.

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Aug 27 2022


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