The Gift of the Noble Spirit Activation Event - with Christopher Van Buren

The Gift of the Noble Spirit Activation

Unite with the Noble Souls of the world to amplify our Noble Voices and expand our reach.

This is a Global Gathering of Noble Spirits and we welcome your Noble Soul in this collective consciousness.

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Why Attend the Gift of the Noble Spirit Activation Event?

In a world full of conflicts and contradictions, where do we turn for guidance and wisdom?

The answer is in the still silent center within. There, we can begin to hear the voices of our own inner wisdom…the voices of our inner guides, the voices of our Noble Soul.

But how do we tap into and hear the voice of our Noble Soul speaking? With all the conflicting voices, emotions, reactions, and anxieties…it can be difficult to recognize the true voices, the voices of our intuition and inner wisdom.

That’s what The Gift of the Noble Spirit is all about. It’s a free group gathering of Noble Souls to help activate our true Noble Spirit and move into the world without anxiety or competition…
Guide by our own inner wisdom…not by false prophets.

We are constantly told that:

  • We need to discover our purpose in life
  • For our lives to have value, we’re supposed to fulfill that purpose
  • We need to make our mark, leave a legacy and a lasting impression on humanity or history
  • The goal of life is to win the game – to achieve money, love, the respect and admiration of others

Those things are all fine. However, the Noble Spirit is not led by those pursuits.

The Noble Spirit follows a different path … and pursues a different objective. It purses an objective that is:

  • Free of winning and losing
  • Free of the anxieties of the modern world
  • Simply to live a Noble Life and to follow a Noble Path

In this way, your life is your legacy. Your life is your greater purpose… and your gift to humanity.

What You'll Experience During the Gift of the Noble Spirit Activation Event

Join a gathering of Noble Spirits for a lifetime ACTIVATION of the noble soul. You’ll feel the resonance of other noble spirits and receive a powerful activation of your inner wisdom, which give you expanded access to your Noble Soul.

  • Discover your Noble Code.
  • Activate your Inner Guides.
  • Increase Intuition.
  • Stimulate your key brain networks.
  • Discover your unique Noble Path.
  • Establish balance in mind, body & soul
  • Activate your future mind

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Free Gifts for Event Attendees

Gift #1: “Business Intuition” Compendium

A collection of strategies to increase and sustain your intuition and become a business intuitive.

Gift #2: “Practical NeurowWsdom Belief Relief” eBook

What are beliefs and can we change them — do we even want to? This eBook explains beliefs in no-nonsense, platitude-free language and gives practical, evidence-based strategies to be at peace with your beliefs and begin to change the ones you want to change.

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About Your Guide – Christopher Van Buren

Christopher Van Buren - HeadshotChristopher has studied spiritual teachings since the late 1980’s and spent many years studying, comparing and mapping archetypes, emotions, chakras, and behavior patterns and exploring how these represent connections to the collective consciousness … our Noble Soul.

He is certified in NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) and is an accomplished artist, entrepreneur and intuitive.

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Dec 17 2022


9:00 am - 10:00 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Dec 17 2022
  • Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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