From Limitation to Liberation - 6 Soul Lessons To Help You Overcome Any Challenge - With Rikka Zimmerman

From Limitation to Liberation – 6 Soul Lessons To Help You Overcome Any Challenge – With Rikka Zimmerman

Would you like to be able to express your divinity to the fullest capacity?

To feel like you are holding a magic wand…

As you effortlessly create your most beautiful intentions for health, joy, abundance, love, magic and fun?

In order to move from Limitation to Liberation, you must first progress through 6 transformative soul lessons.

All negative thoughts, feelings and situations will continue to repeat until you learn and expand beyond these.

You see, life has one mission: to return us to the truth that we are one with Source.

One Universal Energy, One onsciousness.

When we are not one with Source and living through the lens of separation, every moment of our life experience is diminished and limited.

That limitation will repeat itself endlessly— affecting every area of your life, until you move into Source Consciousness.

During this free spiritual livestream event, we'll look at the 6 soul lessons that will help you do exactly that.

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Have you ever imagined what your life would be like if you could just….

👉 Fall in love with the right person…

👉Stop feeling depressed and start feeling happy…

👉Have just a little extra money and time…

👉Forget about the trauma from your past…

👉 Stop procrastinating…

👉 Feel excitement about your daily to-dos…

👉 Experience unwavering satisfaction and fulfillment…

During this free livestream event with Global Consciousness Leader, Rikka Zimmerman, she'll teach you how to leave these limitations behind.

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During this soul-stirring livestream, we will look deeper into:

✅ Embracing your Infinite, God-given capacity to create a lifestyle of true happiness and freedom.

✅ Aligning with Source Consciousness through a powerful meditation to anchor the realms of Infinite Possibilities within your energetic field.

✅ Transcending these soul lessons with a process to help you clearly broadcast and manifest the life you are divinely designed to have.

✅ Activating the energetic shifts to end all limiting patterns (finally!) for good.

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Meet Your Facilitator – Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka is a global leader in consciousness, the creator of Adventure In Oneness, acclaimed international speaker, author, singer and songwriter.

Propelled by her unbounded love for humanity, Rikka travels the world and works with thousands of people, radiating a vibration of joy, peace, possibility and Oneness in all she does.

Her light is a beacon of inspiration, inviting each person on the planet to remember, embrace and BE the magnificent, unique expression of the divine they were born to be!

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