Forgiving Ancestral Shadows: Reframe Painful Legacies to Heal & Nourish Your Bloodline

Forgiving Ancestral Shadows: Reframe Painful Legacies to Heal & Nourish Your Bloodline

Modern science contends that our ancestors’ pain and problematic physical, mental, and emotional patterns can live on for generations in our DNA.

What it neglects to mention is that ancestral wisdom and healing can as well.

In fact, you may be the ancestor who can heal and bless the wounds of past, present, and future generations.

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What You'll Learn During “Forgiving Ancestral Shadows” with Natalia O'Sullivan

Forgiving Ancestral Shadows - With Natalia O'SullivanHave you received this ability from someone in your bloodline, but have yet to learn how to wield its power?

According to holistic healer and spiritual counselor Natalia O’Sullivan, your ancestral shadows often harbor the gifts that you’ve hidden away…

Oftentimes, to create a personal sense of belonging or to help others feel that they are enough.

Natalia teaches that all of our conscious and subconscious patterns form the basis of our ancestral inheritance and legacy…

That which we genetically received and were programmed to be, and that which we pass on.

But where does this leave you on your path to living as a happy, whole, and healed human being?

During this free online ancestral healing workshop, you’ll learn techniques for uncovering the ancestral roots of your physical, mental, and emotional challenges to reclaim a legacy of happiness and healing.

During this free spiritual growth event, you’ll:

  • Learn how to create a family altar that honors your ancestors — as a first step to building a healthy, mutually beneficial relationship with them
  • Be guided in a practice to call in and connect with your mother and father line — and learn how to receive any messages they may have for you
  • Discover how ancestral archetypal energies influence your family — even if that ancestor was absent from the unit or not readily known
  • Embark on a guided nonlinear journey using a photo of an ancestor to understand them and their life from a deeper perspective
  • Learn how to self-protect and approach relationships with self-sovereignty so you’re not always taking on ancestral burdens

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Are you ready to illuminate the shadows of your ancestry and reclaim a legacy of happiness and healing?

Benefits of Ancestral Healing

You’ll reclaim a legacy of happiness and healing using practical tools and rituals that:

  • Unearth
  • Illuminate
  • Bless the wounds and roots

Of your lineage.

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About Your Ancestral Healing Teacher – Natalia O’Sullivan

Natalia O'Sullivan HeadshotNatalia O’Sullivan, a natural born healer and spiritual counselor who has worked in the spiritual and holistic field for over 30 years, operates private clinics in London and Los Angeles. Her healing sessions use various holistic methods to assist the body, mind, and spirit to release past negative emotions and physical and psychological conditions, particularly ancestral issues, trauma, bereavement, grief, separation, and stress. Having mastered various holistic arts, she combines modern psychological thinking, life-coaching skills, and ancient wisdom. Her down-to-earth attitude to personal development is expressed in her books, workshops, and lectures.

Her work as an ancestral healer enables deceased family and friends to communicate with loved ones on the Earth plane, which can help them with professional choices, relationships, family issues, general health problems, bereavement, and psychological disorders such as depression and anxiety.

With her husband, Terry O’Sullivan, she is the co-founder of the Sacred Healer Retreats and The Soul Rescuers Foundation course, a professional certification training program that draws on ancient spiritual traditions with a contemporary approach. The Soul Rescue practitioners they train specialize in sacred and ancestral healing, spirit release, and land healing.

Natalia's books include Do It Yourself Psychic Power… Soul Rescuers… and Mind Power. She is the co-author of The Ancestral Continuum, The Body Shop Book of Wellbeing, and Ancestral Healing Made Easy, the latter of which was co-authored with her husband Terry O’Sullivan.

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