Finding Guidance Summit 2024

Finding Guidance Summit

We all seek guidance in our lives. We all aspire to navigate life optimally. How do we bring our gifts to the world and learn to love more freely and wildly?

Life is filled with uncertainties and challenges. Guidance provides us with a sense of direction and helps us make informed choices. Sometimes the road ahead of us is clear, sometimes it is not.

How do we make important decisions?

How do we navigate life’s complexities with authenticity?

Which path makes the most sense for us on a deeper level?

We live in a responsive universe; one interested in helping, collaborating, and educating us. The universe provides guidance for finding a fulfilling job, relationship, happiness, and health.

There are many ways to find guidance and connect with the flow of the universe. We are going to explore several of them in this fascinating summit: ancient practices like astrology, tarot, dreams, and connecting to spirit guides & angels to modern versions such as synchronicity.

Why Attend the 2024 “Finding Guidance Summit”

During this three day free summit, Jung Platform will bring some of the best teachers in these fields to you. They will help you to find the big and smaller clues for finding guidance in your life.

Finding Guidance SummitYou'll get perspectives and practical tools to find guidance, and live a magical, soulful life.

This summit is a good fit if you want to:

  • Find ways to ‘read’ the world we live in for guidance
  • Cultivate a mindset of curiosity and openness
  • Adapt to changing circumstances while maintaining a sense of direction.
  • Discover and nurture the relationships with spirit guides / your innate genius
  • Get mythic support
  • Collaborate with the universe
  • Connect with miracles (recognize synchronicities, intuitions, break though of other world)

Finding Balance Summit 2024 – Daily Schedule

Day 1
  • “Mythic Support” with Michael Meade
  • “Living with Angels” with Lorna Byrne
  • “The Art of the Question” with Machiel Klerk
  • “Sense of Inner Knowing” with John J. Prendergast
Day 2
  • “The Muses for a Soulful Life” with Thomas Moore
  • “Death as a Guide” with Monika Wikman
  • “Guidance from Jungian Psychology” with Ken James
  • “Guidance and Wisdom from the I Ching” with Qi Zhang
Day 3
  • “The Symptom as Guide” with Robert Romanyshyn
  • “Astrology and Guidance” with Alexander von Schlieffen
  • “Conversations with the Soul” with Craig Chalquist
  • “Guidance Through Jungian Dreamwork” with Lisa Marchiano, Deborah Stewart and Joseph Lee

About Your “Finding Guidance” Summit Hosts

About Machiel Klerk – Jung Platform Founder

Machiel Klerk - Headshot is a licensed mental health therapist, with a specialty in working with dreams. He is also an international speaker and dedicated social entrepreneur. Machiel has studied Jungian and depth psychology for more than 25 years.

His resonance with Carl Jung first led him to the Jung Institute in Zurich for a summer program, and later to the Pacifica Graduate Institute in California where he obtained a Masters Degree and trained to become a psychotherapist. He also completed a three-year training program in depth psychology and dreamwork with Robert Bosnak.

Machiel has immersed himself in the World of Dream and has studied the significance and use of dreams in a wide variety of cultures. He’s taken the most valuable learnings and insights from ancient civilizations like the Greeks, African tribes, Buddhist monks, as well as more contemporary thought leaders in the field, distilled those learnings and developed his own style of working with dreams called Dream Dialogue. His audio lecture, Rumi and the World of Dream is one of the highest selling audio products on dreams. He has published articles and given workshops and lectures on dreams in Europe, Africa and North America. Based on a dream, Machiel founded the Jung Society of Utah and Jung Platform.

About Akke-Jeanne Klerk – Jung Platform Co-Founder

About Akke-Jeanne Klerk - HeadshotAkke-Jeanne lives in Amsterdam where she provides Jungian coaching and works with people that are interested in personal development.

She also delivers trainings on professional coaching for a well-known training institute in the Netherlands.

She is the author of ‘Psychology of heartbreak’.

At Jung Platform, apart from daily management tasks, Akke-Jeanne assists in identifying and developing courses and programs.

She also supports Jung Platform’s Teachers with fine-tuning their modules to ensure that our programs are always practically grounded and integratable.

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Aug 01 - 03 2024


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Local Time

  • Timezone: Asia/Singapore
  • Date: Aug 01 - 04 2024
  • Time: 11:00 pm - 9:00 am


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