Awakening Your Muse & Feel Inspiration, Playfulness & Joy - With Ariel Spilsbury

Feel Inspiration, Playfulness, and Joy By Awakening Your Inner Muse – With Ariel Spilsbury & Kristen Koré Taylor

🌞 Discover how to get unstuck, life a more inspired and joy-filled life, and playfully work with your unloved shadow aspects.

If you want to be enlightened, then you’ve got to lighten up. You must relax and be here now…

Can true enlightenment really have elements that are this simple? And fun?

According to the archetypal Muse, the answer is a resounding YES.

Too many of us have been taught that spiritual growth and enlightenment must be painful, and full of uphill struggles.

What if you made the choice to bring more play into your life — and move into the enlightened realms of the Muse?

During this free class, Ariel Spilsbury, renowned author, priestess, and unconventional initiator, and Kristin Koré Taylor, priestess, muse, dancer, and nature mystic, will help you discover how to get unstuck and live a more inspired and joy-filled life when you bring the Muse’s sense of play into each day.

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In this 60-minute free mini-workshop, Ariel & Koré will share:

✅ A playful opening guided chant to ignite your sense of play — and help you feel more comfortable in a state of not knowing (it includes kazoo sounds!)

✅ Why emptiness isn’t a voidness of being; instead, it is Being itself — clear, open, aware, and infinitely present

✅ How the Muse equips you to make each moment of your life more magical and joy-filled

✅ Ways to experience PLAY not as a luxury, but as a means to enlightenment, intimacy, and wellbeing

✅ A visualization journey into Enlightenment

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Far from frivolous, this powerful hour will be sprinkled with elements of quantum physics, complexity theory, and magical practice…

But viewed through the lens of the Muse… where it’s much more delicious, as Ariel would say!

As Ariel and her co-teacher Koré will share, the Muse can:

👉 Inspire you to playfully work with your unloved shadow aspects

👉 Reclaim yourself as the Creator of your reality

👉 And see the creative possibility in virtually anything

You’ll discover how the Muse archetype can inspire you to reclaim yourself as the Creator of your reality, discern life’s beautiful possibilities — and experience play not as a luxury, but as a means to enlightenment, intimacy, and wellbeing.

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Apr 03 2021


10:00 am - 11:00 am

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  • Date: Apr 03 2021
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