Fatigue Super Conference 2022 - Recover from Brain Fog, Sleep Issues, Sensitivities, Pain, and Long-Covid

Fatigue Super Conference 2022 – Recover from Brain Fog, Sleep Issues, Sensitivities, Pain, and Long-Covid

The Fatigue Super Conference 2022 is the largest online event devoted specifically to helping you get real answers & support to overcome fatigue related conditions such as:

  • Feeling tired, yet wired
  • Brain fog
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Environmental & food sensitivities
  • Chronic pain

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What You'll Learn At the Fatigue Super Conference 2022

Using a multi-disciplinary mind/body/spirit approach, you'll learn to look at root-cause approaches and practical steps to understand, address and relieve fatigue and autoimmune symptoms.

There are over a dozen potential causes of fatigue, and most people with persistent fatigue have 8-10 of them. That's why it's so important to use a blended multi-faceted approach to discover the specific sources of your fatigue, so that you can take the personalized and unique steps that your body, mind, and spirit need to heal.

And if you don't know where to begin, or you've tried “too many” solutions without success, you're not alone. It's not your lack of effort that's holding back your healing. It's just that the underlying causes go undiagnosed again and again… because focus is often on symptoms rather than the cause of those symptoms.

Fortunately, most of these causes can be determined by your symptoms alone which means that, in many cases, expensive tests aren't necessary. The Fatigue Superconference is an opportunity to stop losing money on ineffective treatments & providers focused on the wrong things…

And instead tackle your path to wellness with renewed vigor, education, and multi-disciplinary support.

Fatigue Superconference 2022 Key Topics

  • Gut issues affect fatigue
  • Toxins and chemicals can zap energy
  • To identify if autoimmunity and thyroid issues may be playing a part
  • Limbic disorder, stress and trauma create fatigue
  • To identify if mold or Lyme may be an underlying cause of fatigue
  • To know if your adrenals or hormones may be playing a part
  • To address diet and nutrition for supercharged energy
  • The role of gene SNPs affects fatigue
  • Subtle energy fields affect your energy

Who Should Attend The Fatigue Super Conference 2022

  • Sufferers from chronic fatigue
  • Practitioners
  • Caregivers

There's something for everybody who is affected by, or supports those affected by, chronic fatigue.

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The Relationship Between Fatigue and Overall Health

Did you know that fatigue is the #1 health symptom stated on medical records?

And despite being a symptom of nearly every chronic illness, fatigue is incredibly difficult to treat because the underlying causes and treatments vary greatly from person to person.

The secret is a highly personalized approach to healing, but unfortunately, the modern medical system often fails to provide this.

That’s why, if you’re habitually tired, or you struggle with brain fog, sleep, sensitivities, or pain, then you'll want to attend the Fatigue Super Conference 2022.

It’s a FREE online event featuring 40+ fatigue experts and hosted by Alex Howard, Founder and CEO of the Optimum Health Clinic in London, which has helped over 10,000 patients from over 50 countries heal from fatigue-related conditions for 20 years.

More of What You'll Learn During The Fatigue Superconference 2022

  • The critical role played by mitochondria in energy production
  • Practical strategies for managing Covid-19 and supporting immune function with long-Covid
  • Why your microbiome is at the center of your wellbeing, and how to promote long-term gut health
  • How psychological and emotional trauma impact your physiology and energy levels
  • How to deal with complex immune conditions including Lyme disease, mold toxicity, adrenal fatigue, co-infections, etc.
  • What foods you should eat, which you should avoid, and how to know what dietary shifts will work for YOU
  • The key to motivating yourself to make lasting changes

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What Makes This A “Super Conference” About Fatigue

This event is a “Super Conference” unlike any other because it brings together the world’s most trusted and highly regarded doctors, researchers, professors, bestselling authors, healers, speakers…

To create a truly interdisciplinary approach to healing at the intersection of functional medicine, neuroscience, psychology, art, and more.

You'll be receiving more than just in-depth interviews with over 40 of the world's top experts on fatigue. It also includes a wealth of extra free resources including:

  • Tools
  • Techniques
  • Daily yoga
  • Daily meditation
  • Practices

That you can start using immediately to help you:

  • Understand the root cause of your fatigue
  • Minimize its impact on your daily life
  • Activate the natural healing process.

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Speaker Schedule for the Fatigue Super Conference 2022

Day 1: Powerful Strategies to Heal Your Digestion

  • Dr Michael Ruscio: How your digestion affects your fatigue
  • Dr Tom O'Bryan: Reducing autoimmune risk by balancing your gut
  • Dr Gabi Macaulay: How inflammation causes fatigue
  • Donna Gates: Healing your gut to reduce inflammation
  • Ben Brown: Gut health and chronic fatigue
  • Louise Carder: Outsmart biotoxins and reduce inflammation
  • Martina, Jess and Kirsty: Case Study “Gut Health & the Gut/Brain Axis”
  • Joanna: Recovery Story “Learning to Access a Healing State”
  • Heather Mason: “Emotional Stability Through Yoga”
  • Alex Howard: “Grounding Meditation”

Day 2: Practical Guidance to Balance Your Hormones

  • Dr Kara Fitzgerald: Epigenetics and DNA methylation
  • Dr Carrie Jones: Cortisol, mitochondria, and the stress response
  • Dr Anu Arasu: Hormone balancing for pain and fatigue
  • Dr Justin Marchegiani: Balancing your hormones for better energy
  • Nikkie and Jess: Case Study, “Rewiring perfection”
  • Richard: Recovery Story, “Rebuilding your relationship with yourself”
  • Heather Mason: Yoga, “Elongating your breath to de-stress”
  • Alex Howard: “Self-Love Meditation”

Day 3: Cutting-Edge Frameworks & Practical Guidance for Healing Fatigue

  • Dr Jacob Teitelbaum: The SHINE Protocol for overcoming fatigue
  • Dr Terry Wahls: The Wahls Protocol for overcoming fatigue
  • Dr Sarah Myhill: The fundamentals of fatigue recovery
  • Andrea Nakayama: The functional nutrition matrix
  • Laura Stirling: Functional laboratory testing for fatigue
  • Sarah Ramey: Practical tools for living with chronic illness
  • Lloyd Burrell: EMFs and their impact upon fatigue
  • Juliana and Kirsty: Case Study, “Assessing mitochondrial health with functional testing”
  • Naomi Dake: Recovery Story, “Reconnect to yourself”
  • Fiona Agombar: “Yoga for CFS, stress and burnout”
  • Alex Howard: “Gratitude Meditation”

Day 4: Mind-body Medicine & How it Can Help You Heal

  • Dr Diane Poole Heller: Surviving isolation by understanding attachment theory
  • Dr Ameet Aggarwal: How emotional stress affects your body
  • Dr Veronique Mead: The cell danger response in fatigue
  • Dr Eva Detko: Vagus nerve stimulation to calm your nervous system
  • Irene Lyon: How childhood trauma affects fatigue
  • Gail Aylward: Yoga for deep rest and healing
  • Nikkie and Jess: Case Study, “Trauma and recovery from fatigue”
  • Lee Harbour: Recovery Story, “How emotions become symptoms”
  • Charlotte Watts: Yoga, “The de-stress effect”
  • Alex Howard: “Nervous System Calm & Relaxation Meditation”

Day 5: Overcoming Sleep Issues & Supporting Deep Restorative Rest

  • Dr Stasha Gominak: Balance your vitamin levels for better sleep
  • Dr Gayetri Chudasama: Balancing digestion for better sleep and energy
  • Nick Ortner: EFT/Tapping for better sleep
  • Jodi Cohen: Essential oils for better sleep
  • Misty Williams: Navigating the journey to better sleep
  • Lodro Rinzler: Mindfulness for deep rest and sleep
  • Sanna and Kirsty: Case Study, “How stress hormones impact sleep”
  • Natasha Todd: Recovery Story, “Letting go of our false identities”
  • Fiona Agombar: Yoga, “Chair work and relaxation”
  • Alex Howard: “Surrender Meditation”

Day 6: Immunity Support & Overcoming Mold, Lyme, and Viral Infections

  • Dr Neil Nathan: Mold, Lyme and dealing with toxic overload
  • Dr Armin Schwarzbach: Clinical strategies for chronic infections
  • Dr Omowunmi Osinubi: Environmental toxins and Gulf War syndrome
  • Dr Margaret Christensen: Healing from toxic mold
  • Dr Jodie Dashore: Plant-based approach to autism, Lyme and mold illness
  • Dr Carsten Nicolaus: How to address tick-borne diseases and fatigue
  • Dr Todd Born: How to clear viruses
  • Dr Evan Hirsch: Co-infections and how to address them
  • Evan Brand: Mold, mycotoxins and how to support your healing
  • Adam Jankowski: Mold remediation and water damage restoration
  • Nikkie and Jess: Case Study, “Why emotions matter in fatigue recovery”
  • Charlotte: Recovery Story, “Reconnecting the mind and body”
  • Charlotte Watts: Yoga, “Joint release”
  • Alex Howard: “Present Moment Meditation”

Day 7: Latest Research & Practical Strategies for Healing from Long-Covid

  • Dr David Brady: Functional medicine for long-COVID
  • Dr Christine Schaffner: Supporting immune function with long-COVID
  • Dr Sam Yanuck: Long-COVID, autoimmunity and PANS/PANDAS
  • Dr Suman Gupta: Practical strategies for managing COVID-19
  • Heather Mason: Yoga therapy for long-COVID
  • Nik Cook: Recovery Story, “Support for Carers”
  • Nik and Alex: Support for Carers, “What is wrong with my loved one?”
  • Nik and Alex: Support for Carers, “Nik's Story”
  • Nik and Alex: Support for Carers, “5 Top Tips for Carers.”
  • Fiona Agombar: Yoga, “Forward and Backbends”
  • Alex Howard: “A Simple Guided Meditation”

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About Your Hosts of the Fatigue Superconference 2022

About Fatigue Superconference 2022 Host: Alex Howard

Alex Howard HeadshotAlex Howard is Founder and Chairman of The Optimum Health Clinic (OHC), one of the world’s leading integrative medicine clinics specialising in fatigue. With a team of 20 full time practitioners supporting thousands of patients in 50+ countries, the OHC team have pioneered working with patients remotely since 2005.

Along with founding and leading the OHC practitioner teams for the past 17 years, Alex is an immensely experienced psychology practitioner, having delivered over 10,000 consultations. He has also led the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner programme since 2005, training the next generation of psychology practitioners. Since March 2020, Alex has been documenting his therapeutic work with real life patients via his In Therapy with Alex Howard YouTube series.

In the last few years, Alex has created some of the largest online conferences in the health and mind–body markets; including the Fatigue Super Conference, and the Trauma & Mind Body Super Conference. Alex’s online conferences have been attended by over a quarter of a million people.

Alex has published research in publications such as the British Medical Journal Open and Psychology and Health. Alex is also the author of Why Me?: My Journey from ME to Health and Happiness, and his second book Decode Your Fatigue: A clinically proven 12-step plan to increase your energy, heal your body and transform your life is being published in May 2021 with Hay House.

About Fatigue Superconference 2022 Host: Kirsty Cullen

Kirsty Cullen - Fatigue Superconference Host Kirsty’s interest in nutrition began as a consequence of health issues experienced by her own daughter, and later evolved due to her own mother’s experience with ME/CFS. After seeing significant improvement using nutritional therapy, Kirsty made the decision to become a practitioner herself and leave a successful corporate career.

Following graduation Kirsty worked in the corporate wellness sector and also undertook a number of nutrition roles within the professional sports arena, assessing and advising football managers and elite athletes on health and nutrition.

Kirsty also worked as Lead Nutritional Therapist at Derby County Football Club. Kirsty joined the team at the Optimum Health Clinic in 2011 working within the nutrition support team initially, followed by a role within the practitioner team and then subsequently as Director of Nutrition for the clinic, before becoming CEO in 2020.

About Fatigue Superconference 2022 Host: Sara Jackson

Sara Jackson - Fatigue Super Conference HostHaving worked in senior management roles in the fashion industry most of her career, a cancer diagnosis caused Sara to explore the life-changing benefits of nutrition and integrative medicine to assist her recovery and stay well.

The power of natural medicine resonated so much with her that she retrained as a nutritional therapist and naturopath and had a successful private practice before joining OHC. Sara has a special interest in complex case management and a breadth of knowledge and experience across many diseases and health conditions.

Sara is a passionate, calm and caring clinician with acute sensitivity to her clients’ needs. Sara has a proven track record, supporting her client’s recovery journeys with evidence-based nutritional guidance that has transformed the health and life of hundreds of individuals.

About Fatigue Superconference 2022 Host: Claire Sehinson

Claire Sehinson - Fatigue Super Conference HostHaving recovered fully from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, fibromyalgia and complex illness, Claire has a wealth of personal experience and knowledge to share. She has completed an MSc in Personalised Nutrition, AFMCP (Functional medicine in practice), NLP practitioner training (neurolinguistic programming) and clinical neuroscience modules whilst contributing to research in Autistic spectrum disorders.

Claire has lectured in Biomedicine and continues to teach Chronic Fatigue Syndrome at several of the top nutritional therapy colleges in the UK. She contributed a chapter to Case Studies in Personalised Nutrition (a textbook for health practitioners and students).

Before starting a career in functional medicine, Claire was a classical pianist in training and now works with individuals in the music industry with a focus on psychiatric and mental wellness, addictions and overall resilience in a very challenging and pressured industry.

About Fatigue Superconference 2022 Host: Anna Duschinsky

Anna Duschinsky - Fatigue Super Conference HostAnna was the founding Director of Psychology at The Optimum Health Clinic, where for ten years she was responsible for developing the foundations of the Psychology department to its current level of international recognition. Anna holds a degree in Languages and Linguistics from Cambridge University, and has numerous qualifications in solution based psychological approaches to mind-body healing. For the last 15 years she has co-trained the Therapeutic Coaching practitioner training with Alex Howard, where she is now Course Director.

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Free Gifts For Fatigue Super Conference Attendees

Gift #1: “Secrets to Recovery” Documentary Film

In this inspiring and powerful documentary film, you will follow the stories of three patients who have recovered from severe fatigue.

Gift #2: The SHINE Protocol for Overcoming Fatigue

  • The SHINE protocol for overcoming fatigue
  • Why good sleep is so important
  • The power of serum polypeptides

Gift #3: How Your Digestion Affects Your Fatigue

  • The relationship between digestive functions and fatigue
  • How gut issues can mask as hormone imbalances
  • The three categories of probiotics

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