Expand Your Body’s Energy Healing Powers With Quantum-Touch - With Richard Gordon

Expand Your Body’s Energy Healing Powers With Quantum-Touch

Dive deeper into the Quantum-Touch healing modality as you explore your in-person and remote energy healing abilities…

Shifting into an energetic state of:

  • Deep connection
  • Presence
  • And joy

During a guided deep breathing practice.

Why Attend “Expand Your Body’s Energy Healing Powers With Quantum-Touch”

Did you know you have the natural ability to raise your energy levels to permanently correct posture and bodily alignment — plus ease pain, reduce inflammation, balance emotions, and much more?

This is the power of the groundbreaking healing technique, Quantum-Touch.

Quantum-Touch’s breathing and body-focusing techniques incorporate the Qi (life-force energy) of both you (the healer) and the person seeking healing — bringing them into harmony so the body can heal itself.

You can use Quantum-Touch to facilitate healing for yourself and loved ones, including children and pets, whether in-person or from the other side of the world.

During this free online spiritual healing workshop, Join Tyler Odysseus, longtime Quantum-Touch instructor trainer and retreat facilitator, and creator and energy healing pioneer Richard Gordon, as they guide you to use deep breathing to experience a profound physiological shift…

… and enter an energetic state of deep connection, presence, and joy that allows you to perform self-healing energy work.

When you bring this deeper breathing into every part of life, you can combat fatigue and cultivate more energy, right on the spot.

Class Topics for “Expand Your Body’s Energy Healing Powers With Quantum-Touch”

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll explore:

  • How to deepen your energy work using color visualizations — as Tyler will explain, there are 12 colors you can use during your Quantum-Touch sessions, each with a different healing purpose
  • A guided deep breathing practice to initiate a physiological shift into an energetic state of deep connection, presence, and joy that allows you to perform self-healing energy work
  • How you can shift your consciousness whenever you need to, to access the emotions and states of mind that best serve you
  • How you can draw in more Qi using body-awareness practices — to deliver maximum energy flow to you or someone you’re helping heal
  • Tyler’s demonstration that illustrates the power of toning (sound healing) to make your healing work more effective — he’ll even add it to your guided breathing process

About Your Teacher – Richard Gordon

Richard Gordon - HeadshotRichard Gordon is the author and founder of Quantum-Touch. With over 45 years in the field of holistic health, he is considered a pioneer and visionary in the field of energy healing.

His five best-selling books are in 17 languages, with certified practitioners of his methods in over 10 countries and over 150 certified instructors world-wide. Richard has spoken and taught at medical centers, chiropractic colleges, conferences, and universities.

Dr. C. Norman Shealy, MD, PhD, (founding President of the American Holistic Medical Association) endorsed Quantum-Touch after testing it on his most difficult chronic pain patients. He called it, “The first technique that may truly allow us all to become healers.”

In recent years, Gordon has developed, Self-Created Health, a potent system for people to rapidly discover and heal the emotional causes of health problems. And quite unexpectedly, he discovered an empirical and robust method to scientifically explore the intersection of matter and consciousness. The implications of this have the potential to shift many of the world’s most fundamental and limiting beliefs. In his spare time, Richard creates digital art, composes music, is a scratch golfer, and lives with his cat.

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