Exit & Build Land Summit 2024

Exit & Build Land Summit 2024

“Exit and Build” means that in order to live a truly free and prosperous life, we spend little or no time voting, protesting, and waiting for politicians and corporations to do the right thing.


We spend nearly all of our time figuring out ways to “exit” systems that don’t serve us and “build” new systems that empower us to be the free, beautiful, independent human beings we’re meant to be.

That could look like exiting:

The banks and using alternative currencies
Healthcare systems and using natural remedies and seeking alternative health options
Reliance on grocery stores and connecting with local ranchers

And so on.

The concept of “Exit and Build” can infinitely be applied to nearly anything.

It’s about being proactive and relentless in your pursuit of a better, freer life in the present and the future, doing everything you can to manifest that reality through consistent action.

And while everything listed above is vital for freedom, according to event producer John Bush, the #1 most important thing you can do to almost instantly liberate your life and start experiencing radical freedom in the here and now is to exit cities and suburbs and form self-sufficient communities in the country.

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Why Attend the “Exit & Build Land Summit” 2024

Exit & Build Land Summit 2024Ultimately, the source of your sovereign power is not technologies like cryptocurrency or tools such as homeopathy or knowledge found in eye-opening documentaries like Plandemic.

The source of your power to live as a sovereign being is other people. If we don’t gather together in real time and space with like-minded people, then we’ll never be able to truly exit corrupt systems and build better ones.

The Exit and Build Land Summit is an annual gathering of the top homesteaders, permaculturists, regenerative ranchers and agriculturists, land entrepreneurs, rural real estate veterans, modern survivalists, and intentional community builders.

The entire event is centered around building bountiful homesteads, creating or joining self-sufficient communities, and living radically free in the country surrounded by “your people” (while escaping the tyranny of modern-day cities and suburbs).

During The Exit and Build Land Summit, you will:

  • Get hard-won, high-level, proven strategies, tools, and resources for living free in the country from a diverse range of speakers
  • Experience exclusive, hands-on workshops from select speakers training you in practical skills you can use immediately after the conference to improve your prosperity (for in-person attendees)
  • Participate in the exclusive Intentional Community Matchmaking Session to connect with those who have open spots in their community and who want to build new communities

And hear from giants of permaculture, seasoned community creators, veteran homesteaders, renowned survivalists, generational ranchers, and many more freedom-loving experts sharing their best strategies for returning to the land and living free in your own self-sufficient community outside of the control of the technocrats and tyrants locking down major cities and suburbs.

Note: Your free pass lets you watch the first day and a half of the Land Summit live online. Upgrade options are available for full-event and in-person attendance.

Why “The Exit and Build Land”?

According to The Exit and Build Land” founder, John Bush…

Modern living is anti-human.

The water is poisoned, the air is impure, the food as I just noted is largely toxic, most people are divorced from nature, and communal bonds have been broken.

Most neighbors don’t talk to each other or know each other.

The values of our culture are all backward.

The government is hopelessly corrupt. That goes doubly for the corporations that have it in their back pocket.

According to John, we need a whole new change in how we live together, raise our families, form communities, and build a better future.

Not only do we need to regain our control over our food and land to live free…

We need to return to the traditions and modes of living that are natural and good for human beings.

The way of life our ancestors enjoyed.

The Exit and Build Land Summit is going to show you how to buy land if you want it, grow food on that land once you have it, and develop a community on that land if you dream of it.

Or show you how to join communities that already exist and are looking for new members like you!

It’s for everyone who wants self-sufficiency, sovereignty, and a true sense of community.

We shouldn’t be living like this…. Tens of thousands or millions of people all living in one giant blob spread across cities and suburbs is the most unnatural way to organize humanity in history.

Modern living doesn’t just cause problems such as poorer health, more crime, less connection with nature, higher rates of depression and loneliness, and so much more…

It’s the exact opposite of how we’re hardwired to live.

For millennia, humans lived in small, tribal groups connected to other small tribal groups. One group may be connected to thousands of others. But your home is within your own little tribal group.

Millions of people today live amongst millions of other people and know almost none of them. This is unnatural, unhealthy, and often inhumane.

Modern mass society is very sick for many reasons, and John Bush believes one of them is that we’ve lost a tribal, small-group way of living together.

Note: Your free pass lets you watch the first day and a half of the Land Summit live online. Upgrade options are available for full-event and in-person attendance.

The Benefits of Intentional Communities

The alternative is what’s called “intentional communities.”

Small communities of like-minded people organized around shared values and often self-sufficient food systems such as large gardens, permaculture site, food forests, ranches, etc.

John believes this is what we must return to if we want to experience real human flourishing again.

The anthropologist Robin Dunbar at the University of Oxford claims that humans can comfortably maintain no more than 150 stable relationships, which suggests that living amongst that many people is probably optimal for human flourishing and well-being.

The cultural critic Daniel Quinn has made the point that for 3 million years tribal life worked for us. He has said, “It worked for people the way nests worked for birds, the way webs work for spiders, the way burrows work for moles … That doesn’t make it lovable, it makes it viable.”

Some sociologists have gone as far as to suggest that we are mal-adapted in modern society and that tribal forms of life are the better mode of living for humanity.

So let’s return to what’s natural and right for us!

We have the power to do that right now.

Hundreds of new “tribal” intentional communities exist around the world.

And you have the chance to join one of them, or even create a new one yourself!

But in order to do either, you’ll need the help of like-minded people. During the “Exit and Build Land Summit”, the Community Matchmaking Session will connect those:

With an intentional community with those who are looking to join an intentional community
Who want to buy land in a certain area to meet those who also want to buy land in that area
Living in a certain area (such as Central Texas) with those also living in that area to form new friendships and connections

On top of that, The Exit and Build Land Summit will show you how to actually:

  • Acquire the land you’ll need to build a community
  • Develop the food growing systems for self-sufficiency
  • Gain the skills needed for smooth decision-making and community living, plus a whole lot more.

Note: Your free pass lets you watch the first day and a half of the Land Summit live online. Upgrade options are available for full-event and in-person attendance.

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