Emotion Code Event with Dr. Bradley Nelson

Introduction to the Emotion Code®: Heal From Illness & Emotional-Spiritual Pain – with Dr. Bradley Nelson

We all want to feel good, be happy, and enjoy life… Yet it’s part of being human to suffer from:

  • Physical ailments
  • Emotional upheavals
  • Material depletions (such as financial woes)
  • Spiritual & soul-related “droughts” that tap our creative juices and zest for life

If not addressed, the difficult feelings we generate due to these challenges can get the best of us, escalating over time into,

  • Chronic illnesses
  • Long-term depression
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Soul loss, and more.

According to Dr. Bradley Nelson, an internationally renowned medical intuitive, healer, and teacher, unfelt, unacknowledged, and unreleased emotions are at the core of most of our body’s imbalances.

In the case of pain, they’re behind 90 percent of symptoms.

In this free spiritual healing class, Dr. Brad will introduce you to the Emotion Code®, an approach to energy healing that taps into your subconscious to locate and move stuck emotional energies from your body quickly and easily.

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What You'll Learn During “Introducing the Emotion Code”

  • Discover the Emotion Code — an easy, yet powerful approach to energy medicine — that releases trapped emotions and addresses the underlying causes of physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances
  • Witness a powerful one-on-one demonstration of how the Emotion Code can be used to catalyze healing and transformation
  • Learn the Sway Test, the simplest method for connecting with your subconscious and zeroing in on blocks to your wellbeing
  • Discover what a Heart-Wall is, ways to find out if you have one, and to dissipate it for optimal health and happiness
  • Learn how the Emotion Code can be used not only to help yourself, but others as well, including children and animals

Challenges that the Emotion Code Can Potentially Help With

Dr. Brad will share how this powerful process can help you find and resolve underlying imbalances that may be causing disease, anxiety, and other personal challenges, including,

  • Relationship issues
  • PTSD
  • addiction
  • self-sabotage
  • and more…

You'll learn how this process can be used to help others, including your children, grandchildren, and even your pets.

Many of us have formed what Dr. Brad calls a Heart-Wall® — an energetic barrier that prevents us from fully loving ourselves and others and truly enjoying life. You can start to break through this barricade to a better life.

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Introduction to the Emotion Code

Imagine for a moment that your emotions are like travelers, journeying through the landscapes of your body, mind, and spirit. Each emotion you experience leaves an imprint, a footprint in the sands of your subconscious. While some travelers pass through without a trace, others may linger, their presence unseen but deeply felt. These lingering emotions can become trapped within us, creating blockages that disrupt the harmonious flow of our energy and manifest as physical, emotional, or spiritual pain. This is where the Emotion Code steps in, a powerful tool designed to identify and release these trapped emotions, paving the way for healing and transformation.

In the words of Dan Millman, “The journey is what brings us happiness, not the destination.” The Emotion Code invites us on a journey inward, to explore the hidden realms of our emotional landscape, to uncover the burdens we carry, and to set them free. This blog post will guide you through the principles of the Emotion Code, its benefits, and how you can embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

Understanding the Emotion Code

Woman Being Healed With The Emotion CodeThe Emotion Code, developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, is a holistic healing method that focuses on identifying and releasing trapped emotions. These trapped emotions are negative energies that reside within our bodies, often stemming from past traumas, unresolved conflicts, or inherited from our ancestors. They can disrupt the natural flow of our energy, leading to physical discomfort, emotional distress, and even spiritual disconnection.

The process of the Emotion Code involves muscle testing, a form of applied kinesiology, to communicate with the subconscious mind. This allows practitioners to pinpoint the specific trapped emotions and their locations in the body. Once identified, these emotions are released using various techniques, including the use of magnets or tapping on specific acupressure points.

The Process of Healing
  1. Muscle Testing: This technique involves asking the body yes or no questions and using muscle strength to determine the answers. It helps in identifying the trapped emotions stored in the subconscious mind.
  2. Identifying Trapped Emotions: The practitioner uses an Emotion Code chart to determine the specific trapped emotions and their locations.
  3. Releasing Trapped Emotions: Techniques such as magnetic energy or tapping on acupressure points are used to release the identified trapped emotions, allowing the body's energy to flow freely again.
Benefits of the Emotion Code
  • Physical Healing: Alleviates chronic pain, tension, and other physical ailments by addressing the root emotional causes.
  • Emotional Balance: Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression by releasing negative emotional energies.
  • Improved Relationships: Enhances personal relationships by clearing emotional baggage that affects interactions with others.
  • Spiritual Growth: Promotes a deeper connection with oneself and the universe, fostering spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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Frequently Asked Questions About “The Emotion Code”

1. What is the Emotion Code? The Emotion Code is a healing technique developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson that focuses on identifying and releasing trapped emotions, which are negative energies stored in the body due to past traumas, stress, or inherited experiences.

2. How does muscle testing work? Muscle testing, also known as applied kinesiology, involves asking the body yes or no questions and using muscle strength to determine the answers. It helps in communicating with the subconscious mind to identify trapped emotions.

3. What are trapped emotions? Trapped emotions are negative emotional energies that become lodged in the body, disrupting the flow of energy and leading to physical, emotional, and spiritual imbalances.

4. How are trapped emotions released? Trapped emotions are released using techniques such as magnetic energy or tapping on specific acupressure points. These methods help to free the trapped energy, allowing it to be processed and released from the body.

5. What are the benefits of the Emotion Code? The Emotion Code offers numerous benefits, including physical healing, emotional balance, improved relationships, and spiritual growth. It helps to alleviate pain, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote overall well-being.

6. Can anyone learn the Emotion Code? Yes, anyone can learn the Emotion Code. There are various resources available, including books, online courses, and certified practitioners, to help individuals learn and practice this healing technique.

7. How long does it take to see results? The results of the Emotion Code can vary from person to person. Some people experience immediate relief, while others may notice gradual improvements over time. Consistent practice and sessions can lead to significant long-term benefits.

8. Is the Emotion Code safe? Yes, the Emotion Code is a safe and non-invasive healing technique. It works by addressing the underlying emotional causes of physical and emotional issues, promoting natural healing processes within the body.

9. Can the Emotion Code help with inherited emotions? Yes, the Emotion Code can address inherited emotions, which are negative emotional energies passed down from ancestors. By releasing these inherited emotions, individuals can break free from generational patterns and promote healing across family lines.

10. How can I get started with the Emotion Code? To get started with the Emotion Code, you can attend this free online class with Dr. Bradley Nelson.

Healing With the Emotion Code - Created by Dr. Bradley Nelson
Image of People Using the Emotion Code for Healing Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Embracing the Journey

The Emotion Code offers a pathway to deeper self-awareness, healing, and transformation. It invites us to embrace our emotions, both past and present, and to release the burdens that weigh us down. As we embark on this journey, we open ourselves to new possibilities, greater well-being, and a profound sense of peace.

In the words of Dan Millman, “You don't have to control your thoughts; you just have to stop letting them control you.” The Emotion Code empowers us to take control of our emotional health, to release what no longer serves us, and to step into a life of greater freedom and joy.

The journey of healing with the Emotion Code is one of discovery and liberation. It allows us to uncover the hidden emotional energies that shape our lives and to release them with compassion and intention. As we let go of these trapped emotions, we make space for healing, growth, and a deeper connection with ourselves and the world around us.

May your journey with the Emotion Code be one of profound transformation and lasting peace.

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About Your Teacher – Dr. Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson - HeadshotDr. Bradley Nelson, DC (ret.), is a holistic chiropractor and medical intuitive, and one of the world’s foremost experts in the emerging fields of bioenergetic medicine and energy psychology. His bestselling book, The Emotion Code, helps people improve their health using the Emotion Code® technique. Users of his technique have experienced freedom from emotional and physical problems, including sadness, anxiousness, anger, fatigue, discomfort, and disease.

A key element of the Emotion Code is removing emotional baggage that may have clustered around the heart, interfering with one’s ability to find love and success. Dr. Brad has coined this cluster of emotions the Heart-Wall®, which has been called the most important discovery in the history of energy medicine.

Dr. Brad, who graduated with honors from Life Chiropractic College West in San Lorenzo, California, has lectured internationally on alleviating chronic disease through energy work and the balancing of the six key elements of health in the body. He channeled his life’s work into a simple yet powerful self-study course known as the Body CodeTM system, designed to teach students how to balance the body in these key areas.

Dr. Brad is a popular speaker on the international seminar circuit and travels to many countries around the globe, conducting Emotion Code seminars. A guest on countless radio and television shows, he has presented his timely message to millions around the world.

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