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Electric YOUniverse DocumentaryHere’s the foundational truth we all need to know: energy is everything.

For most of us, day-to-day life is increasingly becoming energy depleting – despite you being surrounded by more energy than ever before .

Independent studies show we are all increasingly, and relentlessly being bombarded by frequency waves and vibrations that are harmful.

In our search for connectivity, we’re not only becoming more and more distanced from one another, we are literally dying on the altar of new technology.

Your body has an innate wisdom that is always available to you. And tapping into it doesn’t have to be complicated or require a lot of time or money.

Understanding and practicing frequency healing is a powerful way to maintain and reclaim your health – and the Electric YOUniverse documentary film will provide new insights and new methods to tap into the energy all around you.

Why Watch The Electric YOUniverse Docu-Series / Movie

There’s a powerful life-force energy that’s within and all around you and all living things, at all times.

It was once called the aura, the officially recognized term is the ‘biofield’. It’s real and it’s scientifically measurable.

Certain frequencies (cell phone radiation, WiFi etc.) weaken your biofield and weaken your health. Other frequencies and energetic practices bolster it, and can bolster your health.

EMF Exposure

Whether you like it or not, the truth is you are bathed in EMFs 24/7.

And they're not going away anytime soon. Some experts are saying it’s causing symptoms of premature aging, including memory loss, inflammation, and even cancer.

When it comes to your “personal toxic load”, the story doesn’t end with the obvious things all around us. There are hidden toxins that can have lifelong impact.

In our search for connectivity, we’re not only becoming more and more distanced from one another, we are literally dying on the altar of new technology.

In the Electric YOUniverse, Docuseries Lloyd Burrell not only bravely shares his story, but he has invited over 30 leading experts to share science-based methods to protect yourself from harmful frequencies and how to tap into your body's innate ability to heal.

Here's just some of what you'll learn in the Electric YOUniverse Documentary Movie:

  • The science behind meditation & how to do it effectively
  • The gift of breath – the science behind optimum breathing
  • Strategies and techniques to set up a low EMF life-style

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