EFT for Weight Loss Mastercourse with Carol Look

EFT for Weight Loss Mastercourse with Carol Look

Have you ever wondered why you can follow your diet and exercise program perfectly…

But you still struggle to keep the weight off long-term?

Well according to the world-renowned Carol Look, “It’s not about the food.”

That's because diet and exercise are only one piece of the puzzle.

There’s been something that we’ve been missing for a long time:

Diet + Exercise + EFT = Amazing Results

No matter what diet plan you might be trying right now, you'll benefit from what Carol will be teaching.

Who Will Benefit from the EFT for Weight Loss Mastercourse

Girl Practicing EFT TappingWe all know that feeling of frustration that comes when you do all the dieting and exercising, but you can’t keep the weight off.

It’s as if there’s some blockage that’s preventing you from releasing the weight.

You may think that the reason you’ve been on this constant roller coaster is because you’ve been following the wrong diet or exercise program.

If you’re tired of following fad diets, you’re sick of feeling tired and hungry…

Then when you integrate EFT into your current plan, you'll be amazed at what can happen.

That's right…

You don’t need to change your diet or exercise plan. Just add EFT to what you’re already doing in the morning.

This free mastercourse is best for you, if you:

  • Have been struggling for years to drop the pounds
  • Have tried techniques like EFT Tapping before, but felt like you were missing something
  • Want to unlock the full potential of EFT Tapping to help ease stress, lose weight, and feel amazing
  • Want to try something new, and trust in Carol Looks 30 years of expertise
  • Want to try a simple strategy that clears the number one reason why you’ve struggled to lose the weight
  • Would rather go deep into one tapping system that goes deep into the problem

What You'll Learn During the EFT for Weight Loss Mastercourse with Carol Look

This A-Z EFT Tapping system is unique, and unlike anything you may have seen in other summits, events, or books.

Because it’s Carol's unique process for easing cravings and dropping pounds, without the harsh starvation dieting, no heavy weights, hours of cardio, or risky procedures.

Let's look closer at what you'll learn in each module…

EFT for Weight Loss – Module Overview

Module 1: Why It’s Not Actually About the Food
  • Why you can try vegan, paleo, keto, or carnivore, but still struggle to keep the weight loff. (And what you can do to reverse the problem).
  • What really happens when you manage to drop 10-15 pounds… and why the pounds immediately come ROARING back seemingly overnight.
  • How to use EFT Tapping to solve the problem of yo-yo dieting and lose the weight for good. (Eating the right foods is not the answer to this question).
Module 2: Stopping the Stress Response That Leads to Weight Gain
  • What all human beings really want out of life, and the surprising thing that happens when they don’t get it.
  • How to use EFT Tapping to INSTANTLY calm your nervous system, making it easier for your body to drop pounds.
  • The curious link between chronic stress and emotional overeating.
Module 3: Preventing Weight Loss Self-Sabotage
  • The number one problem that blocks your weight loss efforts. (And how to solve it in only 15 seconds).
  • How to dig down into the ROOT CAUSE of why it’s almost impossible to keep the weight off.
  • Why it’s so easy to accelerate your weight loss efforts when you follow these easy steps.
Module 4: Feeling Safe Enough to Release the Extra Weight
  • The core feeling you need to have in your mind, body, and spirit to effortlessly lose the weight.
  • Why emotional blockages (and energetic blockages) sabotage your fat-burning efforts.
  • What happens when your subconscious mind believes that it’s UNSAFE to lose the weight. (This emotional hangup is why some women struggle for decades to lose even a single pound).
Module 5: Can You Truly See Yourself Slim?
  • How to shift your identity with EFT Tapping so that your body automatically drops the weight…
  • How to shift your identity with EFT Tapping so that your body automatically drops the weight…
  • How to mix the power of positive visualization and tapping to manifest the body you’ve always wanted.
Module 6: Overcoming Cravings So You’ll Stick to Your Food Plan
  • What really happens in your mind and body when you feel that cravings for something sugary or salty?
  • How to use EFT Tapping to ease any cravings you may feel in only 10 seconds.
  • How to stop cravings before they even happen.
Module 7: Dealing With Social Pressure to Eat Off-Plan
  • Look good AND feel good with Tapping. Discover how to tap away negative emotions, shame, or guilt whenever people expect you to break your diet plan.
  • What to do when other people make you feel anxious or bad about yourself. (Which usually leads to an emotional cycle of overeating and binging).
  • How to make the weight loss journey effortless, stress free, and easy.
Module 8: Overcoming Your Resistance to Exercise
  • How to mix the power of exercise with tapping to make yourself feel better, and turbocharge the fat-burning after effects.
  • The easy way to break down “Exercise Resistance” that makes you not want to move.
  • How to automatically get more movement throughout the day, and burn 500-1000 more calories.
Module 9: Dealing With the Frustration of Weight Loss Plateaus
  • How to ensure that your belly keeps getting thinner… and that the weight doesn’t come back.
  • The easy way to stop the yo-yo dieting effect, and ensures that this is the last plan you’ll ever need to use to lose weight.
  • How to calm the energetic blockages that are making it impossible for you to lose weight. (Having this is like giving your energy circuit a “Jump Start” so you can finally lose the weight)

About Your Facilitator – Carol Look

Carol Look - HeadshotCarol Look is an author, speaker, coach, and creator of her signature coaching method, The Yes Code. Carol is a founding EFT Master (Trained by EFT creator Gary Craig), and combines her traditional training as a psychotherapist with clinical hypnosis and advanced applications of EFT for unprecedented results with her coaching clients.

Known for her laser-like focus and intuitive connections, Carol has used EFT Tapping for over 25 years to help clients release their limiting beliefs and emotional conflicts so they can enjoy lives of exceptional success.

Carol is a world-renowned EFT Tapping workshop presenter and has taught workshops in Belgium, England, France, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia, and all over the United States. She is also a regularly featured energy medicine expert on leading Global Telesummits, and has been invited to teach workshops at organizations such as The Omega Institute, Kripalu, The Eden Energy Fest, and the energy field’s primary teaching conference, ACEP.

Carol authored the classic go-to book on abundance: Attracting Abundance with EFT as well as Improve Your Eyesight with EFT, Stress Relief with EFT, and Overcoming Overwhelm. She is also known for creating downloadable Tapping programs of the highest quality for practitioners and clients with weight loss, clutter, fear of success, and procrastination.

A Message from Carol

I have a doctoral degree in hypnosis, I have 30+ years of clinical experience as a hypnotherapist, and I’ve been practicing EFT tapping for the last 18+ years.

In fact, the creator of this technique, Gary Craig, even trained me in EFT tapping himself. And after I saw the transformative power of tapping for losing weight, I dedicated my entire life to using it to help people lose weight.

I know what it’s like to go up and down on the scale. To try every diet and exercise program, only to struggle endlessly going back and forth…

That’s why I’ve spent the last 18+ years perfecting this EFT Tapping for Weight Loss Mastercourse.

This information is unlike anything I’ve shared in other summits, events, or courses. You won’t find anything exactly like this out there, and it’s easily the most important course I’ve ever released…

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