Dog Allergy Summit 2022

Dog Allergy Summit 2022

Dog allergies are one of the most common problems that pet parents face. The hardest thing for dog owners to watch is seeing their dog itching, scratching and suffering from allergies each season!

According to the latest research experts now believe allergies affect up to 20% of dogs worldwide and are rapidly growing. It’s now becoming a serious health concern as these rates increase each year.

At the Dog Allergy Summit 2022, you'll learn proven methods and protocols to rid your dog of allergies for good! We’ve brought together leading veterinarians and experts in the field who will share their insights on nutrition, symptoms, at home remedies, food and more.

If your dog experiences allergies, scratching, itching, or head shaking – something deeper in their body could be wrong. And it's up to each of us as loving dog parents to act fast.

Seasonal allergies are among the biggest factors that determine daily comfort for our dogs.

And with so much conflicting information online from faceless blog posts, articles, and Facebook Groups — how do you really know who to believe?

We will go behind the scenes with 19+ leading veterinarians, researchers, and experts who share the truth about dog allergies and how to improve (or even prevent!) them each allergy season.

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What You'll Learn During the Dog Allergy Summit 2022

During the Dog Allergy Summit 2022, you'll get You’ll get insights on nutrition, common symptoms, at-home remedies, when to intervene with medicine and more based on the latest modern science and other proven methods to help rid your dog of allergies for good.

Here's just some of the topics you'll learn about:

  • Efficient & effective interventions are needed to reduce the risk of meaningful complications associated with anaphylactic reactions
  • All about allergy testing options and the “when, why and how” they are used
    The early signs of skin infections and how to treat them at home
  • The current state of the vet industry and why every pet owner should be educating themselves first
  • How some shampoos can disrupt the protective skin barrier, leading to a stinkier dog and potentially skin disease
  • Why nutrition is a key step to treating your pet’s allergies and the best way to feed your dog
  • Important grooming techniques and practices for your pet
  • The hidden toxins in commercial pet food that can cause sudden illness, others can cause chronic disease

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Speaker List for the Dog Detox Summit 2022

Dr. Alex Avery, Dr. Jennifer Schissler Pendergraft, Dr. Jeff Werber, Dr. Jenifer Chatfield, Dr. Susan Bohrer, Dr. Chris Bessent, Dr. Lisa Chimes, Dr. Cherice Roth, Dr. Joya Griffin, Dr. Casara Andre, Dr. Erik Amazonas, Dr. João Lourenço Hasckel Gewehr, Jed Davis, Dr. Christopher Byers, Dr. Edward Bassingthwaighte, Dr. Margo Roman, Dr. Dan Annin, Dr. John Tegzes, Dr. Rachel Mar

Free Gifts for Dog Allergy Summit 2022 Attendees

When you register, you'll get the following free gifts to get you started helping your dog right away, even before the summit begins!

Gift #1: “Don't Let Itch Control Their Life” PDF Book

The most common manifestation of allergies in dogs is itchy skin. But don't make the mistake of thinking that this is a minor problem. Being itchy all the time is just like being in pain. The is the ultimate dog's guide to understanding and beating allergies for good!

Gift #2: “Allergies: A Functional Guide To Dog Allergies” PDF Book

Discover the causes of allergies, how bad they can become and what some of the most common allergies are in this easy to follow book. Plus the fastest way to alleviate your dog's allergies with a simple solution.

Gift #3: “Allergies” PDF Book

This is an ebook discussing natural and holistic approaches to address a pet’s allergies. Allergies are an inappropriate immune response to a normally harmless substance. Discover all of the different treatment options available in this easy to follow ebook!

Gift #4: Dog Allergy Summit Playbook

When you sign up you'll get access to this bonus PDF guide that you can download to keep in your digital dog allergy toolkit.

Get essential quick tips from world leading dog allergy practitioners plus how to get the most from this summit — so you can treat, improve or even prevent allergies for your dog!

It Will Be Beneficial Whether You're A Brand New or Experienced Dog Owner

This is NOT one of those events where the speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or services at the end far from it!

They're digging deep to give you their best stuff with ideas you can implement no matter what your dog owner experience level is at.

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A Message From Your Dog Allergy Summit 2022 Host – Dr. Alex Avery

Dr. Alex Avery, Veterinarian - HeadshotAs a veterinarian, my life’s mission started in 2006: to improve the lives of the patients and pet parents, just like you, that walk through my consulting room door.

It didn’t take me long to discover that many owners didn’t realize just how important preventive healthcare is, and how big an impact simple, small actions can have. I also discovered many were coming across superficial, incorrect, and sometimes downright dangerous information online. Added to this is the risk of wasting countless dollars on worthless accessories and faddy “treatments” that have no chance of helping your pet.

That is why, in 2017, I founded Our Pets Health: to provide accurate, evidence-based pet health information all designed to help you look after your furry family members to the best of your ability – all so they can live the long, healthy, and happy life you want for them!

I'm excited to be bringing this incredible information to the pet parent community!

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They believe in a world where healthy pets are the norm, not the exception. That's why they create the world's most informative online summits and programs in every category of pet health and well-being. Learn from the leading veterinarians and pet experts on a powerful learning platform.

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