Learn Shamanic Astrology - For Healing, Spiritual Growth, and Life Purpose - With Terry Morgan

Learn Shamanic Astrology – For Healing, Spiritual Growth, and Life Purpose – With Terry Morgan

These days, even seasoned spiritual seekers are longing for a new way to feel more grounded and improve their understanding of their own inherent divinity.

Shamanic astrology may hold the answers you’re looking for. This revolutionary approach combines two ancient wisdom systems by using shamanic journeying to access astrological energies.

As shamanic astrologer Terry Morgan teaches, shamanic journeying can open up receptors to Spirit through direct revelation.

This means that you can become your own astrologer — by:

  • Exploring your astrological energies
  • Experiencing them deeply
  • Integrating their wisdom into your daily life.

Through the lens of your astrological blueprint, you can deepen your awareness of your essential self and experience the direct revelations of shamanic sages and astrologers throughout history.

During this free online shamanic healing workshop, Terry will share how her signature process of shamanic astrology can help you access your true essence — perhaps for the first time ever.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Shamanic Astrology Workshop

  • Shamanic astrology can help you thrive in these challenging times as you understand your own shamanic astrological journey
  • A guided shamanic journey to the heart and spirit of the Sun will help you download planetary information about yourself, and return with revitalized life-force energy
  • You can become your own teacher and astrologist so you can discover transformative insights into your own life path and take more control of your future
  • You have a journey spelled out in the stars that’s unique to you — that depends on your time of birth, the Sun, and planetary alignment
  • You can feel a new sense of home within you — one of purpose, wholeness, love, and centeredness that empowers you to move through the world with peace and confidence

Discover Shamanic AstrologyTerry and Robert Rand, her guest teacher and partner who will provide musical accompaniment, will be your guides on a shamanic journey (visualization) to the heart and spirit of the Sun…

Where you’ll download planetary information about your life.

As you’ll discover, you have a planetary path unlike anyone else’s, offering wisdom and guidance that can revitalize your life force and add greater energy and vitality to your daily life.

You’ll learn how shamanic astrology empowers you to attain a higher perspective of life and a more profound understanding of yourself.

Shamanic Astrology Can Help You Feel

  • Unconditionally loved
  • Centered
  • Whole

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About Your Shamanic Astrology Teacher – Terry Morgan

Terry Morgan Headshot - Shamanic AstrologerTerry Morgan is a shamanic astrologer with nine years experience teaching core and advanced shamanic trainings. Her services in astrology include in-depth individual and group sessions in evolutionary astrology, featuring her own signature work revealing the Black Moon Lilith’s potency in the chart, and her powerful use of shamanic journeying coupled into the astrological process.

She teaches Transfiguration, Extraction, and other advanced shamanic trainings, has performed Soul Retrievals for many clients around the world, and has conducted numerous healing ceremonies including her personal calling, Sacred Fire.

Terry’s shamanic training began with a 2-year Core Shamanism Apprenticeship with Dory Cote and a 2-year Initiations program with Dory and Barbara Bloecher. She then completed a 1-year requisite course in Core Shamanism followed by a 2-year Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman. Terry’s teaching experience includes eight years as Teaching Associate with Dory at teaching centers, including Kripalu Center For Yoga & Health, Omega, and Multiversity.

Terry, an active member of Renee Baribeau's teacher team, was a participant in Renee's 2019 “I Am” Symposium. She did two live teachings in the program, a New Moon’s Message, and an Owl Journey Visualization accompanied with live music provided by her partner Robert Rand, creator of Wavepool, the Deep Relaxation Soundtrack.

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Mar 19 2022


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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  • Date: Mar 19 2022
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