Design Your Best Life Challenge - With Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies

Design Your Best Life Challenge – With Natalie Ledwell from Mind Movies

During this free life challenge via Zoom, you'll come together with success coach and law of attraction teacher, Natalie Ledwell (of Mind Movies) to call in your well-deserved happiness, wealth, and abundance.

Free, for five days Natalie is going to help you:

  • Get Unstuck
  • Transcend Your Fears & Limiting Beliefs
  • Call In Limitless Wealth & Abundance
  • Create Your “Unstoppable Best Life Action Plan”

Plus, Design Your Best Life Challenge participants can win wesome prizes along the way for showing up and giving it their best! Show up, give it your best, and you can win Apple airpods, Apple watches, Muse meditation headsets, and more!

Natalie has made a special video for you, so that you:

  • Know what to expect
  • How to participate
  • And how to get the most from this life-changing experience

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What You'll Get During the Free Design Your Best Life Challenge

The Design Your Best Life Challenge is a 7-day virtual group coaching experience that gives you:

1. A series of private virtual group coaching sessions with Natalie herself

Natalie will personally rewire your mind, your habits, your self-identity, and even your soul to effortlessly embody
the person you want to be and the life you want to live…

2. Access to mind-blowing personal growth tools and technologies

These tools will instantly light up your creation power – and help you clarify, focus on, and manifest what you really want this year and beyond.

3. A seat at the table in an inspiring global community of participants

These are people just like you who can't wait to support you all the way to the finish line.

4. Your own personal ‘Best Life Action Plan'

By the end of the Design Your Best Life Challenge, you'll have a roadmap that's so precise and empowering, it'll help you manifest your biggest goals and dreams.

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Who The Design Your Best Life Challenge Is For

This is especially for you if you’re:

  1. Feeling stuck or uncertain about your future: get the clarity you need to move onwards and upwards with total confidence in the coming weeks, months, and years.
  2. raving a deeper sense of passion, purpose, and fulfillment: discover what you really want and what really brings you joy – and design your dream life around it.
  3. Searching for greater wealth and prosperity this year: chart your path to a financial breakthrough, total lifestyle freedom, and the abundance to live on your terms.

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How The Design Your Best Life Challenge Helps Make 2022 Your Best Year Ever

February is prime time for the stress, anxiety, and even guilt of realizing you may be falling behind on that:

  • Savings or investment plan meant to solve your financial uncertainty…
  • Breakthrough business proposal that was supposed to set you free…
  • Healthy workout routine that would get you back in shape…
  • Nutritious diet meant to heal you…
  • That romantic relationship you've been craving…
  • New language, instrument, or skill you wanted to learn…
  • Or any of the other positive changes you promised you'd make happen in 2022.

You might be thinking to yourself: “How on earth is it February already??? Wasn't Christmas and New Year just a couple of weeks ago? Has time magically started moving faster? I'm not even ready to add a year to my age yet!”

If, like most people, you've been caught up in the craziness of the early-year rush, it's likely you've started trailing on at least some of the goals and resolutions you set. You might even be feeling a little anxious or stressed about it.

And realistically speaking, somewhere between now and the middle of the year, most of us will have long allowed our biggest hopes and dreams to slip through the cracks. Or we'll settle for a far lesser version of them that leaves us feeling half empty and stuck.

But what if this year was different for you?

Remember: It's really only February! There's still time to make this a breathtaking year for yourself.

Happy Abundant Woman Embracing Money With Her Heart

If you have BIG goals and dreams, you're hoping to finally achieve this year such as: Painful personal challenges in your finances, work, health, or relationships that you
want to resolve urgently…

Or if you're just feeling a little stressed or anxious about staying on top of all the chaos and disruptions around you…

Then this challenge, the prizes, the free gifts, and the community are the exact support you need to turn your life around now and design 2022 to be your best year ever!

The science-based tools and guidance you'll receive from Natalie have helped transform over 10 million people worldwide, and they can help you do the same.

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Daily Schedule for The Design Your Best Life Challenge

Session 1: Setting Your Intention – From A Place of Flow

Your adventure begins with an exploration of your emotions – and how you can harness your ‘high frequency emotions’ as rocket fuel. From this place you’ll create a Powerful Intention and discover and experience the sheer power of your words – and the importance of dreaming BIG.

Session 12: Visualize With Radical Clarity

If you’ve ever felt lost or stuck (and who hasn’t?) this session will give you crystal clear clarity on what you REALLY want by using the Mind Movies tool to beautifully describe this. You’ll then start to use advanced visualization techniques to create this as your new reality with far more speed and far less struggle.

Session 3: Inspiration In Action to Sweet Surrender

If you don’t even know where to being, this session will help you devise a plan and tap into Source to gain the confidence, wisdom and momentum you need to take the right kind of action. Then we’ll take the scariest step together and let it all go!

Session 4: Goodbye Limiting Beliefs

Everyone has limiting beliefs: those little voices in your head telling you you’re not good, worthy, or smart enough to earn or get what you want. In this session you’ll discover how to find and break free from yours – all in just four simple steps.

Session 5: Your New Life – And, Hot Hot Hot Seats!

In your final session, you’ll discover how to combine everything you’ve learned into one unstoppable action plan. Plus, join Natalie for exclusive hot seats where you’ll walk away with a personalized prescription for any specific challenge you might be facing, plus enjoy a wrap-up Q&A that sets you up for extraordinary success in the coming months, years, and decades.

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Free Gifts For Challenge Participants

Plus, when you join this free challenge, you’ll get instant gifts such as free access to:

  1. The ultimate manifestation tool – the Mind Movies 4.0 Creation Kit
  2. Special manifesting and success downloads
  3. Access to the exclusive challenge Facebook group
  4. And more tools, meditations, and processes

All to support your transformation!

Design Your Best Life Challenge: Free Gifts for Attendees

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About Your Challenge Facilitator – Natalie Ledwell

Natalie Ledwell HeadshotNatalie is the author of the bestselling book, “Never In Your Wildest Dreams,” host of The Inspiration Show and Co-founder of Mind Movies.

Raised in rural Australia in a family of 8, she knew that she was destined for something bigger, that she wanted more from her life and to help others find the same, but had no idea how to reach her goals.

Her journey has taken her from Australia and $120,000 in debt with no clear way out… to becoming one of the premier experts in the world on how to bring success and abundance into the lives of anyone who will embrace it.

Fast forward to today and Natalie and her incredible team at Mind Movies have empowered over 5.8 million people around the world to see beyond their own circumstances, to break down the boundaries real or perceived in their lives… and truly begin to find the lives and success they deserve.

Natalie continues her trajectory to motivate and inspire people all over the world with her brand new television show Wake Up! that will air in over 80 million homes starting in May of this year with an incredible array of amazing guests dedicated to helping others create their own best lives.

Additionally, her powerful commitment to improving the lives of people everywhere extends into her brand new, groundbreaking program in Colombia where she’s created “PD for Kids” a positive personal development program being taught now to 10,000 children in the most poverty stricken areas of the country, so that they too can see their lives beyond their current circumstances and live to their fullest potential. Taking their thoughts and dreams and helping them make it their reality.

And through this challenge, she’s going to guide you through some of the most powerful personal transformation tools she’s used over the years to overcome your limiting beliefs. You'll be surprised at what you discover about yourself, your beliefs, and how you've been holding yourself back since childhood.

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