Deeper Dreamwork Using Bee Shamanism: For Healing & Spiritual Growth - With Ariella Daly

Deeper Dreamwork Using Bee Shamanism: For Healing & Spiritual Growth – With Ariella Daly

You may already know that dream shamanism reveals how your dreams are an entire world that you can cultivate as you wish…

Yet, did you know that welcoming the honeybee as your guide through your intentional dreaming practices can help you develop a deeper, more profound relationship with yourself, Spirit, and the Earth?

The ancient practice of bee shamanism, an ancient branch of shamanism, is revered throughout the world — wherever the honeybee is found.

Especially in this current historical moment of profound change and imbalance with the Earth, bee shamanism continues to reveal powerful truths and insights we can apply to our daily lives.

In this free virtual Shamanism class, Ariella Daly, shamanic practitioner, writer, and bee guardian, will introduce you to the bee shamanism tradition, the Path of Pollen, in a fascinating 60-minute event:

Approach Dreamwork Through the Practices of Bee Shamanism: Techniques from the Bee Priestess Lineage of Ancient Greece to Deepen Your Relationship With Yourself, Spirit & the Earth.

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What You’ll Learn During This Free Virtual Shamanism Class

  • How the ancient tradition of bee shamanism connects you more deeply to your body — and unlocks profound wisdom about everything from the cosmos to the personal inner work you’re being called to do
  • The history and potentially life-changing significance of the Melissae, the bee priestesses — also known as the womb shamans
  • The dream incubation practices of ancient Greece — and the long-ago revelation that bees are intimately connected to dreams
  • The fascinating story of why the honeybee is sacred, the role of the figure eight in bee shamanism as the primary symbol of the bee tradition, and more
  • How to infuse your dreams with a guided Fire-Sipping practice, a technique for bringing the energy of fire in the form of a beeswax candle into the body as a sacred temple, focusing on a part of your body that needs attention

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Ariella will share how dreaming with bees can uniquely affect your dream state, the importance of honeybees as sacred beings in the ancient world and folklore…

And why bees are so important to humankind today.

You’ll discover how, just as the honeybee tends to its garden, you can tend to your own interior garden…

And learn more about the world and who you truly are through bee shamanism and intentional dreaming.

You’ll explore the hidden depths of your interior garden through the ancient tradition of bee shamanism…

Of which Dreamwork is an integral part…

To deepen into your own truth, intuition, and healing.

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About Your Shamanism Teacher – Ariella Daly

Ariella Daly is a dream weaver and bee tender. Devoted to the bee in both the physical world and the spirit world, she beautifully synthesizes natural beekeeping, shamanism, dreamwork, and activism through writing, workshops, and teaching.

Ariella has over 25 years of experience designing, leading, and participating in Celtic and earth-based workshops and ceremonies. Working within a European shamanic tradition, the Path of Pollen, she teaches dreamwork with the understanding that bees readily inhabit the mythic landscape of the Dream Weave.

Her work combines firsthand knowledge of the honeybee species with an intimate understanding of bee shamanism. She is known for helping people connect to the wild and sacred through relationship with bees, nature, the feminine, and the inherent intuition of the body.

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Jun 23 2021


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm


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