Crossing the Threshold of the Enlightened Witness with Raja Choudhury

Crossing the Threshold of the Enlightened Witness with Raja Choudhury

Be guided through 3 ancient Indian yogic meditation techniques to enter a gateway into an enlightened, embodied state of consciousness called Turiya — and experience:

  • Clarity
  • Bliss
  • And joy

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What You'll Learn During “Crossing the Threshold of the Enlightened Witness”

During your meditation practice, have you ever caught a glimpse of a vast, infinite, and intelligent Void — just beyond apparent reality?

Did you sense that this infinite Void is the source of all consciousness and energy? That it is, in fact, your true home?

Did you feel trepidation at the threshold — yet suspect that, if you were able to enter this expansive state, you may not want to return to this reality?

This is the “Turiya” state.

Spiritual teacher and beloved Shift faculty Raja Choudhury describes it as the Fourth State of Consciousness, beyond waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.

In many ways, this state is the primary goal for all yogic practices, leading to a nondual experience of life — in which we delight in all of life’s expressions as part of the divine play.

Join us for a new hour-long spiritual healing event as Raja immerses us in the Fourth State and shares three ancient Indian practices to help you begin to access and stabilize the Turiya state…

Experience a Tantric Yoga Meditation for Enlightenment

He’ll guide you through an advanced set of Tantric Yoga meditation techniques that illuminate how everything around you can be a gateway into an enlightened, embodied state of consciousness.

Raja affirms that you can reside in this Turiya state all the time, no matter where you are, or what you’re doing.

As he’ll explain, when you cross the threshold and enter the state of Turiya, you’ll find absolute stillness and complete awareness in a universe of perpetual change…

This state is a realm beyond birth, life, and death — where you can transcend fear and doubt, quieting the voice in your head and the emotional impact of outside events so that nothing disturbs your inner sense of peace.

Benefits of Crossing the Threshold of the Enlightened Witness

Once you cross the threshold and enter Turiya, you’ll witness everything that happens, either within or without, with total awareness. You’ll learn what it means to become the Enlightened Witness — both the observer and the director of your life’s play.

This state of observation from the transcendental Void brings immense clarity, peace, joy — and pure and infinite bliss.

From this stillness, you act in the world with total awareness. You may also find yourself smiling and laughing often, experiencing profound joy for no particular reason.

Join Raja and discover three practices to facilitate sitting in the perfect stillness of Turiya — as a peaceful warrior, wholly balanced in an insane world of dualities, polarities, intolerance, and divisions.

Class Topics for “Crossing the Threshold of the Enlightened Witness”

During this free online spiritual growth class, you’ll:

  • Receive a map of consciousness that gives you a clear overview of the 3 key stages of the journey into stabilizing in the Enlightened Witness
  • Learn how to specifically approach the chanting of a mantra to enter into Turiya, the fourth state of consciousness
  • Experience an advanced Tantric Yoga meditation technique that illuminates how everything around you can be a gateway into an enlightened, embodied state of consciousness
  • Discover a deeper understanding of the 3 levels of consciousness represented by Om, which helps you fully dissolve into the Enlightened Witness
  • Learn 3 ways to address your fears of the threshold or Void, which is represented by the fearsome Threshold Guardians in advanced spiritual traditions
  • Explore how to begin reimagining your life after returning from the Void

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About Your Spiritual Teacher – Raja Choudhury

Raja Choudhury - HeadshotRaja Choudhury, a spiritual teacher, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and TED speaker, aims to disrupt human consciousness and awaken each of us to our true evolutionary potential using his deep knowledge of Kundalini Shakti, Tantra, and Indian Wisdom seen through the lens of neuroscience and modern psychology. In the past five years, he has emerged as one of The Shift Network’s most popular new teachers, initiating and guiding more than 4,400 students into the mysteries of Kundalini Shakti, Shiva-Shakti Tantra, Karma, and the Third Eye. Raja’s own shift occurred in 2006 when, while a creative director in New York, he underwent a life-changing Kundalini awakening that rewired his system and opened up a new Universe for him.

Raja started his professional life as an architect after graduating from the acclaimed Architectural Association School in London, then went on to become a Webby-winning digital creative director in New York, where his awakening occurred. Since then, Raja has created numerous documentary films on wisdom and consciousness, including Spirituality in the Modern World with Ken Wilber and Traleg Rinpoche… Yoga: Harmony with Nature (the official international film for the first International Day of Yoga)… The Quantum Indians (winner of the 2014 National Film Award of India)… The Modern Mystic… and Guruji Amritananda. He’s currently making a film entitled America’s First Guru for PBS on how Indian Wisdom first came to America.

Raja gave a TED talk in Bangalore on “Indian Wisdom for Today’s World” in 2012 and a TEDx talk in 2015 on yoga. His videos on Shakti, Mantras, Kundalini, Shiva, the Third Eye, and meditation are popular on YouTube. In his own spiritual quest, he was initiated first into Kriya Yoga in 1998, and went on to take deep initiations into Raja Yoga, advanced Kriya Yoga, and then finally, Sri Vidya and Maha Vidya Tantra. Raja is also a student of Trika, Qigong, sacred geometry, neuroscience, history, esoteric traditions, and the mind. His teachings are a syncretic blend of Eastern and Western philosophies and techniques.

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