Courage for Women - Feel The Fear & Share It Anyway: Stop Hiding and Truly Be Seen!

Courage for Women – Feel The Fear & Share It Anyway: Stop Hiding and Truly Be Seen!

Let’s face it…

While the world was very different for women 100 years ago, there are still many things that haven’t changed all that much.

Your own personal mixture of these is what may leave you questioning whether you should say what you really think or put yourself out there as a professional.

Moving past fear to stand up and say ‘I know this’ or ‘I’m good at this and I can help you’ can be especially hard for many of us.

At the same time the world desperately needs the uniquely feminine gifts so many women have to offe…

Yet so many women are holding back for fear… of so MANY things.

Fear of…

  • Being seen
  • Being exposed
  • Not doing it “perfectly”
  • Failing, publicly
  • Being found out to be an imposter
  • Being judged as too much, too confident, taking up too much space

Add to that the deep frustration of seeing the impact it has on our lives. The list is long and all too familiar to so many.

These things aren’t your fault, and the fact that you’re struggling to put yourself out there doesn’t mean you’re lazy or bad… the underlying causes are completely valid.

Fortunately, you CAN do something about it and take back control of how it impacts your life.

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What You'll Learn At “Feel the Fear and Share It Anyway”

This event is a free 3-day journey of embodied self-exploration for women who want to stop playing small and live their big dreams.

If you’re interested in experiencing how to move forward with the fear and bring your most authentic self into the world, join us to get a taste of what that feels like.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Escape the “not good enough” trap
  • Go beyond the “good woman” role
  • Embody your inner badass

If the idea of fully putting yourself out there makes your stomach turn, you're not alone. Women have incredibly powerful and unique gifts to share that the world desperately needs – and that includes you.

And as women we’ve faced so many things (conditioning, society, expectations, oppression – the list goes on), that can make bringing those gifts into the world much harder than it is for men.

With clarity and the right tools, there is something you can do about it. When you can see what’s at the root of it for you (nothing’s a one-size-fits-all), you’ll have something solid to work with.

During this free spiritual growth event for women, you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s like to be able to Feel the fear and share it anyway in embodied experiential sessions.

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Which Women Should Attend This Event

This event is for, if you're a woman who:

  • Wants to coach and is struggling to get started
  • Has big dreams and can't seem to take action to realise them
  • Feels like you're holding yourself back in your facilitation
  • Has been taught to play it small and doesn't want to any more
  • Is searching for confidence and authenticity in the way you present yourself professionally to the world

Throughout the event, you'll:

  • Uncover what's underneath your resistance to sharing your gifts
  • Experience practical embodied tools to start moving past some of that
  • Begin to create a vision of what's possible and how to get there

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Daily Sessions Themes

Day 1: Escape the “not good enough” trap

Day 2: Go beyond the “good woman” role

Day 3: Embody your “inner badass”

You'll get free access to:

  • Practical, proven techniques: To identify what's been holding you back and begin to step past it.
  • 30-minute sessions: Plus 30 minute Q&A to work around your busy schedule

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About Your Facilitators

Christina Dohr, Embodiment Coach & Somatic Educator

Christina is co-lead trainer on the Certification of Embodiment Coaching course. She is a certified teacher of Feminine Yoga for women and uses dance and embodiment to teach workshops on boundaries and self-expression in women-only spaces.

Christina has an aikido black belt and is a master of integrated mixed modalities. She guides groups and individuals through embodied exercises while targeting greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Patricia Aguirre, Therapist & Family Constellations Facilitator

Patricia is co-lead trainer of the Trauma Coaching course and works extensively with women through private sessions and workshops. She combines deep processes of shadow work through different models of therapy and trauma work with almost two decades on the spiritual path.

Patricia weaves both of these visions into her work where she leads women into states of strength and empowerment, peace and fulfillment in life, as expressed by many of the women she has worked with.

You'll also get guest teachings from Roma Norriss, Martha Eddy, Amy Rachelle, and Suzanne Scurlock.

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When you attend at least one session on each of the 3 days, you'll get access to the recordings for free.

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Mar 06 - 08 2022


11:00 am - 11:30 am

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  • Timezone: America/New_York
  • Date: Mar 06 - 08 2022
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 2:30 pm

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