Consciously Parenting Teens During Uncertain Times 2022 Summit

Our teens are suffering. Consider these statistics:

  • 60% increase in the rate of suicide among 10- to 24-year-olds from 2007 to 2018
  • Over 36.7% have feelings of persistent feelings of sadness and hopelessness
  • 1 in 5 experience a mental health condition in a given year
  • 1 in 5 have seriously contemplated suicide
  • 3 out of 4 feel the future is frightening

Our children are facing unprecedented issues, and the ways we were parents (in most cases) won't work for helping our children live happy, healthy, productive lives.

We need to approach parenting with presence, intention, consciousness, and compassion, so that we can turn those statistics upside-down for the coming generations.

This summit gathers more than 40 of the world’s leading teachers in mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, and ancestral wisdom to teach parents how to understand their teens and share top resources and tools to help parents support their teens in these uncertain times.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Conscious Parenting Summit

  • Master effective practices to increase connection with your family, reduce stress and anxiety and work through difficult emotions
  • Discover evidence-based ways to reduce self-judgment and disarm your inner critic
  • Understand the science behind the major changes that teens experience in their body and mind and how it affects them
  • Hear directly from teens about what they’re going through and what they need from parents
  • Learn about eco-anxiety and how it triggers a sense of hopelessness
  • Understand the confusion and stress around self-identity (race, gender, socio-economic)
  • Learn how to spot the signs of suicidal ideation and what to do about it
  • Understand how technology can (and does) harm a teen’s emotional well-being
  • Become a more joyful, less stressed, more present, less burnt-out parent.

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How The Parenting Teens During Uncertain Times Summit Helps You Parent Better

When you sign up, you'll get:

  • More than 40 talks from world-renowned teachers
  • Live sessions
  • Two parenting resource circles: get support and share experiences with fellow caregivers
  • Teen perspectives: hear directly from teens on what they are thinking, experiencing and what they need from their parents
  • Practice room: filled with powerful tools and supporting practices to help you make real change and better support your teen

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Consciously Parenting Teens During Uncertain Times Summit – Speaker & Topic Schedule

DAY 1, April 25: Understanding and Working with the Current State of Teen Mental Health

  • DAN SIEGEL & GOLDIE HAWN: Understanding and working with the Adolescent Brain
  • PHILIPPA PERRY: Parenting the Way You Wish You Had Been
  • XIAOAN LI: Worldwide Trends in Teen Mental Health
  • KAREN BLUTH: Trends with Teens and Tools to Navigate the Effects of Teen Stress & Anxiety

DAY 2, April 26: Creating Play and Joy in Parenting

  • MELISSA BERNSTEIN: Importance of Play for Parents and Kids
  • JAMES BARAZ: Choosing Joy in Parenting
  • RORY SCOVEL: The Absurdity of Trying to Parent Perfectly
  • BRIAN SWIMME: The Universe IS Creative Play
  • LIVE SESSION with SUSAN TELLONE: Knowing the Cues and Clues of Self Harm Risks (and what to do)

DAY 3, April 27: Growing a Compassionate Family

  • TARA BRACH: Compassionate Parenting and Tools to Manage Self-Judgement
  • RICK HANSON: Growing a Compassionate Brain
  • STEVE HICKMAN: Myths of Self-Compassion
  • JOYCE RUPP: Compassion from a Christian Lens

DAY 4, April 28: Effects of Technology and Nurturing Simplicity

  • RANDY FERNANDO: Understanding and Working with CoersiveTechnology
  • TRACY FOSTER: Practical Ways to Manage Technology with Teens
  • KIM JOHN PAYNE: Being Your Best when Your Kids are At their Worst
  • Young Voices: ADAM AVIN: Peer-to-Peer Support

DAY 5, April 29: It All Starts with Us — Healing Ourselves, Healing Our Family

  • KRISTIN NEFF: Fierce Self-Compassion to Support Mental Well-being
  • MARTIN AYLWARD: How to Recognize and Manage Your Own Reactivity
  • MARK COLEMAN: Dancing with Your Inner Critic
  • TAMMY LALLY: How Not to Pass Money Scarcity and Shame Issues to Your Kids
  • Live Session: Parenting Resource Circles with MICHAEL DANZANSKY, MOLLY STURGES and LAURA MCCOY – Listening, Learning and Sharing Resources with Other Parents

DAY 6, April 30: Seeing Role of Parent through a Different Lens

  • PAT MCCABE: Our Children Know What to Do – a Native American Perspective on Parenting
  • BAYO AKÓMOLÁFÉ: The World Doesn't All Parent the Same
  • BELVIE ROOKS: The Importance of
  • Intergenerational Dialogue & Connection
  • PAMELA AYO YETUNDE: Being in relationship with Your Teen, Your Spirit & Your Self

DAY 7, May 1: Understanding and Working with Anxiety & Trauma

  • DAVID TRELEVEAN: Handling Trauma with Parents and Teens
  • MARK WOLYNN: Understanding Inherited Trauma, Habits and Behaviors – and How to Shift Them
  • BRITT WRAY: Understanding and working with Eco Anxiety in Teens
  • Young Voices – CLOVER HOGAN: Moving Past Despair and Denial

DAY 8, May 2: Tools to Support Ourselves and Our Teens

  • RICHARD STROZZI-HECKLER: The Body as a Vehicle for Change
  • CHRIS GERMER: Working with Shame
  • FLEET MAULL: Radical Responsibility and Parenting
  • MICHAEL STONE: Creating Change — Using Breathwork to Shift Subconscious Patterns

DAY 9, May 3: Identity and Self-Acceptance

  • LA SARMIENTO: Gender Identity and Self-Acceptance
  • DR. TYREE OREDEIN: Race and Gender and the Impact on Kids and Teens
  • KAIRA JEWEL LINGO: Ancestral Healing as Caregivers and Being With Our Own Suffering
  • OSCAR MEDINA and SALINA MAE: On the ground: Creating Wellbeing in School (perspectives of mental health counselors)
  • Live Session: Resource Circles with MICHAEL DANZANSKY, MOLLY STURGES, CHARLOTTE DELSIGNORE and LAURA MCCOY – Listening, Learning and Sharing Resources with Other Parents

DAY 10, May 4: Power of a Positive Mindset

  • DR. JEAN CLINTON: The Power of Positive Parenting
  • LT. (RET.) JASON REDMAN: Get off the “X” — Moving Through Life's Ambushes
  • FATHER GREG BOYLE: Choosing to Cherish
  • GABRIELLA WRIGHT: See your teen for who they are (not who you want them to be)

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Who Is The Parenting Teens In Uncertain Times Summit For

  • Parents who are have a teen that is exhibiting signs of anxiety or depression
  • Parents who are worried about not being able to understand and connect with their child
  • Parents who are concerned about the global tidal wave of adolescent despair and detachment

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About Your Conscious Parenting Host – Michael Danzansky

Michael Danzansky HeadshotThis summit came into existence because I am a parent who, like you, was looking for answers about how to best support my teen through these challenging times.

It feels like everywhere I turn right now, the question of how to help teens navigate and thrive in the world comes up time and again. It’s there in the latest research on childhood anxiety and depression, in the news about teens and the struggles they face, and in conversations I have with fellow parents.

During the last two decades of my career learning, teaching and coaching, I have had the privilege to study with so many incredible teachers who provided me with depth and guidance as a parent.

I designed this summit to help connect other parents to the expertise, perspectives and tools that helped guide me, as well as to connect them to their own teens and to each other as a parent community.

The response to our call to actively support our teens through these times has been thrilling and convinces me that together, we have the power and courage to create amazing new possibilities for our teens and families. I am so grateful you are joining me for this journey together.

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