Conscious Breathwork to Awaken Your Authentic Self

Conscious Breathwork to Break Through Resistance & Awaken Your Authentic, Luminous Self – with Anthony Abbagnano

Your breath is natural, free, and available whenever you need it — AND it’s your greatest ally, one you could never live without, and one you can easily live more fully with.

Breathwork lets your body speak, and opens you to true integrity… your inner authority and wholeness as a unique and fully realized being.

Studies have also shown that breathwork can help reduce symptoms associated with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and PTSD.

In this free spiritual class, world-renowned breathwork trainer Anthony Abbagnano will help you discover how conscious breathwork can help you get to the roots of stuck patterns buried in your subconscious

You'll not only learn how to release their obstructive energies, but allow exciting new perspectives and possibilities to surface as your deepest wisdom is revealed, integrated, and lived.

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In this 60-minute free online event, you’ll discover:

  • Experience a breathing exercise to make friends with resistance — and free up its energy for initiating something new
  • Experience a powerful practice to help you ease anxiety — and understand how conscious breathwork goes beyond physical release to integrate a shift in perception and a new way of being
  • Understand how conscious, connected breathwork uses the breath to guide you into your subconscious, break old patterns, and open you to new possibilities as you align with deeper parts of yourself
  • Discover breathwork as a means for connecting with your self-worth, reclaiming wholeness, and deepening your relationship with yourself
  • Explore how conscious breathwork can be used in the moment to help you instantly shift your state of being when you’re triggered — from stressed to self-aware, grounded, and clear

Breathwork is also one of the best healing modalities to help us break through our resistance to growth, and stepping into the fullness of life that our deepest Self knows we crave and are capable of attaining.

You’ll experience how conscious breathwork can instantly change your state of being and point of view in any moment — whenever you need to release stress and find your groundedness.

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About Your Teacher – Anthony Abbagnano

Anthony Abbagnano is the founder of Alchemy of Breath, an international organization that offers transformational breathwork training program and promotes the union of Western medicine with all other modalities. He’s also the founder of Alchemy School of Healing Arts (ASHA), a retreat and community center located in Southern Tuscany.

Having been a conscious breather for decades, Anthony first incorporated breathwork into his other wellness practices in 2012. The nephew of Italy’s most renowned philosopher Nicola Abbagnano, Anthony weaves many talents into his breathwork practice, including philosophy, Jungian psychology, spirituality, Conscious Loving, hypnotherapy, and Matrix Energetics (the study of miracles) into his work.

Anthony has successfully taken breathwork into festivals, yoga spaces, the corporate world, prisons, The Psychedelic Society, hospitals, and the dying. His work is noted for its application in the fields of addiction, transformation, personal empowerment, the integration of psychotropic and plant medicine experiences, and the opening of humanity’s hope for a heart-centered harmonious existence.

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Dec 07 2021


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