Conquering Codependency Summit 2021 - Find Self-Love, Inner Peace, and Better Relationships

Conquering Codependency Summit 2021 – Find Self-Love, Inner Peace, and Better Relationships

Let Go of Toxic Relationships & Cultivate Self-Love!

Do you sacrifice yourself to please others?

Do you believe you’re responsible for how other people feel?

Do you have a hard time saying no?

If so, chances are you’re struggling with codependency…

And you'll definitely want to join the “Conquering Codependency Summit” so that you can break free from these exhausting tendencies.

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What You'll Learn At The Conquering Codependency Summit

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn from renowned psychologists, therapists, relationship experts & more:

✅ How to stop sacrificing yourself for others and step into your new life of empowerment, freedom & healthy relationships

✅ How childhood trauma can lead to codependent behaviors like People-Pleasing, Perfectionism, Caretaking, Guilt, Catastrophizing, Self-Hatred, Control & more.

✅ How to let go of love addiction & obsessive thoughts, and reconnect with your inner-peace & wisdom

✅ How to value yourself without taking care of others & learn to love and respect the most important person in your life…YOU!

✅ How to set clear boundaries, let go of guilt & shame and experience the rewards of putting your needs first

✅ How to stop enabling others, stay in your lane & practice loving self-care

✅ How to heal past wounds by releasing trauma, learning to trust yourself, honoring your feelings & more

✅ How to move your focus from outward to inward, reconnect with your passions & purpose

✅ How to have intimate relationships while simultaneously letting go of enmeshment & entanglement

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Feeling “Unlovable” Is A Sign You might Be Codependent

Another hint that you might be trapped by codependency is the feeling, deep down, that you're “unlovable.”

In fact, a lack of self-love is at the core of many struggles in life, including:

👉 Codependency

👉 Being Needy

👉 Toxic Relationships

👉 Anxiety

👉 Perfectionism

👉 An extreme need for external approval

👉 People-pleasing

👉 Fear of abandonment

👉 A tendency to love people that need rescuing

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Why You Should Attend The Conquering Codependency Summit

It's FREE (-:

While many conferences cost thousands of dollars, we wanted to give you access to this event for free because the material is so rich and life-changing. And the great news is, it is completely online, so you can watch it from the comfort of your home, from your office, your laptop, your tablet, your phone, wherever you'd like.

Make Progress In Your Healing Journey

These inspirational, knowledgeable teachers will give you incredible strategies so you can immediately apply what you've learned in your life and start experiencing the benefits of your transformation. Each teacher was hand-selected for the amazing quality of work they are doing, helping people like you heal from trauma and take your power back!

These Classes Include Video!

We wanted to give you the opportunity see these teachers work their magic and share their healing wisdom with you on camera. This allows for a much more intimate experience during the event to help you connect with the teachers on a deeper level and apply their strategies and advice into your life right away.

Attend From ANYWHERE Using ANY Device!

Sit outside on your porch, inside on your couch, in front of a computer, or listen to these classes while you're doing other things. Each class is available to you easily and effortlessly. Just click the play button and you'll be tuned into top teachers sharing their practical, applicable wisdom to help you heal your emotional wounds and live your best possible life.

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