Collective Trauma Summit 2023

Collective Trauma Summit 2023

During this 9-day global event, we will create a powerful container and energy to bring awareness to this topic, while providing key action steps you can take to be part of the solution.

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Why Attend the Collective Trauma Summit 2023

“This is the time to engage in individual, ancestral, and collective healing, and be part of the collective healing journey of humanity.” —Thomas Hubl

There is a growing recognition that our individual, ancestral, and collective trauma are ALL interconnected and affect all aspects of our lives. But there is a difference between seeing trauma and actively working towards practical solutions.

How can we take action? How can we create circumstances for integration and restoration?

During the Collective Trauma Summit, we will explore the potential for healing with speaker talks, live online events, and poetry readings, as well as movement practices, integration sessions, guided contemplation, and panel discussions.

One of the unique challenges, which is also an opportunity, is that no one person or system can solve collective trauma, because it is a complex overlapping system. We all need to come together as a community and this is one of the big reasons why our annual Summit is so important.

This work is more important than ever as the world continues to go through a series of collective trauma shocks. Each of us can play a part in helping to create a global healing movement.

By participating in the upcoming Summit you will be at the forefront of moving this important work forward.

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What You'll Learn During the Collective Trauma Summit 2023

Over 100,000 people will come together to address the topic of collective trauma and its impacts on humanity… all through the shared experiences of:

  • Expert talks
  • Poetry readings
  • Movement practices
  • Guided meditations
  • Panel discussions
  • Live online events
  • Musical performances

What Is Collective Trauma?

Collective trauma is a type of trauma that happens to a large group or population and most often is ignored, untreated, and/or repressed. This creates trauma that is then passed down from generation to generation, which in turn creates more trauma in the future.

The theme of the Summit this year is Creating a Global Healing Movement. This emerging movement has the potential to change how we think about trauma. We believe that in our world today many of the problems and challenges require us to go beyond the individual to bring groups together to address collective trauma.

Collective Trauma Summit 2023 – Key Topics

During this powerful 9-day event, you’ll hear from 50+ leading experts who will explore important topics such as how:

  • To work with trauma in war and conflict zones & active trauma situations
  • Spiritual practice resources trauma healing
  • We can be part of a trauma-informed media movement
  • To integrate collective trauma healing into therapy practices
  • Poetry, music, art, and movement practices can aid in healing
  • To create trauma-informed climate activism
  • To integrate trauma-informed meditation and spiritual practices
  • To integrate collective trauma in individual therapy sessions
  • You can work with inherited family and ancestral trauma
  • To explore the link between individual, ancestral, and collective trauma
  • Neuroscience can inform approaches to trauma healing
  • To build a trauma-informed media movement

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Featured Speakers at the Collective Trauma Summit 2023

  • Dr. Gabor Maté, Physician, and Author of The Myth of Normal
  • Ayọ Tometi, Co-Founder #BlackLivesMatter, Human Rights Leader
  • Thomas Hübl, Author and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science
  • Danielle LaPorte, Creator of the Heart Centered Leadership Program and Author of How to be loving
  • Ada Limón, Poet Laureate of the United States
  • Peter A. Levine, PhD, Founder, Ergos Institute of Somatic Education and Somatic Experiencing International
  • Alanis Morissette, Wholeness Advocate,Thought Leader and Grammy Award-Winning Singer-Songwriter
  • Frederic Laloux, Founder, The Week, and Author, Reinventing Organizations
  • Shelly Tygielski, Trauma-Informed Mindfulness Teacher and Founder, Pandemic of Love
  • Michael B. Beckwith, Founder and CEO, Agape International Spiritual Center, Author of Life Envisioning
  • Tjada D’Oyen McKenna, Chief Executive Officer of Mercy Crops
  • Dr. Joy A. Degruy, Educator, Best-Selling Author, and Activist for Humanity
  • Julian Brave NoiseCat, Writer and Filmmaker
  • Dr. Richard Schwartz, PhD, Internal Family Systems Therapy Founder
  • Jerry Tello, Internationally Recognized Speaker, Healing Practitioner, and Community Elder
  • Britt Wray, PhD, Author and Researcher at the Forefront of Climate Change and Mental Health
  • Ohad Naharin, Choreographer, Gaga Movement Originator
  • Rola Hallam, Doctor, Humanitarian, Trauma-Informed life Coach, Founder, CanDo
  • Carolyn Forché, Award Winning Poet of Witness, Human Rights Advocate, and National Book Award Finalist

Featured Artists & Performers at the Collective Trauma Summit 2023

  • Yehudit Sasportas: “Navigating the Shadows of Collective Trauma Within Artistic Expression”
  • Nico Cary: “Processing Climate Grief: A New Possibility for Taking Action”
  • Katja Strunz: “Falling and Folding: Grounding the Ghost of Disembodied Information”
  • Camille Seaman: “Being a Good Ancestor: Accessing the Courage to Follow a Path of Joy and Beauty”

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Themes at the Collective Trauma Summit 2023

The Collective Trauma Summit features several different themes. Below are just a few of the ones you'll get to explore:

Creating a Global Healing Movement

Humanity is starting to wake up to the awareness of collective trauma. For a lot of people, the topic is overwhelming and they don’t know what to do about it.

The 2022 Collective Trauma Summit provides powerful talks from over 50 speakers to ask difficult questions, and to share opportunities to help us heal.

As we take the first steps as a culture to become both trauma-informed and trauma-sensitive, it’s also important to become trauma-integrating.

That way we can put support systems in place to help people and communities facing major challenges.

This year’s Collective Trauma Summit theme is Creating a Global Healing Movement. If you join us free, here are some of the topics we’ll be exploring together:

  • Stories of healing and hope from those working on the ground with people affected by collective trauma events
  • Deep-dive conversations on the most pressing issues of our times including war and conflict, the refugee crisis, climate change, racism, and intergenerational trauma
  • Illuminating the root causes of collective trauma and how we can address unhealed wounds from the past
  • How to shift from individual trauma work to include ancestral and collective trauma in therapeutic settings
  • How we can help those who are impacted most to move from states of overwhelm, fear, and scarcity, towards resilience and internal coherence capacities.
  • How to create a global trauma response system

If you’re looking around at current world events and asking “What can I do?” then join us for inspiration and ideas for action.

As sensitive beings who want to see the world heal, we’re often discouraged by the number of intense world events that are happening all at once.

If you ever feel that way, we invite you to a special annual event called the Collective Trauma Summit.

Each year the summit brings together like-minded people and explores questions like:

  • “What now?”
  • “How can I help?”
  • “Is there any possibility that these global events will ever simmer down?”

Addressing collective trauma is a huge part of the solution. Over the past three years our summit has provided tools and understanding to a quarter of a million people, so they can do the deep work to heal. They do this for themselves, and they do this for others.

Trauma-Informed Climate Activism

This is one of the themes of the 2022 Collective Trauma Summit. Of the 50+ talks, the following speakers offered perspective and wisdom for us all:

  • Christiana Figueres, Co-host of the Climate Podcast Outrage and Optimism and Former UN Climate Chief
  • Dr. Gail Bradbrook, Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion
  • Skeena Rathor, Co-Founder of Visioning XRUK, Co Liberation, and Being the Change
  • Zainab Salbi, Author, Humanitarian, Founder of Women for Women, Co-Founder of Daughters for Earth
  • Xiye Bastida, Youth Climate Justice Activist
  • Terry Tempest Williams, Writer, Educator, Conservationist, and Activist

Poetry as a Force for Healing Trauma

Difficult times and complex challenges require creative solutions to stretch the capacity of our imagination. The 2022 Collective Trauma Summit is so much more than a series of talks, lectures, and interviews, although we have a stellar line up of neuroscientists, trauma specialists, and healers we think you’ll love.

We believe poetry will help bring forth collective healing and new solutions.

When healing from trauma, the words we use matter. How we frame our experience matters. And at the Collective Trauma Summit, you'll get support from world-renowned poets to help you use poetry as a powerful for for healing.

Check out these acclaimed poets and writers featured in the 2023 Collective Trauma Summit:

  • Ada Limón – Poet Laureate of the United States: “Creativity and Catharsis”
  • Andrea Gibson – Poet, Author, and Speaker: “Befriending Mortality”
  • Carolyn Forché – Award Winning Poet of Witness, Human Rights Advocate, and National Book Award Finalist: “Poetry of Witness”
  • Jericho Brown – Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet: “The Music of Language”
  • Pádraig Ó Tuama – Distinguished Irish Poet, Theologian and Mediator, and Podcast Host of Poetry Unbound: “Hosting Poet Conversations”
  • Claudia Rankine – Award-winning Poet and Author: “Poetry as an Invitation”
  • Jake Skeets – Poet, American Book Award Winner: “Navajo Storytelling, Art, and Healing”
  • Natasha Trethewey – United States Poet Laureate (2012-2014), Pulitzer Prize-Winning Poet: “Wounds Into Writing”

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A 360 Approach to Healing Collective Trauma

During the Collective Trauma Summit 2022, you'll get support in three key areas:

Trauma Support #1: Receive a Daily Video Practice & Guide with Thomas Hübl

Each morning of the event you’ll receive a video from Thomas Hübl with an integration practice and overview of the days talks and events

Trauma Support #2: A Cross-Disciplinary Approach to Collective Trauma

Meet psychotherapists, experts in public health, medicine, neuroscience, and meditation, poets, artists, Indigenous elders, and leading academic researchers

Trauma Support #3: Attend Special LIVE Events, Broadcasts, & Performances

Join the community for live online events including poetry readings, movement practices, integration sessions, and panel discussions with leading thought experts

Bonus Gift for Attendees: “A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds” by Thomas Hübl

When you register for the Summit you’ll also receive instant access to a free chapter of the new book by Thomas Hübl: “Attuned Practicing Interdependence to Heal our Trauma—and Our World”

Collective Trauma Summit 2023 Hosts

  • Thomas Hübl – Host, Teacher, Author of Healing Collective Trauma, and Founder of the Academy of Inner Science
  • Dr. Laura Calderón de la Barca – Host, Psychotherapist, Cultural Analyst, and Collective Healing Researcher
  • Robin Alfred – Host, Executive Coach, Facilitator of Transformation Fields, and Purpose Consultant
  • Ruby Mendenhall – Host, Professor of Sociology and African American Studies, Associate Dean for Diversity and Democratization of Health Innovation
  • Kosha Joubert – Host, CEO of the Pocket Project, Former CEO of the Global Ecovillage Network
  • Dr. Angel Acosta – Host and Principal Consultant at Acosta Consulting
  • Anna Molitor – Poetry Curator and Host, Somatic Healing Practitioner and Group Facilitator
  • Matthew Green – Host, Journalist, and Author of Aftershock: Fighting War, Surviving Trauma, and Finding Peace
  • Pádraig Ó Tuama – Distinguished Irish Poet, Theologian and Mediator, and Podcast Host: Poetry Unbound

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