How to Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs: For Coaches, Healers, and Therapists - With Lion Goodman

How to Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs: For Coaches, Healers, and Therapists – With Lion Goodman

If you’re a coach, therapist, healer, or change agent…

You know how it feels when your clients get caught up in old patterns of thought, emotional reactivity, or habitual behavior.

They mention an issue or a complaint, and you want to get underneath the problem to the true cause. Most coaches have one or two ways to do that, yet we’re seeking better tools that really work to produce profound change quickly and permanently.

During this free online class, “How to Clear Your Clients’ Limiting Beliefs,” you'll learn two specific and powerful techniques to help your clients get unstuck and keep moving forward in their lives.

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Subconscious Limiting Beliefs And Success

Subconscious limiting beliefs are the #1 barrier to accomplishing your goals and achieving success. Until now, most belief-change technologies have proved to be only partially effective, producing temporary relief.


Because beliefs are made from experiences, and experience is multidimensional. To be complete, a belief clearing technology must also be multidimensional. The Clear Beliefs Method works with the whole self: subconscious, conscious and superconscious; mind, body, & spirit; heart, emotions & the energetic body; memories, conclusions and motivations.

When an old pattern is cleared from all of these aspects at once, it goes away and doesn’t come back. We can then see the world (and ourselves) without filters or distortion. Life changes profoundly and permanently.

To unleash your clients’ passion and power, you need tools to expose, explore, and eliminate beliefs, release internal resistance, and heal old wounds that hold them back. This is not therapy – it’s coaching at a therapeutic level – they kind of skills expected at the MCC level.

You need a deeply dependable set of master keys that can consistently and effectively shift the infrastructure of the human psyche. The Clear Beliefs Method, when skillfully applied, works every time. And the skills are learnable.

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What You'll Learn During This Free Spiritual Healing Class

Tool #1: Identify the Belief at the Core of the Issue

Underneath every major problem in life, there’s a deep core belief that operates as the ultimate cause of the issue.

Learn a potent method of uncovering these hidden beliefs. When you discover them, your client can awaken to exactly what’s been holding them back, creating an opening and leverage for true healing and transformation.

Tool #2: The Body as a Doorway to the Subconscious

This simple embodied mindfulness technique rapidly shifts your client from their intellect to their feelings.

Like a magic wand, this simple process can relieve stress and upset, eliminate uncomfortable feelings, and open a path to healing. It’s a direct route into your client’s subconscious mind.

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About Your Facilitator – Lion Goodman

As a teenager, he asked the big questions of life: “Who am I? What are we doing here? Why do people do what they do?”

He studied everything he could about the brain, mind, body, and spirit, through psychology, neurology, philosophy, linguistics, history, and every spiritual practice he could discover.

At the age of 26, he was shot in the head four times by a man whose intent was to kill him. That near-death experience was profound. It woke him up, and changed his life.

From that point forward, Lion dedicated himself to creating success. He became an executive coach, headhunter, businessman and entrepreneur. He became a dedicated husband and father, and explored dozens of transformational tools to heal his inner wounds.

Lion used his research and practice to shape new, improved methodologies for deep personal transformation. Then he left the corporate world and dedicated his life to sharing these tools for healing and success.

Lion has helped thousands of people heal from their early childhood traumas, and eliminate self-defeating patterns. He is the creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training, which now has more than 500 graduates from 42 countries around the world.

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