Clear Your Client's Limiting Beliefs: 4-Day Challenge To Help Your Clients Get UN-Stuck - With Lion Goodman

Clear Your Client’s Limiting Beliefs: 4-Day Challenge To Help Your Clients Get UN-Stuck – With Lion Goodman

For our clients to truly transform, we need to facilitate change for them at the belief level.

Most limiting belief methodologies are ineffective at best… and outright rubbish at worst.

Affirmations don’t work because there are pre-programmed negative beliefs still operating that don’t go away when you say positive statements.

Tapping and other energy-based techniques can help at the energetic level but not necessarily at the mental and psychological level. Although they can provide temporary relief, they are unlikely to lead to permanent change at the *identity* level.

Byron Katie’s ‘The Work’ is a great way of becoming conscious of your limiting beliefs, but recognition doesn’t change the subconscious programs.

For real, long-lasting change…. you need a toolkit that can tackle the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects all at the same time.

That is exactly what you'll learn during this free 5-day challenge: “How to Identify & Transform the Limiting Beliefs Keeping Your Clients Stuck.”

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The Benefits of Clearing Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs

When you can identify and transform the limiting beliefs that are holding your clients’ back, you can create profound shifts in their life almost instantly.

When you become a master at this:

  1. You save yourself A TON of time and energy working with people who have massive resistance because you are able to get through it 10X quicker and more effectively
  2. You get much bigger results for your clients far faster than your peers who are using inferior methods
  3. Life just gets much easier (you also know how to do this work on yourself as well so you remove your own resistance)

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If you’re alive, you’re changing. If you’re not changing, you’re dead.

REAL change is from the inside out. MOST change is from the outside in.

You’ve heard it said – “Our beliefs create our reality.” This is LITERALLY true. If you change your underlying belief structure – the Human Operating System – your experience of reality is DRAMATICALLY shifted!

How do you want your life to be? What beliefs would create a life like that?

The same holds true for your clients’ lives…

They’re beliefs are creating their current reality.

When you help them delete their limiting beliefs, their reality shifts so profoundly that they are actually amazed.

And they see you as a wizard – a master of your craft.

With this skill set, you will catapult yourself into the upper echelons – differentiating yourself from the thousands of others offering the same services. You’ll be in high demand and can charge premium rates.

In the challenge, we’ll focus on this level of mastery.

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You’re aware of how limiting beliefs affect your life, and your clients’ lives.

If you gain the ability to transform your clients' beliefs, you’ll be able to transform their lives.

Without this skill, it’s likely that your clients will move very slowly, or worse, just run around in the same circles.

This happens all the time with coaches, healers and therapists around the world…

They believe they got a breakthrough with their client, then they see the client regress back to their old ways a week later.

That's because they didn't change them at the BELIEF layer of the psyche – so the change didn't last.

We want to make sure this isn't you, so we’ve structured this challenge so you learn the vital skill of belief transformation.

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Daily Schedule For The Clear Your Clients' Limit Beliefs Challenge

Day 1: “How to Identify Your Clients' Limiting Beliefs”

This tool alone will enable you to do better than most practitioners because they don't go directly to the limiting belief at the core of the problem or issue.

Day 2: “How to Find the Stories Behind The Limiting Belief”

Our limiting beliefs are formed from our experience. Knowing the source of a limiting belief – which is often trauma or bad programming in childhood – gives you an understanding that goes to the core of our human experience.

Day 3: “How Limiting Beliefs Get Cleared In Real-Time”

Learn exactly how it’s done. You'll see a live demo with a volunteer (maybe you?) and demonstrate the power of the Clear Beliefs Method, solving a complex problem or issue completely, and permanently – in about 20 minutes.

Day 4: “How to Differentiate Yourself From Your Competition”

Most coaches, therapists and healers are masters of INFORMATION – but that’s not what causes TRANSFORMATION. When you can transform someone’s life, you will become known as World Class in your field.

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Because beliefs are the infrastructure and foundation of human consciousness, they are the prime cause of both our glories and our problems.

Most people are walking around with a cracked foundation.

The ability to create profound change will give you an edge over your peers, and will make your work enjoyable – for both you and your client.

In every field, there are beginners, apprentices, journeymen, and Masters.

The art and science of belief change is a Master-level skill.

It allows you to change your clients’ lives and change your own life – profoundly.

This free challenge will help you learn these skills and apply them in your coaching practice.

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🎁 Bonus Prizes 🎁

At the challenge, there will be some really juicy prizes for those that participate and do the homework.

The Grand Prize for our winner is our $9,000, five-month signature program – The Clear Beliefs Coach Training. This program will give you all the tools you need to transform your clients at the deepest level of their psyche, so they become unstuck and perform at their best.

Three others will win our signature self-study program, Clear Your Beliefs. This is a digital course worth $997 so you learn how to clear your own personal limiting beliefs and reprogram them with empowering ones.

Two lucky people will get a personal coaching session with Master Belief Reprogrammer Lion Goodman (worth $400)

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About Your Facilitator – Lion Goodman

As a teenager, he asked the big questions of life: “Who am I? What are we doing here? Why do people do what they do?”

He studied everything he could about the brain, mind, body, and spirit, through psychology, neurology, philosophy, linguistics, history, and every spiritual practice he could discover.

At the age of 26, he was shot in the head four times by a man whose intent was to kill him. That near-death experience was profound. It woke him up, and changed his life.

From that point forward, Lion dedicated himself to creating success. He became an executive coach, headhunter, businessman and entrepreneur. He became a dedicated husband and father, and explored dozens of transformational tools to heal his inner wounds.

Lion used his research and practice to shape new, improved methodologies for deep personal transformation. Then he left the corporate world and dedicated his life to sharing these tools for healing and success.

Lion has helped thousands of people heal from their early childhood traumas, and eliminate self-defeating patterns. He is the creator of the Clear Beliefs Coach Training, which now has more than 500 graduates from 42 countries around the world.

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