Claim Your Empathic Superpowers - And Turn Your Sensitivity Into Your Greatest Strength

Claim Your Empathic Superpowers – And Turn Your Sensitivity Into Your Greatest Strength

Claim Your Empathic Superpowers - With Dr. Natasha FallahiLike the mythic Hero’s Journey, the Healer’s Journey can be summarized in three acts: departure from the familiar, initiation into the unknown, and the return home… forever changed by the challenges overcome and the rewards gained.

Pain, anxiety, and chronic “mystery” conditions are often wake-up calls to higher healing and purpose on this journey — especially when the healer is an empath.

As an empath or sensitive person, venturing into the unknown means facing the countless triggers that impact your wellbeing on a daily basis… triggers that deplete your energy and impede your ability to fully embrace and unleash your inherent empathic gifts to heal yourself and others.

As functional medicine practitioner Dr. Natasha Fallahi teaches, the initiation into the unknown on the Healer’s Journey is the reintroduction to your own wholeness.

It’s only when you see and connect with all parts of yourself holistically that you’re able to balance your health and empathic superpowers as a whole and healed person.

During this free online spiritual growth class, you’ll discover how understanding and taking charge of your sensitivities….

Mental, emotional, physical, chemical, social, and energetic…

Can illuminate your Healer’s Journey and nourish your wellbeing and gifts as an empath or sensitive person.

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What You'll Learn During “Claim Your Empathic Superpowers” with Dr. Natasha Fallahi

  • The 6 Sensitivity Types to shift from viewing your sensitivity as a symptom to embracing it as a superpower — tuning in to the challenges and gifts of being a sensitive person
  • Yourself as the hero of your healing journey — catalyzing the power and agency of your sensitivity through an integrated, tailor-made healing experience
  • Your “Life in Cups” — a demonstration on how your sensitivity type is different from others and where you can lean on your strengths and improve your weaknesses under stress
  • The true purpose of pain in your life — and how approaching your health through the 6 Sensitivity Types can assist you in transmuting struggle into strength
  • A guided practice called “Use Your Head” to alleviate headaches, pain, and brain fog, release tension, and increase blood flow to your head and brain

Benefits of Exploring Your Empathic Sensitivities

As you explore your sensitivities with Natasha, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of how to:

  • Embody your gifts
  • Balance the sensitivity experiences you’re having
  • Consciously participate in your own wellbeing
  • Confidently face any and all sensitivities and life challenges that come your way.
  • Liberate your empathic gifts as the superpowers they are

All while using a science-based approach to healing that reveals and empowers your sensitivities in a holistic, life-affirming way.

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About Your Empathic Gifts Teacher – Dr. Natasha Fallahi

Dr. Natasha Fallahi - HeadshotDr. Natasha Fallahi is known as The Sensitive Doctor. She is a mind-body health expert, functional medicine practitioner, energy therapist, certified autoimmune coach, and multimedia artist with an intuitive approach to living and healing. As founder of Club Sensitive, she brings together sensitive people who are experiencing anxiety, depression, and overwhelm, coaching them to connect with their intuition, develop holistic rituals, overcome trauma, and meet kindred spirits. They share stories and best practices using mind-body techniques such as energy medicine and healing foods so that they can harness their own magic, tap into their superpowers, experience true wellness, build lasting relationships, and finally feel at home in this world.

Like many of the people she provides care for, Natasha herself struggled for many years with unexplainable health issues. After transforming her own health with mind-body medicine, she dedicated her life and career to helping people suffering from mystery symptoms and chronic illness. She’s passionate about guiding others to achieve their highest potential – physically, emotionally, and energetically. Her approach is especially effective for people experiencing depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, vague pain, brain fog, food intolerance, chemical sensitivities, Hashimoto’s, and autoimmunity.

In addition to earning her doctorate in chiropractic, Natasha holds advanced training in functional medicine, functional immunology, functional neurology, energy psychology, homeopathy, nutrition, and somatic bodywork. And, with her background in multimedia studies, art, and design, she brings a creative flair to everything she does.

Testimonials for Dr. Natasha Fallahi

“Dr. Natasha is a wonderful teacher. She blends the best of science and intuition through research and storytelling. Her integrative approach is fun and empowering. She offers simple and practical healing tools for sensitive people to make lasting changes in their lives.” — Dr. Mark Hyman

“Dr. Natasha possesses an authentic, unique blend of knowledge, experience, and empathy in everything she does. Her interviews and presentations are always among the favorites of our audiences — and for good reason. Not only can she teach at a high level, but also her ability to meet people where they are with compassion and understanding is truly something special.” — Michael Roesslein

“Dr. Natasha has the rare ability to blend clinical science with deep insight and empathy into the human condition. She also has a unique way of articulating the interconnections between body, mind, and spirit that makes complex concepts immediately understandable and self-care recommendations infinitely accessible. And as if that isn’t enough, her own sensitivities make her an ideal person to deliver the most tender therapeutic care.” — Andrea Nakayama

“Dr. Natasha effortlessly gives words to an experience that so many of us feel. She provides a holistic framework for understanding sensitivity, and simple steps to make the most of this superpower we have. As sensitive people ourselves, we feel so validated! It’s nice to also hear the neuroscience and physiology as to why we’re that way, because I think sensitivity can be a bit isolating. I remember as a kid, I often felt very alone with all my feelings. I think Dr. Natasha has really created something that is going to serve a lot of people. As sensitive people, Matt and I obviously both resonate personally.” – Sarah Otto and Matt Potts

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Natasha for many years, both as my student and colleague. Most impressive is how she blends her clinical background and empathic gift to share her wisdom with her patients, friends, and colleagues. She has the rare ability to admire without envy and understand her mission of meaning, purpose, and service with humble brilliance. Dr. Natasha is a valued contributor to the way of compassion in troubled times.” — Dr. Mario Martinez

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