Discover Chakra Drumming Fusion - Synchronize Brain Waves to Remedy Stress with a Yogic Drum Meditation

Discover Chakra Drumming Fusion

Do you ever feel swept away by the stress, demands, and cadence of modern living?

What if tuning in to your own pace, your own inner rhythm, was all you needed to regain your footing, reclaim equilibrium, and experience clarity and peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty?

During this free online sound healing event with frame drummer Krista Holland, founder of the Sacred Drumming Academy, offers a profound glimpse into the possibility drumming holds to transform the overwhelming areas of our lives into pulsating presence…

…The grounding and uplifting rhythms that naturally arise within us when we’re attuned to our inner selves, as well as the deeper connections, meaning, and gifts that simply being alive affords us.

Why Attend “Discover Chakra Drumming Fusion”

Discover Chakra Drumming Fusion - Synchronize Brain Waves to Remedy Stress with a Yogic Drum MeditationThe Earth’s elemental energies permeate our bodies with the wisdom of time. And every element has a rhythm, Krista says, that holds the potential to balance us, reinvigorate us with aliveness, and reconnect us to the life-force energy that animates all things.

Chakras are the body’s primordial energetic reservoirs. Each elemental stroke on the drum also inspires its corresponding chakra to reverberate, sending waves of healing frequencies through you, and into every facet of your life.

Krista has devoted more than 25 years of research and practice to the frame drum and its ancient history — and infused it with ritual, myth, and ancient yogic and feminine drumming insights.

You'll get to explore the elemental energies of the chakras through the resonant vibrations of the frame drum combined with ancient yogic philosophy…

And awaken the primal power held within these energy centers to recalibrate your health, reconnect you with your roots, and suffuse you with inner peace and harmony.

Class Topics for “Discover Chakra Drumming Fusion”

During this free online event, Krista will guide you in an elemental drumming chakra meditation to destress and regain mental and emotional equilibrium by calming the nervous system, nourishing the soul, and activating the healing power of imagination.

You don’t have to be a drummer to attend and feel this grounding in your body — and in your life! Everyone is welcome to simply attend and luxuriate in the effects.

In this immersive online event, you’ll:

  • Learn how drumming and yoga philosophy combine to transform consciousness
  • Experience a guided drumming chakra meditation with the frame drum — to help activate your innate imagination for stress reduction, brain activation, and nervous system recalibration
  • Dissolve stress with simple practices that “remedy” the stresses of life — and nourish, energize, and recalibrate your mind, body, and nervous system
  • Uncover how yoga and drumming relate to the elemental energies of the chakras — both possess deep connections to the elemental energies we are all made up of and affected by, such as the light of the sun and the warmth of the fire, the refreshing qualities of water, and the level of hydration in our bodies
  • Discover why modern humans can benefit from what the ancients knew about drumming through a personal drumming practice — and how different modalities can stimulate brain optimization, offer stress reduction, and help connect you to the large cycles of nature and the animating energy of life
  • Explore the connection between drumming and healthy aging — including optimizing both day-to-day living and longevity

You’ll experience this firsthand as Krista demonstrates how elemental drumming inspires mental and emotional wellbeing and a visceral connection to our shared human experience through the rhythmic lineages of our humanity.

That’s especially important because a sense of belonging to something greater has been scientifically shown to be a key factor in longevity as well as in healthy aging and day-to-day living.

About Your Teacher – Krista Holland

Embodied Drumming, Rhythmic Meditations, and Somatic Play - Heal Your Body & Balance Your LifeKrista Holland is a multifaceted teacher specializing in frame drumming and the yogic arts. She is the founder of the Sacred Drumming Academy, where she teaches others to play the frame drum and shares the ancient mythology and lore connected to the worldwide polycultural history of the sacred drum.

Krista learned the art of frame drumming along with ritual, myth, and ancient feminine drum history while apprenticing for 14 years under the tutelage of the late Layne Redmond, author of When the Drummers Were Women.

Primarily specializing her frame drumming career and artistry on its sound-healing and ritual aspects, Krista drums for trance and sound-healing journeys for patients in hospice, pregnant mothers at their blessing ways, grieving parents, modern temple dancers, children's bedtime rituals, elderhood rites of passage, weddings, and a variety of other life ceremonies and rituals.

Krista, known for her unique drumming style and powerfully transformative teaching, is a leading expert in the mythology and widespread history connected to the polycultural instrument of the frame drum. She teaches frame drumming and the yogic arts through online and in-person private classes, group workshops, immersions, and international retreats.

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May 04 2024


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

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