YBecome a Profitable, Sought After Coach - Workshop Series

Become a Profitable, Sought After Coach – Workshop Series

The coaching industry is hot right now… there’s never been a better time to become a coach.

Demand is higher than ever for heart-centered coaches who know how to get results.

That's because in these turbulent times, people need your unique insights and expertise more than ever. In fact, they’re looking for you right now!

But how do you take advantage of all that demand when the marketplace is also flooded with coaches?

During this free workshop series, Melinda Cohan, CEO of The Coaches Console, will show you how to stand out so they can find you and you can:

  • Express the life-changing magic you do
  • Create an offer they can’t resist (and yes, you can use AI to help you!)…
  • And much, much more

If you’ve been striving to build a lucrative coaching career but you feel stuck or you’ve plateaued, then this 3-part workshop series is for you.

What You'll Learn During “Become a Profitable, Sought After Coach”

Melinda Cohan, a 19-year veteran of the coaching industry, has decided to host a hands-on workshop event to support a new wave of purpose-driven coaches.

She’s going to dive deep into the strategies that have helped thousands of her own clients to go from struggling to make a living as a coach, and then to earning a reliable 6-figure income.

Plus, as eye-opening as this workshop will be for beginners… Melinda is also going to cover advanced tactics for getting clients to come to you, having smoother enrollment conversations, and getting effortless referrals.

So whether you’re thinking about becoming a coach, already doing it full time, or somewhere in between… you should definitely make time for this workshop.

You're going to discover:

  • Why NOW is the best time to start a coaching business…
  • How the coaching industry has evolved (and what that means about your prospects)…
  • What you need to do in order to stand out and attract clients…
  • Why coaching prospects today are different than they used to be. You’ll discover what they want and need… and how to position yourself as the obvious, can’t-live-without-it solution…
  • How to express the life-changing magic you do, so that your ideal clients “get it” and can’t wait to enroll… (Melinda has a fun template you’ll use and explains how to use AI to your advantage!)
  • How to earn more while working fewer hours, using the 7 Success Structures for growth. This is how top coaches grow 6- and 7-figure practices, without working insanely long hours…
  • Start or grow a coaching business in this overcrowded market – now is the ideal time because people are seeking your help this very minute!
  • Leap ahead in your coaching business by using Artificial Intelligence to your advantage and overcoming the doubts that eat away at your confidence…
  • Use The Coaching Business Roadmap to Success to identify where you are now, and how you’re going to get to that next level (and beyond)…
  • Position yourself as the obvious, “I need you!” solution for your ideal prospects…
  • Create a profitable offer clients can’t resist by uncovering the urgent needs that keep them awake at night…
  • Stand out by asking yourself this ONE question – and help your prospects and clients navigate chaos and uncertainty while you’re at it!

…and you’ll even get a simple formula for communicating your unique gift as a coach, so potential clients instantly “get it” and understand the value you offer.

Melinda will reveal all this and more during this powerful, 90-minute training session. It will give you a solid understanding and foundation to build a successful coaching business on (especially if you’ve thought about becoming a coach).

What You'll Learn During Day 2: “Structures for Coach Business Success”

  • 4 simple questions that will reveal how YOU can reach the next level of impact and income in your business…
  • The ONLY behind-the-scenes systems you need to be profitable and efficient. (If you’re doing anything else, you’re working way too hard, and possibly losing leads!)
  • A peek behind the curtain of a successful coaching business, showing you the systems and structures they use to deliver consistent, outstanding results to clients…
  • Why your website is NOT the key to showing credibility early in your coaching business – especially in the age of ChatGPT – and what you should do instead to bring in new clients…
  • Reach the next level of impact and income in your business with 4 simple questions…
  • Stop wasting precious time and money on tech that drives you crazy (or just plain doesn't work) by achieving “tech minimalism” in your business and use tools like ChatGPT in a clever way…
  • Deliver consistent, outstanding results to clients – this peek behind the curtain of a successful coaching business will show you the exact systems and structures to use…
  • Solve the real issue keeping you from getting enough clients and revenue. (Surprise, it’s almost NEVER a sales or marketing problem!)
  • Demonstrate credibility early in your coaching business to bring in new clients. (No, your website is NOT the solution… here’s what you should do instead.)

What You'll Learn During Day 3: “Fill Your Coaching Practice”

  • The #1 way to get a flowing stream of ideal clients, month after month. With this, you’ll never need to worry about where your next clients will come from!
  • What to say when a prospect asks you, “What do you do?” (Hint: Almost every coach makes the same mistake!)
  • How to tell which of the 7 proven marketing strategies is right for you, based on your natural style… (This is the real secret to successful marketing!)
  • When it’s the right time to run paid ads for your coaching business, and when you should hold off…
  • Succeed at marketing by aligning your natural style to one of 7 proven strategies…
  • Fill your practice with ideal, high-value clients by leading enrollment conversations like a seasoned pro…
  • Get a flowing stream of ideal clients, month after month. (After this, you’ll never worry about where your next clients are coming from!)…
  • Grow your client list beyond personal friends and ex-coworkers, and start connecting with a bounty of new prospects who need your help…
  • Avoid the #1 mistake most coaches make when a prospect asks “What do you do?” – and learn what to say instead so they perk up and lean in…
  • Spark big growth in your list by leveraging smart tools (like ChatGPT) and other people’s audiences… and then turn your new subscribers into clients!

Why You Should Attend “The Coaching Business Workshop”

Big-hearted people with a passion to help others decide to start coaching… and they often jump in without a clear plan for building a business around it.

And while this kind of random approach may have worked a few years ago…

Mow the coaching industry has evolved, and it’s more important than ever to treat your coaching business as just that – a business.

That's because when you don’t know where your next client will come from, it can be paralyzing…

It makes it hard to invest in your business… and makes you nervous about paying your personal bills, too. Talk about stress and sleepless nights!

To make matters worse, just the mention of the the word “marketing”… makes many coaches think, “Ugggh.”

And it’s no wonder.

There are countless marketing strategies and tactics out there (and countless distractions!) which makes it hard to decide what you should do…

And all too often, those strategies feel pushy and salesy. “Ugggh” is right!

The good news is, you can beat the feast-or-famine cycle, escape from inauthentic marketing stategies, and learn how to really treat your coaching business like the divinely inspired (and abundant!) business that it's destined to be…

And it doesn’t take very long to do it.

During this free workshop series, Meinda is going to show you how to find the marketing approach that suits YOU – based on your unique strengths and preferences – and how to stand out in a market with coaches who have access to Artificial Intelligence.

You’ll also learn a simple way to fill your coaching practice with the type of clients you’re eager to work with, and who are happy to pay premium fees to get results.

Designed As An “Immersion” Experience

This is a 3-day immersion. So what does that really mean?

Think about it this way…

You might’ve heard that the best way to learn a new language is through full immersion. Like moving to a country where people only speak that language.

Well, that same “immersion” idea also works when launching or growing a coaching business…

Because it’s simply the fastest way to achieve what you want.

So instead of relying on “studying” your way to more clients, smoother enrollments, and being able to charge higher rates… you can get guidance and implement everything you learn LIVE!

This is your chance to learn from a master who has nearly 20 years experience – and it’s free. And here’s how it will TRANSFORM you and your coaching business:

  • By the end of day 1 (Monday, April 10), you’ll know how to stand out in today’s overcrowded coaching market and craft an offer your ideal clients can’t resist.
  • By the end of day 2 (Wednesday, April 12), you’ll be clear on where you need to focus NOW to optimize your business, and how to implement the systems your business needs to thrive.
  • By the end of day 3 (Friday, April 14), you’ll know how to find the best marketing approach for YOU – and how to enroll high-value clients effortlessly. Plus, you’ll get scripts and templates so you can start getting results immediately.

Everything’s been designed to speed up your success… so that you reach the level of success you want in far less time.

Melinda is also going to show you how to create step-by-step systems that streamline or completely automate the non-coaching tasks that run and grow a business.

Which means you’ll have more time and attention to spend on actual coaching!

Whether you’re just thinking about becoming a coach… you’ve taken the first steps… or you already have a coaching business you want to grow … this event will help you take things to the next level.

About Your Coach – Melinda Cohan

Melinda CohanMelinda Cohan is the CEO of The Coaches Console.

The Coaches Console is a software, training and coaching company that’s helped more than 76,000 coaches worldwide build sustainable, profitable businesses, so they can do more of what they love most:

Coaching, transforming lives, and making a GREAT living.

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