Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2024

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit

Imagine a world where breast cancer is no longer a death sentence…

Imagine a world where you can heal naturally, without the harsh side effects of conventional treatments…

Imagine a world where breast cancer is simply a bump in the road, not the end of the road…

That world is possible, and the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit is the first step to getting there.

Why Attend the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs 2024 Summit

Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit 2024Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

It’s a staggering fact, and just because it’s considered common, it doesn’t make it any less scary.

Learning that you have breast cancer is a huge challenge, and it’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed, confused, and maybe even angry.

The thing is… knowledge is power, and there’s a bright path toward understanding, prevention, and healing.

Beyond the conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation, there are alternative approaches that can help you manage and heal from breast cancer in a more natural and holistic way.

These approaches not only focus on killing the tumor – but also take into account your physical healing and emotional well-being.

So if you are struggling with pain, fatigue, and the fear of never healing from breast cancer…

Or it has affected your libido, making you feel disconnected from your partner…

Or left you often feeling lifeless and weighed down by guilt…

You don’t have to feel this way anymore.

There’s another way to heal breast cancer, and it’s waiting for you during the 2024 Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit where you'll uncover the following:

  • Debunk age-old myths about estrogen and breast cancer
  • Beat cancer through diet
  • Discover natural and harmless methods to reverse disease.
  • Explore the latest approaches to treatment.
  • Find the specific treatments that work best for you
  • Boost your immunity with the latest medical innovations
  • Uncover the hidden impact of dental care on your health
  • Reclaim your femininity and intimacy after breast cancer
  • Learn how to navigate life after a breast cancer diagnosis
  • Find out about the necessary tests and why they matter.
  • Get to know breast cancer and its treatment options
  • Discover strategies to handle symptoms
  • Find comfort and support for your emotions
  • Embrace positive changes in your lifestyle
  • Connect with a caring community

If you're a health care practitioner, then the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit will help you:

  • Provide your patients with personalized, holistic care
  • Reduce the side effects of conventional treatment
  • Boost the immune system and promote overall health and well-being
  • Empower your patients to take control of their healing journey

About Your Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit Hosts

Dr. Jenn Simmons started her professional career as Philadelphia's first Fellowship trained breast surgeon. After spending 17 years as Philadelphia's top breast surgeon, her own illness led her to discover functional medicine. So enamored with the concept of creating health rather than killing disease, she left traditional medicine and her esteemed surgical position in 2019 and founded Real Health MD with the mission to help women anywhere along the breast cancer journey to truly heal.

Dr. Véronique Desaulniers, better known as Dr. V, is the founder of Breast Cancer Conqueror® and the 7 Essentials System®. Her signature process has empowered thousands of women in over 63 countries around the world.

Her mission is to “save lives, one breast at a time.”

Dr. V has personally conquered breast cancer twice, which gives her an empathetic perspective to understand other women facing a healing journey.

Her signature book Heal Breast Cancer Naturally is a #1 Amazon Best Seller in 10 categories and in 5 countries.

Dr. V has also bridged the gap between the “Pink” Breast Cancer movement and natural medicine by creating a revolutionary program called: How to Survive and Thrive – Conquering Breast Cancer with Conventional Treatments and Natural Medicine.

Free Gifts for Summit Attendees

When you register for the Breast Cancer Breakthroughs Summit, you'll get access to several free gifts including:

Gift #1: 15 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist About Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Surgery

Facing a breast cancer diagnosis is so difficult. It’s frustrating, it’s overwhelming. That’s why you deserve to be informed and empowered every step of the way.

You have the right to ask questions and seek the best possible care for your unique situation.

That’s why we’re excited to offer you a special gift: 15 Questions to Ask Your Oncologist About Chemotherapy, Radiation, or Surgery by Véronique Desaulniers, DC.

This guide is your key to taking control of your health journey and making informed decisions about your treatment options.

Did you know that a national survey revealed that oncologists discuss integrative health with only about half of their patients?

You should have access to all the essential information, including the significant health risks associated with suggested treatments.

So if you ever feel uncertain or unsupported, remember that you also have the right to explore second or third opinions and find a medical team that truly values your comfort and well-being. Your peace of mind is crucial on this journey.

This guide is designed to equip you with the essential questions to ask your oncologist, ensuring that you don’t just go through the motions but are prepared to ask the questions that truly matter.

Gift #2: Real Health MD Guide to Thriving

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis is a life-changing moment.

Those four words, “You have breast cancer”, fill your mind with fear, questions, and uncertainty about the future.

What will treatments be like? How will life change during and after treatment? How will it affect your body, your emotions, your relationships…?

We understand the overwhelming challenges you’re facing, and that’s why we’re here to offer you the most important gift ever: REAL HEALTH MD GUIDE TO THRIVING by Jennifer Simmons, MD.

This guide is your answer to the multitude of questions that accompany a breast cancer diagnosis. It empowers you to make the most of your treatment and shows you the path to thriving beyond it.

By making simple yet impactful changes in your diet and lifestyle, you can improve not only your own health but also the well-being of those who are on this journey with you, like your family and friends.

Breast cancer is never a blessing, but it can be an opportunity to transform your path and improve your quality of life. It’s time to embrace that opportunity.

Gift #3: RHMD – The Breast Owners Guide To Health

Your breast health is a crucial part of your well-being.

Having healthy breasts goes hand in hand with maintaining a healthy body, and we believe that you deserve the essential tools to achieve this balance.

But let’s redefine what it means to be truly healthy. It’s not merely the absence of disease; it’s about achieving optimal function and embracing a life of vitality.

This is why we are thrilled to present the RHMD – The Breast Owners Guide To Health, created by the esteemed Jennifer Simmons, MD. This guide is your key to enhancing your breast health and, by extension, your entire well-being.

Inside this incredible gift, you’ll discover a quick action guide to help you make immediate improvements in your breast health. Are you ready to embark on a journey to feel more vibrant and alive?

Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store:

  • Unearth the top 10 habits that you can start embracing today for a healthier and more fulfilling life.
  • Embrace the power of restorative sleep.
  • Discover the transformative effects of forgiveness.

Gift #4: Real Health MD Yes & No List

Your journey to health and well-being is the most important one, and it all starts with the choices you make.

Especially when it comes to what you eat!

That’s why we’re excited to offer you a powerful resource that can be your compass on this journey: REAL HEALTH MD YES AND NO LIST by Jennifer Simmons, MD.

This list is designed to empower you with the knowledge of which foods will fuel your body and which won’t. It’s your essential guide to making the right dietary choices to overcome breast cancer and achieve optimal health.

Inside this invaluable resource, you’ll discover:

  1. The “yes” foods that are packed with nutrients and can boost your well-being, including delicious berries and nourishing nuts.
  2. The “no” foods to avoid, like sugary juices and unhealthy sugars that can hurt your health.

Are you ready to take control of your health and make informed choices?

Gift #5: Top 22 Anti-Cancer Foods & Nutrients

Leonardo Da Vinci once said that nature is the source of all true knowledge. And you know what? He was right.

The answers to stopping cancer are not beyond your reach; they’re within your grasp, and guess where you can find them? In nature!

We’re thrilled to offer you a transformative guide that empowers you to make informed choices: Top 22 Anti-Cancer Foods & Nutrients by Jonathan Landsman. This guide is your key to unlocking the secrets hidden within nature’s pharmacy.

Get ready to explore:

  • The cancer-fighting snack that can reduce your breast cancer risk by an incredible 50%, with just 2 servings a day.
  • A special vitamin that outperforms experimental drugs in eradicating cancer cells.
  • A “cancer suicide nutrient” that teaches cancer cells how to self-destruct, slowing their growth by a remarkable 70% within 48 hours.
  • And so much more!

Are you ready to discover the incredible potential of these top 22 anti-cancer foods and nutrients? Your journey to better health begins here.

Gift #6: Learning Healthy Boundaries Tools for Healing & Self-Discovery

Imagine a life where your relationships are harmonious, your well-being is flourishing, and you feel empowered every day.

It all begins with one powerful concept: Boundaries.

Boundaries act as a protective shield, ensuring your interactions with family, friends, colleagues, and the world are safe and balanced. When you grasp the art of boundaries, your life transforms.

Here’s the magic that happens:

  • You’ll uncover your true needs and learn how to fulfill them.
  • You’ll emerge as a more empowered and resilient version of yourself.
  • The world feels safer, and you feel stronger.

Are you ready to make your life better by reinforcing your boundaries and practicing self-care? We’ve got you covered with Learning Healthy Boundaries Tools for Healing & Self-Discovery by Tara Coyote.

This e-book is a goldmine of knowledge and practical tools to help you learn to say ‘Yes’ to yourself!

Gift #7: Your Anti-Cancer Guide to Toxin-Free Beauty Products

In a world filled with beauty products that promise quick fixes, it’s important to think about the choices we make.

Are we really helping our skin and overall well-being, or are we unintentionally making ourselves age faster and potentially harming our long-term health?

While it might be tempting to use treatments like fillers or quick fixes, these shortcuts can have negative consequences…

Our skin is a living, breathing organ. It serves as a protective barrier for our body, helps us stay at the right temperature, shows signs of our health, and assists our body in removing toxins.

Everything we put on our skin eventually gets into our bloodstream and affects our entire body. So, when we talk about beauty, we’re not just talking about achieving radiant skin; We mean making our bodies stronger, reducing inflammation, and empowering the life within our cells.

This is why we’re excited to share Your Anti-Cancer Guide to Toxin-Free Beauty Products by Haley Hanks with you. This guide wants to change how we think about beauty and help you become healthier. It shows how to have a beauty routine without harmful stuff that could cause breast cancer.

Beauty isn’t only about looking good; it’s also about taking care of your body. If you follow the advice in this guide, you can have nice, soft, and healthy skin. But it’s not just about looking good on the outside. It’s about feeling strong and healthy on the inside too!

Are you ready to start thinking about beauty in a new way? It starts with making good choices that are good for your health. By picking beauty products that don’t have harmful stuff in them, you’re making a big step toward being healthy and beautiful.

Even if you can't attend as scheduled, register now because you'll be able to listen to sessions for brief time after they air.

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