Brain Summit 2021 - Increase Mental Energy, Master Emotions, Stop Overthinking, Heal Trauma

Brain Summit 2021 – Increase Mental Energy, Master Emotions, Stop Overthinking, Heal Trauma

You have a deeply complex mind that was designed to take you down the amazing path of a meaningful and connected life.

What were once thought of as fixed responses—emotions such as fear, joy and anxiety—are now being studied as life-long evolving constructs made up of “ingredients” like:

  • The physical sensations we feel in our body
  • Our current circumstances
  • The people we are surrounded by
  • Our lifelong memories
  • The size of our vocabulary

Why is this important?

You have far more agency and control over your life experiences than previously thought.

You have the capacity to not only design a fulfilling and creative life, but you also have the extraordinary gift of shaping and strengthening your responses to stress, trauma and crisis.

This is the theme of Brain Summit, featuring 25+ experts who will teach you how to:

  • Empower your emotions
  • Stop overthinking
  • Increase mental energy
  • Deepen your personal connections
  • And heal from trauma & fear

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Focus Areas For The Brain Summit 2021

Mental Performance

Master your mind to build resilience, inner strength and the happiness needed for a deeply satisfying life.

Music On The Brain

Discover how playing an instrument, as well as the emerging field of sound brain fitness, can make lasting changes in your brain.

Brain Food

Separate real science from hype as we explore which foods can boost focus, mood and give you added protection against Alzheimer’s.

Gut-Brain Connection

Research now shows the direct link from the gut to the brain. Can depression, anxiety and autism be treated in the gut?

Emotional Regulation

Amplify your ability to strengthen your responses to stress, trauma and crisis.

Alzheimer's Disease

Take control of modifiable risk factors that can reduce your chances of developing the disease.


Get the latest on personal wearable devices that can improve your mood, to clinical neurofeedback that can help with PTSD, depression and Autism.


Discover how to use this scientifically proven technique to ease depression, anxiety, addiction, stress, as well as boost peak performance.

Memory Improvement

Learn step by step techniques to prime your brain to store information in the correct state for optimal retrieval.

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Selected Sessions From The Brain Summit 2021

👉 How To Process And Heal Trauma In The Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf

👉 How To Use Neurofeedback and Cap QEEG Training to Access Peak States of High Performance by Dave Asprey

👉 How To Build Mental Strength By Transforming The Way You Shape Your Emotions by Dr. Sarah McKay

👉 How To Help Children With Anxiety, Depression and Self Worth Challenges by Dr. Nicole Beurkens

👉 Amino Acid Therapy for Depression, Anxiety, Insomnia and Addiction by Christina Veselak

👉 What Is Your Attachment Style and How Does It Affect The Success of Your Relationships by Dr. Julie Shafer

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About Your Host – Erin Matlock

Erin Matlock is a globally recognized mindset coach whose brain-centered approach attracts CEOs, media personalities, NY Times bestselling authors, elite athletes and highly visible entrepreneurs as she guides them through intense transition and rapid growth in their professional and personal lives.

She is author of Worth It, a book of her viral poetry and essays, a life member of Mensa® and a conceptual artist working within the intersection of paint and language.

Erin’s paintings hang in private and public collections in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Japan and France.

Named one of the Top 50 Human Behavior Experts to Follow, she is a popular international and TEDx speaker who boldly challenges the stigma of suicide through deeply personal accounts of survival and public recovery.

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Jim is sharing his most practical and powerful techniques from over two decades as a coach to leaders in entertainment, technology, sports and business.

He will teach you how to focus, process and remember with far more speed and ease in this private training that he created exclusively for attendees of Brain Summit.

You'll even be able to download and keep the training so you can review it and share it with friends and family.

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Oct 11 - 15 2021


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